Celebrating An OpenStack Milestone

Today OpenStack marks another milestone in its young existence: Rackspace has announced its full deployment and general availability to all the customers of the public cloud powered by OpenStack.  While Rackspace has been running OpenStack Object Storage (Swift) for over 2 years, they are now running OpenStack Compute (Nova) at full scale, too.  Congrats!

Jack McCarthy at CRN has a nice overview of the launch on  Rackspace Moves OpenStack Product Lineup To Public Cloud while the Quentin Hardy on NYT blog Looking For Mutual Enemies In The Cloud focuses on the competitive landscape. Timothy Prickett Morgan on The Register talks about the history of Rackspace cloud offering, showing all the goodies included in today’s launch Rackspace wolfs down own OpenStack dog food.

Today is another great step for OpenStack.  Kudos to the team at Rackspace!


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