OpenStack Governance Update

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We’ve built quite an open source community together since we launched less than eight months ago!  What started as a small group of people committed to building an open cloud standard, has grown to hundreds of developers and more than 50 participating organizations virtually overnight.  From the beginning, this community was founded with the goal… Read more »

The OpenStack Bexar Release

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It has been an intense and productive three months since OpenStack unveiled the initial “Austin” release to the world. We have had code contributions from 130 developers and have added over 30 new features to the project for the “Bexar” release. The project has matured in the processes for managing and tracking milestone targets, with… Read more »

Announcing The OpenStack 2010.1 “Austin” Release

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By now, most of you have heard that yesterday we released the inaugural version of the OpenStack Cloud Computing Platform. The OpenStack project is comprised of two major subprojects, OpenStack Compute and OpenStack Object Storage. Where is it? OpenStack Compute: Nova Cloud Computing Fabric Glance Image Registry and Delivery Service OpenStack Object Storage: Swift What’s… Read more »

Architecture Board Nomination Deadline Extended to Oct 15th

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Stackers, When we published the Governance Doc recently, I mentioned that we had some deadlines coming up fast.  Namely, the deadline for nominating someone for a seat on the Architecture Board.  To give the community some additional time, we’ve extended the nomination deadline to October 15th, 2010. Additionally, this pushes out all of the other… Read more »

Introducing OpenStack

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If you were to pick one word to describe open source, it probably would be freedom. Freedom to innovate. Freedom to consume. Freedom to redefine. There is a great tradition of open source movements revolutionizing entire segments of the computing and software world by fostering freedom – Linux and operating systems, Apache and web servers,… Read more »