Telcos Mobilizing to Drive NFV Adoption

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Today the Linux Foundation announced the Open Platform for NFV (OPNFV) Project, a group comprised primarily of telco operators working across open source projects and vendors to implement Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) within their organizations. This is an exciting development because the market is growing quickly, and many OpenStack community members are also participating in… Read more »

OpenStack Community Events in September

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If you want to hear some great content before the OpenStack Summit in Paris this November, attend one of these OpenStack Community events being held around the world. Join fellow community members, learn from user stories and hear directly from industry leaders. Hurry, registration deadlines are quickly approaching! OpenStack Silicon Valley | An OpenStack Community… Read more »

Call for Proposals: Open Source Ecosystem Design Sessions at the Paris Summit

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At the Atlanta OpenStack Summit we launched Open Source Ecosystem Design Sessions, a new track to give design session space to external open source projects related to OpenStack. It’s an opportunity to foster the projects and communities that don’t fall under the umbrella of the OpenStack Foundation, but are actively being used and developed within… Read more »

Upcoming Industry Events

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The second half of 2014 is underway, and there are some great industry events around the world coming up on the calendar. The Global Events Calendar is the primary resource to know what events are approaching. It is fully editable, so you can update the following criteria: If your organization is attending, sponsoring or exhibiting (COLUMN… Read more »

OpenStack Community Celebrates Four Years!

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User maturity, software maturity and a focus on cloud software operations are now established areas of focus for OpenStack and none of it would be possible without the consistent  growth of the OpenStack community. In the four years since the community was established, OpenStack now has 70+ active user groups and thousands of active members… Read more »

DefCore Update: Input Request for Havana Capabilities

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As part of our community’s commitment to interoperability, the OpenStack Board of Directors has been working to make sure that “downstream” OpenStack-branded commercial products offer the same baseline functionality and include the same upstream, community-developed code. The work to define these required core capabilities and code has been led by the DefCore Committee co-chaired by… Read more »

OpenStack – A Global Perspective: Five Things we Learned at OpenStack Events Across Europe and Israel

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We say the words “global community” and “collaboration” so often they can start to lose their meaning. It’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture, and the scale of our community far beyond name-brand users from the US or the number of Summit attendees. A few weeks ago, members of the OpenStack community organized… Read more »