2014 Summer of Interns at OpenStack

OpenStack has been a regular participant in community-led internship programs, such as the FOSS Outreach Program and for the
first time this year, the Google Summer of Code. Our wonderful mentors and coordinators have made it possible for OpenStack to have some great interns over the (northern hemisphere) summer. Julie Pichon has helped collect thoughts from the interns. Here is what they have to say about their experience:

Artem Shepelev worked on a scheduler solution based on the non-compute metrics: Working as a part of Google Summer of Code program was very interesting and useful for me. I liked the experience of working with a real project with all its difficulty, size and people involved with it. (Mentors: Yathiraj Udupi, Debojyoti Dutta)

Tzanetos Balitsaris worked on measuring the performance of the deployed Virtual Machines on OpenStack: The experience was really good. Of course one has to sacrifice some things over the summer, but at the end of the day, you have the feeling that it was worth it. (Mentors: Boris Pavlovic and Mikhail Dubov).

Rishabh Kumar: I worked on improving the benchmarking context mechanism in the Rally project. It was a really awesome experience to be part of such a vibrant and diverse community. Getting to know people from all sorts of geographies and the amazing things they are doing humbled me a lot. The code reviews were particularly good with so many people giving their reviews which made me a better programmer. (Mentors: Boris Pavlovic and Mikhail Dubov).

Prashanth Raghu: GSoC was a great opportunity for me to get started with learning about contributing to open source. During my project I was greatly backed by the community which helped me a lot in finally getting my project successfully shipped into the OpenStack Zaqar repository. It was great fun interacting with the team and I would like to thank all those who supported me in this wonderful experience. (Mentor: Alejandro Cabrera).

Ana: I am very grateful for being given the chance to participate in OPW. I had a really positive experience thanks to an amazing mentor, Eoghan Glynn, who explained everything clearly and was enthusiastic about the project and was patient with my many mistakes. I was working on Gnocchi, a new API for Ceilometer; my project was to add moving statistics to the available aggregation functionality. (Mentor: Eoghan Glynn).

Victoria: During my GSoC internship in OpenStack I researched the feasibility of adding AMQP 1.0 as a storage backend for the Messaging and Notifications Service (Zaqar). Since this was not possible, I changed the direction of my research to the transport layer and worked
on creating a POC for it. (Mentor: Flavio Percoco).

Masaru: Awesome experience which is more than I expected at the beginning of my project about VmWare API! Also, great and considerate hackers there, I’m grateful to have participated in GSoC 2014  as one of the students from the OpenStack Foundation. (Mentor: Mr. Arnaud Legendre).

Nataliia: It was a fascinating opportunity. During the internship I worked with the Zaqar team, mainly on Python 3 support, but also with developing api-v1.1. Professionally I learnt a lot, about Python 3 of course, but also from reading and participating in discussions of other interns: about Redis and AMPQ and how to do proper benchmarking. Socially-wise: There was no feeling of being “an intern”. The team considers all interns as teammates and treats them equally as any other developer. Anyone could (and actually can — why not?) actively participate in discussions and in making decisions. After finishing it, I helped with other tasks, in particular api-v1.1-response-document-changes. (Mentor: Flavio Percoco, Kurth Griffiths).

OpenStack doesn’t plan on stopping there and is already preparing for the next round of the FOSS Outreach Program, this time scheduled during the southern hemisphere summer round starting this December. Stay tuned for more announcements.

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