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OpenStack Community Pavilion at Gartner Data Center Conference

The Gartner Data Center Conference is coming up December 9-12 in Las Vegas, and OpenStack is proud to be a sponsor alongside 35+ companies from the OpenStack ecosystem.

We are excited to host the OpenStack Community Pavilion, showcasing OpenStack solutions and services from Cloud Cruiser, Mirantis, Nebula, Puppet Labs, Rackspace, SaltStack, Scalr, and SolidFire. You can visit these OpenStack providers, in addition to Foundation executives and staff, in booth #408 in the Venetian Resort’s Sands Expo Convention Center.

You can also speak with the 25+ additional OpenStack community exhibitors and presenters who will be at the conference. We’ll be providing a ‘community map’ showing the locations of all participating companies on the show floor.

If you are planning to be in Las Vegas for the event and have questions about OpenStack, please stop by the booth #408 or contact [email protected] to set up a meeting.

You can also visit an OpenStack user group near you; find a convenient one at

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OpenStack at the Grace Hopper Conference

I love reporting back from events where we grow our inclusive contributor base! On the Saturday after the Grace Hopper Conference, four of us ran a workshop to onboard future OpenStack contributors. Grace Hopper is a celebration of women in computing and over 4500 women attended the conference this year, showing great growth over the years. Iccha Sethi came up with the idea way back in April and we organized our workshop in the months leading up to the event. This year is the first year I’ve ever attended such a conference and I really enjoyed the experience, writing about it on the Rackspace developer blog.

Here is a photo of our group of merry patch-makers:

There were a dozen open source projects there for 200 participants total. For OpenStack, Rackers Iccha Sethi, Jessica Lucci, Ashwini Shukla and I all served as technical support to the ten people who participated. For starters, Iccha presented about OpenStack, using the great decks from Next, we ran through introductions and a short icebreaker activity where we did a cloud simulation activity. Everyone enjoyed acting like cloud servers passing red Rackspace squishy balls like they were files on a network.

Then we settled into our laptops for the main workshop, getting DevStack running on a bunch of Rackspace Cloud Servers and working on a first patch! By the end of the day, we had two new patches up for Glance, the Image Service project. We would have had a few more patches in if mid-afternoon flights hadn’t got in the way. Here are two of our happy patchers:

We also had Susan Lauber in our group, who is one of the first OpenStack trainers ready to give OpenStack training through RedHat. The Foundation sent OpenStack stickers and the newest OpenStack t-shirts which flew off the tables! It was so great to see so many women working together on OpenStack. I’m looking forward to the OpenStack Summit where we can see even more people in person. If you’re attending the Summit in Hong Kong please save the date for the next Women of OpenStack gathering – Monday, November 4, 5pm-7pm. Details will be shared soon to all Summit registrants.

The conference and open source day was full of recruiting opportunities for the GNOME Outreach Program for Women. I’ve been inviting OpenStack organizations to sponsor an intern, and I wanted to also ask through this blog. If you’d like to get involved with the Outreach Program for Women, there are two opportunities that come to mind immediately. We have some mentors in mind but always want good ideas from mentors for projects that an intern could complete in 3 months. Also, each internship spot is sponsored at $5750 twice a year. If you’d like to donate, please go to and click on Become a sponsor! Let the admins know by October 10th if you are interested in joining the program.

First meeting of OpenStack Venezuela

The Venezuelan OpenStack community had its first full day meeting on August 24 in Caracas and it was a big success.  Nelson Perez, gave a general introduction to  virtualization talking about what it is, why it’s useful and finally an overview of  hypervisors.  Enrique Femin then talked about cloud computing giving general definitions, principles and types.  Finally, Ender Mujica presented one introduction to OpenStack: What is it? How to use it, its history, the community, developers and members, and of course an overview of OpenStack’s architecture, components and services.

Lunch was followed by 3 live demonstrations. Ender Mujica presented a installation from scratch on Ubuntu 12.04 using all the component with Neutron and Cinder. He also showed some functions of the dashboard, like how to launch virtual machines with network, how to create a volume and attach it to a VM.

Reinaldo Martinez presented an installation on Centos 6 and Debian 7 and some details about the other functions like namespaces, dhcp, how to create networks, load balancing with 3 web servers on VM, glance with swift and with LVM, horizon and the command line tools and more.

The intensely technical day was followed by appetizers, soft drinks, water, beers, some awesome mugs and OpenStack stickers.

The scripts to install on Debian and CentOS were released to the community.

Voting is Open – Help Choose Who Will Speak at the Next Summit!

Which speakers would you like to see at the next Summit?  It’s time to vote!

We’ve received a record breaking 600+ speaking submissions for the Summit in Hong Kong – more than double the quantity of submissions received for the Portland Summit!

Now it’s time to vote!  We’d like your help shaping the agenda for the next OpenStack Summit, November 5-8 in Hong Kong, by rating the submissions you’d like to see.  We’ve made all 600+ submissions public for your input.  You have until Sunday, August 25 at 22:00 UTC to vote up your favorites.


Our voting interface is designed for easy use via mobile devices so you can continue selecting your favorites when you’re on the go.  Please note that you need to create login credentials in order to access the voting system.

While the Design Summit and more technical content will run Tuesday – Friday, the General Session track and keynote presentations will be Tuesday and Wednesday. We’re hoping to have the agenda locked and published by the end of September, but in the meantime you can see a preview of the agenda here.

A big thank you to our Summit sponsors for their continued support of the OpenStack community. See our current list of sponsors here.  If you are interested in sponsoring the summit as well, it’s not too late. Please email [email protected] no later than September 20.

Early Bird Registration closes October 4, so register now for discounted rates.   We also encourage you to book your travel now – hotel rooms are going fast.  Our block at the SkyCity Marriot has already sold out, but we still have room block availablility at Novotel and Regal, near Asia World-Expo where the Summit will take place.

Only three short months before we kick off the next OpenStack Summit, and we look forward to seeing you in Hong Kong!

To the first OpenStack Documentation BootCamp

The OpenStack Docs Bootcamp offers a deep dive into the technical tools, workflows, and processes we use to create and Our goal is to give enough information that will create sustaining new core members of OpenStack Documentation.

Inspired by the first successful Infrastructure BootCamp, the OpenStack Documentation BootCamp is an in-person, intensive sprint for people who are looking to get involved deeply with OpenStack Documentation and need a leg up into the process.  Participants to the BootCamp will be all together in the same room, with their laptops and get them setup with the tool chain.

The two days event is structured so that the first day is an introduction to tools and processes, mainly aimed new contributors; day two is the deep dive into the content of all docs and manuals, with existing and new contributors on the same level.  The Docs BootCamp will be on Sept. 9-10 in Mountain View, CA by Mirantis offices.

You can register to attend through this form. More details on the OpenStack wiki.

OpenStack Celebrates Three Years!

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 10.05.09 AM

OpenStack is no one person or company or idea or line of code. It derives its strength from the collective community. No matter when you joined or what role you play, you have the ability to shape the future of OpenStack and computing.

In three short years since the community was established, OpenStack has truly become the center of cloud innovation, attracting hundreds of talented developers, brand-name users, and support from major industry leaders. This calls for a big toast to you, the OpenStack community!

We invite you all to join the party and celebrate 3 awesome years of stacking:

  • Check out OpenStack’s Birthday Page featuring the latest stats, infographic and a web badge to download
  • Visit the OpenStack booth at OSCON, July 22-26, in Portland, OR and attend the birthday party, Wednesday, July 24
  • Attend your local birthday party, more than 40 are taking place around the world this week!
  • Learn about the contributors who make OpenStack successful through the #OpenStack #OpenMic series
  • Join the conversation on Twitter today using the hashtag #OpenStack3Bday

We’d also like to share some great perspectives from community leaders about the significance of three years for OpenStack, and where the community is headed:

Happy 3rd birthday to the OpenStack Community!

Infrastructure Bootcamp

Recently the Project Infrastructure team hosted a two-day “bootcamp”
for people who are interested in contributing to the Project
Infrastructure.  The OpenStack project is so large, and continuing to
grow, that creating and operating the developer infrastructure for the
project itself is a unique challenge.  Because OpenStack receives code
contributions from more than 600 developers in a release cycle, and
merges as many as 200 changes per day, we are at the cutting edge of
distributed development and testing.

The project infrastructure covers a wide range of tools and services
used by the project, including code review, testing, and
collaboration.  The design and operation of these systems is managed
under the Infrastructure Program which is overseen by the TC just like
the rest of the OpenStack project.  And like any other OpenStack
program, our team is open and we welcome contributions from anyone.

Managing the infrastructure for a project of this scale is a lot of
work, but it is uniquely rewarding because it affects every OpenStack
project and affords interactions with all of the developers.  We heard
a lot of interest from persons and companies who wanted to contribute,
so we held the bootcamp to get anyone who was interested in
contributing together in a room with the current core team of
infrastructure developers.

OpenStack Infrastructure Bootcamp kicks off

OpenStack Infrastructure Bootcamp kicks off
Photo: Elizabeth Krumbach, CC-BY 2.0

Day one saw us all together and discussing how contributions are
accepted, how the team operates, and how new members can expect to
become core members in the future.  We discussed each major system at
a high level, and worked out how all of the systems interact with each

In the evening, we all got together for dinner and spent several
enjoyable hours talking about how we could improve the system, and
generally getting to know each other.

On day two, we dove deeper into some topics of particular interest to
attendees, and generally had a less structured approach where people
who shared interest in an area got together and discussed it in depth.

I think everyone who attended got a lot out of the event, and we’re
already seeing significant new contributions as a result.  I hope that
in several months more time we will have new core members on our
team.  I also think this is a good model for other programs in
OpenStack who want to quickly bring new contributors up to speed.

I’d like to thank Monty Taylor for organizing the event, the rest of
the core contributors (or “coremudgeons”) for talking about what we do
for two days straight, and Hewlett-Packard and the OpenStack
Foundation for sponsoring the event.

Some reactions from others who attended:

OpenStack at FISL 2013 Brasil

The FISL is an International Forum on Free Software that started in year 2000 and in its 2013 edition saw a massive presence of OpenStack. During four days, the main themes of Open Source were presented with speakers from various regions of the world. The Brasilian OpenStack community distributed lots of OpenStack t-shirts and stickers to the over 7000 participants to the 14th edition of FISL .

On the second day of the event, was the first lecture on OpenStack:

  •  How to manage a public or private cloud using OpenStack platform – Marcelo Dieder

Marcelo Dieder presented OpenStack, the main components of the platform and ways to contribute to the project.

On the morning of the third day, there was a meeting of the group OpenStack-Brasil. Participants included students, public and private companies and the presence of Alan Clark. The meeting began with Marcelo Dieder presenting the proposed meeting. After some other topics were presented::

  •  StackOps Portal Manager Head – Danilo Perogil and Renato Armani – Dualtec Cloud Builders.
  •  Review about Grizzly version – Davis Oliveira – Brazil Serpro

Finally, Alan Clark presented an overview of OpenStack and also on Suse’s involvement in the development of the platform.

On the afternoon of the third day of the event, Davis Oliveira Serpro presented OpenStack, the use of the platform in Serpro Brasil and mobile device management:

  •  Managing mobile devices (MDM) from a private cloud with OpenStack – Davis Oliveira

Alan Clark presented Openstack and Suse on FISL:

  • Build & Deploy to a Cloud Infrastructure – Alan Clark

Finally, on the last day of the event, Marcio Roberto Starke presented OpenStack and use the platform in Serpro Brasil.

  •  Unraveling the OpenStack: Technical aspects of its operation – Márcio Roberto Starke

The videos and lectures of the event can be found on the group Brasil OpenStack. More photos can be found on flickr. We thank everyone involved for their participation in FISL 2013!

Hong Kong OpenStack 2nd Workshop: Deploy a 3D Virtual World on OpenStack

The Hong Kong OpenStack User Group 2nd Workshop: ‘Learn how to deploy a 3D Virtual World on OpenStack Cloud’ has been successfully organized by the Hong Kong Cyberport and Hong Kong OpenStack User Group (HKOSUG) at Cyberport Campus on 5 July 2013.  We took the unprecedented step of focusing the OpenStack workshop in digital entertainment.

This was a short rapid paced workshop where participants installed and used the OpenStack to practice creating and using a distributed computing approach for collectives of global small business and small artist collaborations.  The OpenSim 3d virtual world server was presented as a working example for the workshop.  Participants were able to share a collective cloud and demonstrated how shared clouds could be set up to be distributed computing nodes for the development of digital entertainments.

The lecturer, Todd Cochrane is a software developer in research and for art, and Senior Lecturer in the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology in New Zealand.  Participants were coming from different domains, ICT startups, university students, Telecommunication companies and Rackspace Hong Kong.

Bruce Lok and Raymond Chan, the Coordinators of HKOSUG and the Team in Cyberport who initiated and established the first HKOSUG, are dedicated to promote and drive the cloud adoption to the ICT industry in Hong Kong.  Bruce finally introduced the upcoming event of OpenStack Summit in Hong Kong and encourage participants to join and share their innovative ideas on OpenStack during the Summit.

Finally the feedback has been good, it was really worth it as the ideas shared from participants were useful for our further planning on OpenStack workshop in Hong Kong.

Blow Out the Candles – OpenStack Turns 3!

Update: Visit the new OpenStack birthday page with links to an infographic, the web badge and more!

OpenStack will celebrate it’s third birthday July 19, and we’re celebrating this month!  In three short years, Openstack has truly emerged as the center of cloud innovation, with hundreds of companies around the world relying on OpenStack to run their business. OpenStack is maturing, it’s coming of age and new users being announced every week (Fidelity, Comcast, Best Buy, Bloomberg).Over the past three years, we’ve also seen OpenStack grow internationally. There are now over 40 global user groups and more than 10,000 community members across 121 countries. And we’ve recently crossed the 1,000 authors threshold to the code base.  This calls for a big toast to the OpenStack community!

In celebration of the birthday month, we’ve launched the OpenStack #OpenMic series to spotlight contributors who’ve helped make the project a success . Each weekday in July, we’re highlighting one OpenStack technical contributor in a blog post on as and syndicating it on Twitter. We want to celebrate the people who have helped make OpenStack possible during our birthday month, and to help community members get to know each other. To participate:

On July 24 the Foundation will host OpenStack’s 3rd Birthday Bash in Portland, Oregon at the OSCON conference – where OpenStack was launched in 2010. If you are in the area or attending the conference we would love to see you there. Please RSVP here -

We’ve also invited all our user groups to celebrate with us. This month over 35 OpenStack birthday parties will be thrown all over the world – celebrating with cake, drinks, music, and more!  We encourage everyone to join the conversation and share party pictures using the hashtag #OpenStack3Bday

Update:  We also produced a web badge you can embed on your blog by copy and pasting this html:

<img src=”” width=”180″ height=”260″ alt=”Happy 3rd Birthday, OpenStack”/>

Please attend or help promote an OpenStack birthday party near you:

Atlanta - July 18
Austin - July 18
Boston - July 16
Brazil - July 19
Brisbane - July 19
Canberra - July 19
Chicago - July 9
China - July 20
Colorado - July 22
DC - July 17
Ecuador - July 18
Egypt - date TBD
Florida - July 18
Germany - date TBD
Hungary - July 19
India - July 21
Indonesia - July 9
Israel - July 21
Italy - July 19
Japan - July 24
Korea - July 18
LA - July 19
London - July 19
Melbourne - July 18
Minnesota - July 17
NYC - July 17
Nairobi - July 18
Paris - July 23
Philippines – July 24
Singapore - July 19
Slovenia (Invitation through email) – July 18
Sydney - July 18
Taiwan - July 1
Thailand - July 18
Toronto – July 22
Zurich - July 19

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