2021 OpenInfra Annual Report: Large Scale SIG

The OpenInfra Foundation annual report for 2021 is now live, including sections on open infrastructure growth, all OpenInfra projects, Foundation updates, SIG and WG updates, and more.

The Large Scale SIG is an OpenStack special interest group gathering operators of large scale OpenStack deployments interested in sharing their experience and discussing best practices. The group has been meeting regularly this year, with about 6 people forming the core group and a dozen of other people more infrequently involved.

One output of the group is the Scaling Journey: a set of wiki pages that describe the various stages of scaling your OpenStack deployments from tens of nodes or tens of thousands of nodes. That path was traveled by a lot of operators before, but lack of documentation and practical experience sharing still makes it a daunting prospect. The goal of the SIG is to document frequently asked questions and answers, as well as point to relevant resources, to make that journey as predictable and pleasant as possible.

Another focus of the Large Scale SIG this year was the “Large Scale OpenStack” show, a recurring event on the OpenInfra Live webcast. We invited operators of large scale deployments and got them to present how they solve a given operations challenge, and discuss live between themselves their different approaches. We tackled topics like upgrades in large scale environments, spare capacity handling, software-defined supercomputers, scaling Neutron, as well as operators tricks and tools. This show was amongst the most popular episodes on OpenInfra Live, and our goal is to continue in 2022.

Read the full 2021 OpenInfra Annual Report here!


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