“Dear Boss, I want to attend the OpenStack Summit”

Want to attend the OpenStack Summit Boston but need help with the right words for getting your trip approved? While we won’t write the whole thing for you, here’s a template to get you going. It’s up to you to decide how the Summit will help your team, but with free workshops and trainings, technical sessions, strategy talks and the opportunity to meet thousands of likeminded Stackers, we don’t think you’ll have a hard time finding an answer.


Dear [Boss],

I would like to attend the OpenStack Summit in Boston, May 8-11, 2017. The OpenStack Summit is the largest open source conference in North America, and the only one where I can get free OpenStack training, learn how to contribute code upstream to the project, and meet with other users to learn how they’ve been using OpenStack in production. The Summit is an opportunity for me to bring back knowledge about [Why you want to attend! What are you hoping to learn? What would benefit your team?] and share it with our team, while helping us get to know similar OpenStack-minded teams around the world (think 60+ countries and nearly 1,200 companies represented).

If I register before mid-March, I get early bird pricing–$600 USD for 4 days (plus an optional day of training). Early registration also allows me to RSVP for trainings and workshops as soon as they open (they always sell out!), or sign up to take the Certified OpenStack Administrator exam onsite.

At the OpenStack Summit Austin last year, over 7,800 attendees heard case studies from Superusers like AT&T and China Mobile, learned how teams are using containers and container orchestration like Kubernetes with OpenStack, and gave feedback to Project Teams about user needs for the upcoming software release. You can browse past Summit content at openstack.org/videos to see a sample of the conference talks.

The OpenStack Summit is the opportunity for me to expand my OpenStack knowledge, network and skills. Thanks for considering my request.

[Your Name]

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