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SUSE Cloud

SUSE Cloud is an open source software solution based on the OpenStack and Crowbar projects that provides the fundamental capabilities for enterprises to deploy and operate an automated, mixed hypervisor Infrastructure-as-a-Service Private Cloud.


Nebula One Cloud Controller

Nebula sells a turn-key hardware appliance allowing enterprises to easily deploy private clouds that support self-service, multi-tenant elastic compute, storage, & network services that are API compatile with with OpenStack & AWS EC2 & S3.


SwiftStack Object Storage Platform

SwiftStack powers enterprise customers with a durable, massively scalable, software defined object storage platform that seamlessly integrates with existing IT infrastructure and manages any standard hardware across multi-geographic data centers.


Open Cloud System (OCS)

Open Cloud System 2.6 is a complete Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution powered by OpenStack technology. OCS is designed to meet the requirements of next-generation cloud-based, scale-out applications.


HP Helion OpenStack® Community edition

HP Helion OpenStack® Community edition is a pure, free-to-license distribution that offers hardened, automated deployment and updates with optional support for small-scale private cloud deployments. Customers can upgrade for large scale-out needs.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform

Engineered with the latest OpenStack community and Red Hat Enterprise Linux code, RHEL-OSP offers users a scalable and secure foundation for building an open private or public cloud without compromising on availability, security or performance.


Oracle Solaris 11.2

Oracle Solaris, “Engineered for Cloud”, delivers mission-critical cloud and enterprise infrastructure with built-in virtualization, simplified software lifecycle management, cloud scale data management, and advanced protection cloud environments.


Service Provider Cloud

This product provides to Service Provider a unified Openstack infrastructure and best-of-breed applications. Self-service management portal allows end-users to provision their own IT resources and deploy applications, fully administrated by provider


Ubuntu OpenStack

Ubuntu OpenStack is a fully integrated and optimised combination of Ubuntu Server LTS, OpenStack and powerful tools to deploy, manage and scale OpenStack clouds. Ubuntu OpenStack is available with 24x7 production grade support worldwide.


Mirantis OpenStack

Mirantis OpenStack is the most flexible and open distro of OpenStack. It integrates core OpenStack, key related projects and 3rd party plug-ins to offer community innovations with the testing, support and reliability of enterprise software.


Metacloud OpenStack

Metacloud OpenStack® delivers a public cloud experience, privately in your DC or colo, or hosted in our 7 global DCs. We provide engineering, setup, and 24x7 ops for your OpenStack private cloud, so you can focus on building and running your apps.


Rackspace Private Cloud Software

Start building your private cloud today. Rackspace Private Cloud combines the power of OpenStack with a streamlined deployment process that allows you to get your private cloud up and running in less than an hour.


IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack

IBM Cloud Manager with OpenStack is an easy to deploy cloud management software offering based on OpenStack with open cloud APIs. We include enhancements that features a self-service portal for workload provisioning, image management, and monitoring.


Piston OpenStack™

Piston OpenStack software automates the orchestration of an entire private cloud environment on x86 commodity servers. Companies building web, mobile, and big data applications use Piston to bring products to market faster.


OpenStack Online Help

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