OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (May 2 – 23)

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Taking Stock of OpenStack’s Rapid Growth With another successful OpenStack Summit in the books, Jonathan Bryce reflects on three big areas of maturity that are rapidly emerging for the project: user maturity, software maturity and a focus on cloud operations. OpenStack Superuser Superuser is a new online publication dedicated to the experiences of individuals who… Read more »

OpenStack Upstream Training in Atlanta A Big Success

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The first edition of OpenStack Upstream Training completed today in Atlanta: the class made of software developers from around the world, started learning technical and social convention of one of the largest open source collaboration project. During the first day, twenty people picked a real bug or feature to work on, got their development environment… Read more »

OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (Apr 25 – May 2)

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DefCore Core Capabilities Selection Criteria SIMPLIFIED -> how we are picking Core Rob Hirschfeld summarizes the status of discussions within OpenStack community of what is ‘Openstack’. The effort is now summarized in a diagram showing the 12 criterias grouped in 4 main categories. Better go read Rob’s post, it’ll all make sense. Announcing the O’Reilly… Read more »

Announcing the O’Reilly OpenStack Operations Guide

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Er, what’s this? An O’Reilly OpenStack Operations Guide offered side-by-side with the continuously-published OpenStack Operations Guide? Yes, your eyes do not deceive you, O’Reilly has completed the production of the OpenStack Operations Guide: Set Up and Manage Your OpenStack Cloud. You can get your bits-n-bytes copy at or order a dead-tree version on the… Read more »