10 Years of OpenStack – Alan Clark at SUSE

Storytelling is one of the most powerful means to influence, teach, and inspire the people around us. To celebrate OpenStack’s 10th anniversary, we are spotlighting stories from the individuals in various roles from the community who have helped to make OpenStack and the global Open Infrastructure community successful. 

Here, we’re talking to Alan Clark from SUSE. He tells the community about how he got started with OpenStack and his favorite memory from the last 10 years of OpenStack.

How did you get started working with OpenStack and what are you doing now?

My introduction to OpenStack began in 2012 as the project began forming the current OpenStack Foundation. I was very drawn to the friendly community and open principles. To date, I remain active in the Foundation. I am particularly excited about the additional projects that are part of the Foundation and for the Future of the Foundation. The community is built on good solid principles. These will carry it forward for many years to come.

What is your favorite memory from the last 10 years of OpenStack?

There are many great memories, it is hard to choose. But I think one of my favorites, was the interoperability demonstration held during the keynotes at the OpenStack Summit in Barcelona. All the years that I’ve been in this industry I have found it extremely rare to see 16 vendors on the same stage demonstrating interoperability.

How did you contribute to the OpenStack community?

Assisting to form the bylaws, leadership, and Foundation board.

What advice do you have for the Stacker community and other growing open source communities based on your experience with OpenStack?

Continue to embrace and build upon the principles upon which the community was formed. They have served us well to build the community that we are today and will continue as a solid foundation for the future.

If I were to ask you in 2030, what do you think the OpenStack update will be?

Infrastructure computing will look very different in 2030. Open source is about innovation. We will be doing much over the next decade to transform the way companies do business, the way research is performed and the services rendered. It will be exciting to see!

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