OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (June 6 – 13)

Moving forward as a User Experience Team in the OpenStack Juno release cycle

The OpenStack Juno Summit in Atlanta was a major turning point for User Experience professionals working on OpenStack. There were 3 specific design sessions around UX work and 1 talk on the persona work, all with great attendance, and the whole team committed taking a number of actions to take over the course of the Juno development cycle. Liz Blanchard summarized them quite nicely.

OpenStack Technical Committee Update

The OpenStack Technical Committee (TC) meets weekly and recently decided to publish regular updates about the TC to the OpenStack blog. The first post has news about the graduation process, Glance and Designate.

Calling on Security Engineers / Developers / Architects – Time to share your toys

Lets work together and openly on security review and threat analysis for OpenStack. There are currently scores of security reviews taking place on OpenStack architecture, projects and implementations. Robert Clark sent a call for action to OpenStack developers: “All the big players in OpenStack are conducting their own security reviews, we are all finding things that should be addressed in the community and that we are all missing things that others have found too.” Robert’s call is for all the security people out there in the community to come together and share expertise on Threat Modelling/Analysis in OpenStack.

Reports from Past Events

Tips ‘n Tricks

Security Notes and Advisories

Upcoming Events

Other News

Got Answers?

Ask OpenStack is the go-to destination for OpenStack users. Interesting questions waiting for answers:

Welcome New Reviewers and Developers

Petersingh Anburaj mark collier
Ellen Hui Rey Aram Alcantara
Pierre Rognant Patrick Crews
ajay Angela Smith
Rui Zang Zu Qiang
Rahul Verma Vladimir Eremin
Christoph Arnold Praveen Yalagandula
Amit Prakash Pandey
Ton Ngo
Tom Cammann
Sam Leong
Paul Montgomery
James Chapman
Gal Sagie

Latest Activity In Projects

Do you want to see at a glance the bugs filed and solved this week? Latest patches submitted for review? Check out the individual project pages on OpenStack Activity Board – Insights.

OpenStack Reactions


Giving +2 out of fear

The weekly newsletter is a way for the community to learn about all the various activities occurring on a weekly basis. If you would like to add content to a weekly update or have an idea about this newsletter, please leave a comment.

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