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OpenStack Summit: Day 1

October 15th, 2012 — 7:45pm

The OpenStack Summit started in San Diego today. Mark Collier announced during the kickoff meeting that there are over 1,300 people registered at the conference. As a result, lines for lunch were a bit slower than we wished. We’re coordinating solutions with the hotel to improve the situation. There will be also more power strips in the Developer’s Lounge area.

Lots of announcements today: Niki Acosta made a summary of all announcements for this first day. Worth mentioning also that Nimbula joined OpenStack.

Quantum's room was full all day, overcrowded some time.

The notes for each of the Design Summit’s sessions are listed below (note: there might be more etherpad listed on the official wiki page).

Documentation Track

Glance Track

Quantum Track

Nova Track

Swift Track

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Participating Remotely to OpenStack Summit 2012

October 10th, 2012 — 12:51pm

If you can’t make it to San Diego but you still want to participate in the sessions that will shape the future roadmap of OpenStack ‘Grizzly’ you can join the live audio streaming events on Webex. Kindly donated by Cisco Webex team (users of OpenStack themselves), the Webex session will run for the whole day from 9:30am to 6:00pm for each of the rooms Emma AB, Emma C, Windsor BC, Annie AB where the Design Summit will happen. Webex will be used to stream the audio of all conversations in the room where there will be enough microphones: remote participants will use the Webex chat to ask questions and people in the rooms will see the chat stream on one of the two projectors in each room.

The sessions are ready for you to register, they’re identified by topic (Nova, Quantum, Cinder, Documentation, Common, Process, Swift):

Also, each entry on the official schedule of the Design Summit has a link to its proper Webex audio streaming session. There will also be a live video streaming for the general sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday. Keep an eye on the website and twitter for  details.

Known issue: Webex doesn’t support Java 64bit on Linux. If you try to join the voip conference Webex will complain that “The Audio Device is Unaccessible Now”. The most common workaround is to install 32bit Java environment alongside the 64bit one.

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Here is what happens inside Nova when you provision a VM

May 15th, 2012 — 2:06pm

At the Essex conference summit this past month, we presented a session on  OpenStack Essex architecture. As a part of that workshop we visually demonstrated the request flow for provisioning a VM and went over Essex arthicture. There was a lot of interest in this material; it’s now posted in Slideshare:

In fact, we’ve packaged up the architecture survey/overview as part of our 2-day Bootcamp for OpenStack. The next session is scheduled 14-15 June. This time around will carry out the training at the Santa Clara CA offices of our friends at Nexenta. Last course was delivered at our Mountain View office right before the OpenStack summit in April to a sold out crowd. You can find more information about the course at www.mirantis.com/training

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Folsom Design Summit Day 3

April 18th, 2012 — 6:59pm

The Folsom Design Summit has ended. Tonight’s party marks the beginning of the OpenStack Spring 2012 Conference

Highlights of the day

See what attendees think of the OpenStack Design Summit

chaos monkey strolled through the #OpenStack dev lounge...

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Folsom Design Summit Day 2

April 17th, 2012 — 10:00pm

Highlights of the day:

and an announcement: tomorrow’s Cloud Foundry BOSH + Openstack hackathon; 6pm SF Hyatt bit.ly/HVYqFq (food+beer+code included)

Nicira's Dan Wendlandt introductory talk on #OpenStack Quantum is packed!

Darrell giving his talk on statsd + Swift at the #OpenStack Design Summit.

and to finish this great second day

"little" #openstack HP event at the Ferry Building

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Folsom Design Summit Day 1

April 16th, 2012 — 7:21pm
Over 400 participant, more than 50 sessions today (over 150 in total). Not just developers in the rooms I’ve seen lots of users  involved in the sessions, asking questions and giving suggestions. Many discussisions revolve around real life problems and provide extremely  concrete solutions. There is the feeling that the OpenStack community is maturing.

Full house for the kickoff

Vish leading the Nova volume session

For some of the participants it was a long car trip

But the view is like a commercial ... Priceless

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I hear the Essex Train a-coming

March 31st, 2012 — 5:39am

With Essex train in the wilds of testing, and the Essex release intended date less than 10 days away, we are pretty excited about everyone descending on San Francisco — practically our home town — for the Design Summit and Conference.

Here at Mirantis, the company famous across OpenStack community for distributing vodka bottles at OpenStack meetups, we are gearing up in a big way for the summit and conference. If you haven’t seen the agenda, here’s what we’ve got teed up:

(1) We’ll start the frenzy with Just-in-time-Training: we have a few seats left at our 2-day OpenStack Boot Camp, crammed into the weekend of April 14-15, right before the summit and conference. REGISTER HERE and come to the event fully prepared to torment speakers and presenters with insidious technical questions about OpenStack technology and its future.

(2) Our team will participate in / moderate a few exciting sessions during the conference: OpenStack and Block Storage, OpenStack and High Performance Computing, Expanding the Community. Please be sure to pay us a visit.

(3) …and just to show how happy we are to have you here, we invite everyone at the conference to join Mirantis Summit Kick-Off Party. This is how we party at Mirantis! Vodka bottles and fun times in the best traditions of all our events are guaranteed. Be sure not to miss.

Looking forward to receiving everyone at the 2012 OpenStack Design Summit and Conference.

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The OpenStack Spring 2012 Design Summit & Conference in San Francisco, California: April 16-20, 2012

January 13th, 2012 — 1:36pm

We are excited to announce that the Spring 2012 OpenStack Design Summit & OpenStack Conference are planned for April 16-20, 2012 in San Francisco, California. Please start making plans to join us!

Learn more about the events on The Official Event Page.

Please note: Registration has not yet opened. More details, including accommodations, call for papers and the sponsorship prospectus will be available shortly.

Note that two events take place the same week: The Design Summit and the Conference. So, which should you attend?

Everyone: If you are an OpenStack user, provider, researcher, developer, or enthusiast, you’ll want to attend the OpenStack Conference held Thursday and Friday, April 19 & 20th. This is the main event and it includes keynotes, panel sessions, and vendor exhibitors who can help you get the most out of OpenStack.

Developers: If you are an active developer in the OpenStack community, you’ll also want to attend the Design Summit, happening right before the conference (April 16-18th). The Design Summit is kept intentionally small so that we can have productive working sessions as we discuss and plan for development on the next release of OpenStack.

We hope you’ll make the trip and join us at what’s shaping up to be a fantastic and informative event.

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Results Of Survey After OpenStack Design Summit And Conference

December 14th, 2011 — 7:35am

In preparation for the next OpenStack Design Summit and Conference, I gave a look at the survey results of past edition. The events are a considerable investment for our team that is widely paid off by the good reviews we received from all participants. Looking into the answers it’s quite clear that the format and length were good and we should try to stick to it. We agreed that the attendance on Friday afternoon was not optimal and we’re thinking of ways to improve this aspect.  I’m very happy to see that participants to the Design Summit felt welcomed, included and encouraged to speak all the time (see table below).

Speaking of areas of improvement,  a key criteria for selecting the next venue will be high quality access to Internet or we’ll bring our own equipment (like Canonical does for the Ubuntu Design Summit). We’re also looking for more choice regarding hotel rates.

Both the unconference and lightning talks should be advertised better in order to improve attendance. Probably it’s because both were hard to find, being on a different floor. We should probably discuss how to improve them once we have fixed the venue.

On the Conference side we see a request to increase the presentation of case studies and have more sessions and choices (see table below). We’ll see how to balance this while keeping the format of the event.

Overall the responses were extremely positive and we’re very proud of what we’ve achieved so far. For the next Summit and Conference, we’re targeting the week of April 16 in New Orleans. We will post more information as soon as it is confirmed: keep watching this space for announcements.

14. Please rate how you felt the Design Summit sessions were managed:
Not at all Rarely Sometimes All the time N/A Rating
Did you feel welcomed, included, and encouraged to speak for yourself? 0.0% (0) 2.3% (1) 22.7% (10) 72.7% (32) 2.3% (1) 3.72 44
Were the sessions well-moderated, focused and productive? 4.5% (2) 4.5% (2) 56.8% (25) 34.1% (15) 0.0% (0) 3.20 44
Did session leaders go out of their way to solicit your personal feedback? 4.5% (2) 9.1% (4) 65.9% (29) 18.2% (8) 2.3% (1) 3.00 44


15. How would you rate the sessions during the Conference (1-4):
poor (1) fair (2) good (3) great (4) N/A Rating
Morning keynotes 0.0% (0) 8.9% (5) 50.0% (28) 32.1% (18) 8.9% (5) 3.25 56
Technical sessions 1.8% (1) 7.1% (4) 44.6% (25) 41.1% (23) 5.4% (3) 3.32 56
Panel sessions 1.8% (1) 21.4% (12) 46.4% (26) 21.4% (12) 8.9% (5) 2.96 56
User stories 0.0% (0) 8.9% (5) 44.6% (25) 35.7% (20) 10.7% (6) 3.30 56

Read the full results of the survey.

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OpenStack Conference Registration – Are you Coming?

September 9th, 2011 — 10:57am

The OpenStack community is once again meeting in less than a month in Boston, MA to educate, discuss, and plan for the future of cloud computing. The community is asking for cloud computing enthusiasts, open source gurus, IT leaders, and technologists to take part in our open discussion. The event is held at the Boston Intercontinental Hotel from October 5 – 7, 2011 with industry leaders from Dell, HP, Nebula, NetApp, Canonical, NTT, Rackspace, DreamHost, CloudScaling, RightScale, MPStor, SolidFire, and Piston to name just a few. Registration is now open with discounted hotel rooms available until September 16.

The OpenStack Design Summit, held three days prior to the OpenStack Conference is the community gathering of developers putting together the features and architecture for the next community release, Essex. This event is now sold out and the waiting list on Launchpad is being closed on Tuesday, September 13 at Noon GMT.

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