OpenStack Developer Activity Review (February 28 – March 4)

Many people have asked for more insight into the developer activities for OpenStack as the large number of code changes and proposals make it difficult to monitor everything happening. In hopes of exposing more of the developer activities, I plan to post a weekly or biweekly blog post on the latest development activities. If you have any ideas for this blog post, please email me at [email protected]. I am always ready to listen to the community for new ideas.


Developer Mailing List (archive:

This is select list of topics discussed this week in the developer mailing list and is not a complete list.  Please visit the archive to see all the topics.

  • Authn Authz Proposal – Vish Ishaya posted information on a prototype solution for Authentication (authn) and Authorization (authz) at Instructions for the prototype are included.
  • Gzip Compression – Brian Lamer has implemented a simple WSGI implementation of gzip compression however it does not support streaming and he is opening a discussion on how best to move forward. Several developers responded but the overall consensus is to allow a tool such as Nginx/Apache/etc to handle this outside of the system as Glance does. Jorge Williams suggested that Brian submit the code anyway as someone may find another use for it.
  • Multiple Versions in OpenStack API – Brian Waldon asked about the plan to support both OpenStack API 1.0 and 1.1 as the Versions WSGI application seems to be able to deploy multiple versions of the OS API within the same codebase.  Several developers including Eric Day, Ewan Mellor, and Sandy Walsh responded to this question; more information at
  • OS API server password generation – Dan Price announced a blueprint on adding support for password generation when creating services and asked for feedback. Blueprint –; Details –  Further discussion from Ed Leafe, Justin Santa Barbara, Mark Washenberger, Scott Moser, George Reese, and Rick Clark can be followed at
  • Management API – Glen Campbell has created a preliminary proposal for admin/management API for Nova at Glen’s focus is to determine the features required for Rackspace, which may or may not be needed by the community.


  • Number of OpenStack Developers on Contributors List – 153 (+2 for week)
  • Cactus Release Status – Blueprints (
    • Essential – 5 Design Approved; 1 Implemented – 1 Needs Code Review – 1 Beta Available
    • High – 12 Blueprints; 3 Implemented – 1 Needs Code Review – 1 Blocked
    • Medium – 21 Blueprints; 2 Needs Code Review; 3 Implemented
    • Low – 16 Blueprints; 1 Needs Code Review; 6 Implemented

For the latest on development activities on OpenStack please check these sites for more details:


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