OpenStack Summit: Day 1

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The OpenStack Summit started in San Diego today. Mark Collier announced during the kickoff meeting that there are over 1,300 people registered at the conference. As a result, lines for lunch were a bit slower than we wished. We’re coordinating solutions with the hotel to improve the situation. There will be also more power strips… Read more »

Here is what happens inside Nova when you provision a VM

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At the Essex conference summit this past month, we presented a session on  OpenStack Essex architecture. As a part of that workshop we visually demonstrated the request flow for provisioning a VM and went over Essex arthicture. There was a lot of interest in this material; it’s now posted in Slideshare: Recap of the request flow… Read more »

Folsom Design Summit Day 3

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The Folsom Design Summit has ended. Tonight’s party marks the beginning of the OpenStack Spring 2012 Conference Highlights of the day @tcarrez: @OpenStack community maturing: last year at design summit we had “bzr vs. Git”, today we have “making configuration of OpenStack easier” Reminder- joint hackathon with core devs from @cloudfoundry and @OpenStack – 6pm… Read more »

Folsom Design Summit Day 2

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Highlights of the day: Slides PDF for @swifterdarrell Monitoring #OpenStack Swift With #StatsD talk: (pdf) slideshare version of today’s CS+SWIFT integration Openstack Quantum Security Groups Session For anyone looking for the slides the Melange Overview at the #openstack summit, you can find them on and an announcement: tomorrow’s Cloud Foundry BOSH… Read more »

Folsom Design Summit Day 1

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Over 400 participant, more than 50 sessions today (over 150 in total). Not just developers in the rooms I’ve seen lots of users  involved in the sessions, asking questions and giving suggestions. Many discussisions revolve around real life problems and provide extremely  concrete solutions. There is the feeling that the OpenStack community is maturing.

I hear the Essex Train a-coming

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With Essex train in the wilds of testing, and the Essex release intended date less than 10 days away, we are pretty excited about everyone descending on San Francisco — practically our home town — for the Design Summit and Conference. Here at Mirantis, the company famous across OpenStack community for distributing vodka bottles at… Read more »

The OpenStack Spring 2012 Design Summit & Conference in San Francisco, California: April 16-20, 2012

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We are excited to announce that the Spring 2012 OpenStack Design Summit & OpenStack Conference are planned for April 16-20, 2012 in San Francisco, California. Please start making plans to join us! Learn more about the events on The Official Event Page. Please note: Registration has not yet opened. More details, including accommodations, call for… Read more »