OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (May 30 – June 6)

An Ideal OpenStack Developer

In a long piece, Mark McLoughlin thinks about the velocity OpenStack achieved and how it has managed to attract an unusual number of contributors and, for such a complex project, made it relatively easy for tThe way I feel when upgrading my OpenStack cloudhem to contribute. He attempts to define The Prototypical OpenStack Developer. The ideal that we should aspire to. The standard that all contributors should be held to. And asks questions at the end.

Analysis of April 2014 TC election

Thierry Carrez found time to analyze the results of the recent 2014 election to renew 7 of the 13 Technical Commitee’s members. It seems we have ‘currents’ among voters, from the foodie party to the French one.

Understanding OpenStack Designated Code Sections – Three critical questions

After nearly a year of discussion, the OpenStack board launched the DefCore process with 10 principles that set us on path towards a validated interoperability standard.   We created the concept of “designated sections” to address concerns that using API tests to determine core would undermine commercial and community investment in a working, shared upstream implementation. Designated sections provide the “you must include this” part of the core definition.  Having common code as part of core is a central part of how DefCore is driving OpenStack operability.

State of Application Developer Experience with OpenStack

When Matt Farina first started writing applications that ran in OpenStack clouds or worked against the APIs the experience was painful. Things are improving but his post reminds us that we have plenty of opportunities to improve.

Reports from Juno Summit – Atlanta 2014

Tips ‘n Tricks

Upcoming Events

Other News

Got Answers?

Ask OpenStack is the go-to destination for OpenStack users. Interesting questions waiting for answers:

Welcome New Reviewers and Developers

Flint Calvin David J Hu
Fathi Boudra Syd Logan
JunichiMatayoshi Ryan Oshima
Talusani Mani Shanker Flint Calvin
Kaleb Pomeroy Ellen Hui
Lorcan Browne Michael Johnson
Jorge Chai Eyal Edri
Bob Thyne
Paul Kehrer
Nirmal Thacker
Alex Frolov
Nikita Gerasimov
Benedikt Trefzer
Steve Heyman
Ryan Moats
Nanuk Krinner
John Vrbanac

Latest Activity In Projects

Do you want to see at a glance the bugs filed and solved this week? Latest patches submitted for review? Check out the individual project pages on OpenStack Activity Board – Insights.

OpenStack Reactions

The way I feel when upgrading my OpenStack cloud

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