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As we approach the end of 2010, I would like to take a moment to thank all the people around the world who are driving open source cloud computing from a plan to reality in an incredibly short amount of time. It was only 5 months ago, that Rackspace and NASA announced the formation of OpenStack:

“We are founding the OpenStack initiative to help drive industry standards, prevent vendor lock-in and generally increase the velocity of innovation in cloud technologies,” said Lew Moorman, President, Cloud and CSO at Rackspace. “We are proud to have NASA’s support in this effort. Its Nebula Cloud Platform is a tremendous boost to the OpenStack community. We expect ongoing collaboration with NASA and the rest of the community to drive more-rapid cloud adoption and innovation, in the private and public spheres.”

Whether you measure the incredible growth of OpenStack by the number of partners or the developers taking part, this growth is a result of the power of the open source computing movement as well as the generous support of Rackspace and NASA in launching this public software project.

Looking forward to 2011, I see incredible opportunities and challenges for the OpenStack community as we deliver technology for enterprise public and private clouds that rival proprietary cloud offerings. Thus, I have created three high level goals for the community as a way to measure our success and ensure that our focus remains on the target as we are bombarded by distractions. I have also suggested a few measurements to track along the way and am always open to community suggestions for areas to measure and monitor.

OpenStack 2011 Goals

1) Production Ready Software – Transform the private and public cloud software marketplace by delivering massively scalable, secure, and reliable open source technology.

Measurements – Release of Bexar, Cactus, and D product (planning).

2) Conquer the World – Drive the OpenStack message to the far reaches of the world to maximize community potential, find new customers, and establish OpenStack as the de facto standard for open source cloud computing.

Measurements – Creation of 10 new User Groups, OpenStack representation at events in Asia, South America, Europe, North America, and Africa, document over 50 OpenStack deployments in production/testing environments.

3) Welcome to the Community – Scaling the community in terms of developers, testers, documentation, users, partners, and cloud computing technologists is critical to the continued success of the OpenStack project. New members bring new ideas and opportunities for OpenStack to address customer needs and wants.

Measurements– 20% increase in the number of active developers, OpenStack Design Summit events in North America and Asia, 25 new global partners.

While 2010 has been exceptional, 2011 provides unbelievable opportunities for the OpenStack community and our technology as we establish ourselves as a mainstream cloud computing solution for the enterprise-computing marketplace. The passion within the OpenStack community is contagious and I am thrilled to play a small part in our revolution.



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