Our first OpenStack Ambassadors

Following on from our earlier discussions about the OpenStack Ambassador Program, it is with great excitement that I would like to introduce our first OpenStack Ambassadors.

In this initial stage, we were only looking for a small number but were very honoured to have applications from many more excellent candidates and will aim to introduce more ambassadors in the next 6 months.

The ambassadors are currently working to scope out the program and are keen to start making an impact in our community. Follow the discussion on the community mailing list.

Below are brief introductions – but we believe many of you already know and work closely with our newly entitled folk:

Marcelo Dieder is a founding member of the OpenStack Brazil user group and is part of the translation team of OpenStack Brazil. He has helped in the growth of the group, organizing events, lectures and local surveys to attract new users and contributors to the project.

Erwan Gallen is the founder of the OpenStack French user group. He has organized lots of events to promote OpenStack and federate users. He has contributed to the certification process, documentation and help spreading technical knowledge in the OpenStack community. Erwan believes strongly in open cloud interoperability.

Tristan Goode, OpenStack board member, and organiser and supporter of dozens of events across Australia, India and on-line. His vision aims to bring user groups closer together and increase the penetration of OpenStack into new and emerging markets.

Akihiro Hasegawa, one of the board members of  the Japan OpenStack User Group , is the organizer of OpenStack Days Tokyo 2013 and 2014 – the biggest OpenStack Business event in Japan.

Kenneth Hui, lives in New York City, USA and is a frequent speaker at conferences and meetups. He is also co-organizer of the Connecticut, New York City, and Philadelphia user groups.

Márton Kiss, founded the Hungarian user group, and hosted Openstack CEE Day. He a have a vision about promoting Openstack in the Central European region and tries to convert sysadmins to devops and change their mind about operating modern IT infrastructure. With cross promoting in Budapest meet ups he have the vision of teaching python and agile development for students, and give more ATCs to Openstack projects.

Ye Lu, runs probably the most popular OpenStack social media channel- Weibo @OpenStack, in addition to arranging meetings in China – attracting more ATCs, and assisting with promotion by interfacing with local media.

Colin McNamara, member of the SFbay OpenStack user group, Core Reviewer on OpenStack Docs and Co-Founder of OpenStack-Training is focused on increasing contribution to OpenStack by lowering barriers to adoption as well as identifying and supporting intellectually gifted individuals in economically disadvantaged areas and situations and connecting them with the tools to improve their situation and OpenStack as a whole.

Kavit Munshi, one of the founders of the India user group, who has developed an innovative plan to introduce OpenStack into universities, and creation of targeted events for the market there aiming to increase adoption.

Michael Still has been hacking on OpenStack since Diablo, and comes from an operations background. He is now a Nova and Oslo core reviewer, but loves to help operators make Nova more reliable. He also runs and speaks at OpenStack events in and around Australia.

Sean Roberts an OpenStack Board Member who runs the San Francisco, USA user group, is also the author of the OpenStack User Groups HowTo. He is now spearheading the community training effort aiming to make OpenStack accessible to more people  worldwide and encouraging community members to participate in outreach, teaching and learning.

Akira Yoshiyama, is an active member of Japan OpenStack User Group. He has driven more than ten OpenStack study meetups/hackathons and lectured in Japan since 2011. He is also one of the Japanese translators of OpenStack Operations Guide and maintainers of openstack.jp.

Please welcome our new volunteers!

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