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OpenStack Conference and Design Summit Spring 2011 Overview Video

May 23rd, 2011 — 10:47am

The final overview video from the recent OpenStack event is now available for your viewing pleasure. This is an excellent video with TONS of OpenStack community members from around the world talking about the project and community.

OS Event Recap Spring 2011 from OpenStack on Vimeo.

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OpenStack Conference and Design Summit Sponsored by Citrix – Feedback

May 10th, 2011 — 10:08am

I completed the review of the recent OpenStack Conference & Design Summit and want to share the results with the community. The attached document – OpenStack Design Summit 2011 Review contains the information collected by myself and others as well as results of the online survey. If you have additional feedback on this event, please send me an email at [email protected] so I can add the details to this document. Thanks to everyone who completed the survey or provided feedback to myself privately; the team planning our community events uses this information to assist planning our future events.

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OpenStack Conference and Design Summit – Day 4 Recap

April 29th, 2011 — 9:26pm

I am on my way home from San Jose writing this final event recap blog in the clouds…

Thanks again to approximately 480 enthusiastic OpenStack community members for an amazing 4 days of interactive and productive sessions, meetings, and demonstrations. The community continues to accelerate forward at a rapid pace in a highly collaborative environment with so many great ideas on such a variety of topics that it truly is becoming difficult to keep track of all the innovation. I look forward to once again working with the global community on our next event the first week of October 2011 and plan to announce its location in a few weeks. It is going to be tough to outdo this great event but I am confident that our community will rally together again to show the world how open source should be done.

If you took any pictures at the event please be sure to upload to the OpenStack Flickr account at http://www.flickr.com/groups/1574695@N22/. I am sending out a post-event survey to all attendees on Monday so please take a few moments to complete the survey. The questions will be easy to answer and your feedback is valuable as the event team and I are able to tweak future events to better serve the community.

Final highlights from today:

Open Source at the Pool

Even the hotel supports OpenStack

Finally, I am not posting a Community Weekly Blog or Developer Activity Blog post this week as the last 4 blog recaps have already hit the weeks highlights. I did update the weekly statistics available at http://wiki.openstack.org/WeeklyNewsletter?action=AttachFile&do=view&target=2011+Data+Tracking+%28Excel%29.

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OpenStack Conference and Design Summit Registration Update

April 5th, 2011 — 3:54pm

As you are all aware, the OpenStack Conference and Design Summit Sponsored by Citrix is April 26- 29, 2011 in Santa Clara, CA. You may also be aware that we have reached the registration limit which has created a large waiting list. I wanted to provide more information on the decisions that have led to this current situation as well as provide details on how I am handling the situation for the people currently on the waiting list.

When planning for this event, we decided to host in Santa Clara, CA as the majority of attendees at the San Antonio Fall 2010 OpenStack Design Summit were from the Silicon Valley area. I also anticipated growth in the number of attendees from 150 in San Antonio to a much larger number in California and originally planned for 500 attendees; however, the facilities, costs, and planning required to support a 500 person event was beyond the current capabilities of the community so I reduced the number to 350 which better aligned with the facilities available and was within the cost structure that the community could support. I also felt that a 133% increase in attendance would meet the needs of the community at its current growth rate; especially with the focus on active developers in the community attending the 3 day Design Summit. It is a testament to not only the active community members but also the overall project recognition within the industry that we are seeing substantial demand for this community event and I anticipate and will plan for larger events in the future to meet the demand.

UPDATE - I have spoken with the hotel and we are able to accommodate 40 more attendees than planned so the new registration maximum will be 390 instead of 350.

The registration system was designed to openly register anyone interested in attending the event up to 325 attendees at which time the system started a waiting list. I posted the maximum attendance information on all registration posts such as http://www.openstack.org/blog/2011/02/openstack-conference-design-summit-update/ to ensure that community members were aware that a limit existed. The final 25 65 slots are being filled based on the following process that I believe meets the needs of the community; especially with the emphasis on active developers:

  1. Active developers on project with priority to developers who have submitted code
  2. Ensure that all participating organizations have at least 1 attendee representing the company
  3. International attendees with previously booked airfare

I plan to shut off the registration system from accepting any more wait listed participants tomorrow at Noon CST to obtain a final list for selection based on the 3 criteria elements listed above. I will be contacting all accepted names on the waiting list tomorrow afternoon as well as people not accepted to notify them of their status. With people putting travel plans on hold, it is critical to finalize this process quickly so people can make any necessary arrangements.

Finally, all OpenStack Conference presentations will be videotaped by a professional video firm with videos and associated slides being posted at least 1 week after the event. Design Summit meetings will have active EtherPads for each session that people can monitor should they want to know more about a given blueprint or feature for the Diablo release. I am also going to post a daily blog from the event and will encourage community members to do likewise; twitter will also be active during the event and you can follow the #openstack hash tag.

To all the wait-listed unable to attend this event, I offer my apology that I was unable to offer you a slot and will plan accordingly for our 2012 community events to have flexible sizing to accommodate your attendance. Please also take advantage of the many global events that OpenStack participates in (see Events Page) as well as the regional community events I am working on for 2011 in Europe and Asia; more information on those coming soon.

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Project Policy Board Membership – Update Post Election

April 5th, 2011 — 3:21pm

Now that the Spring 2011 Governance Elections have completed, I would like to formally update the community on the OpenStack Project Policy Board:

Member Status
Jesse Andrews Appointed
Jonathan Bryce Appointed
Thierry Carrez Elected – Term ends Spring 2012
Rick Clark Elected – Term ends Fall 2011 (replacing Vish Ishaya)*
Eric Day Elected – Term ends Spring 2012
John Dickinson Swift PTL – Term ends Fall 2011
Soren Hansen Elected – Term ends Fall 2011
Vish Ishaya Nova PTL – Term ends Fall 2011
Joshua McKenty Appointed
Ewan Mellor Elected – Term ends Fall 2011
Jay Pipes Glance PTL – Term ends Fall 2011
John Purrier Appointed

* The election of Vish Ishaya as the Nova Project Team Lead vacated his previously held elected position on the PPB. Based on the governance rules , the nominee with the next highest votes in the PPB general election will serve out the remaining term of the vacated seat. Thus, Rick Clark having received the third most votes in the PPB election will take over Vish Ishaya’s previously held position on the PPB which will expire in the Fall 2011.

This appointed and elected board of community leaders provides a solid leadership team to drive the project forward and I look foward to working with this board in 2011.

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OpenStack Governance Nominations and Election Process

March 8th, 2011 — 9:29am

As stated in Jonathan Bryce’s OpenStack Governance Update last week, the OpenStack governance process has been modified to better serve the community and include additional community-elected leaders. This blog post details the nomination and election process for the open positions detailed in Jonathan’s post.


Nominations – Starting Tuesday March 8th thru March 18th at Midnight CST any person interested in one of the available positions and meeting the requirements (see below) can either self-nominate or be nominated for an open position. All nomination requests should be sent via email to [email protected] and include the following information:

  • Name of person being nominated including email address
  • Position posting for (PTL NOVA, PTL SWIFT, PTL GLANCE, PPB GENERAL)
  • Company name (individual developers can just put Independent)

All nominated and qualified people will be added to a public Etherpad at http://etherpad.openstack.org/Spring2011-Elections.

Elections – Starting Monday March 21 thru April 1 at Midnight CST all nominated people will be put into an online election system for community voting. Each position open for election has unique requirements for eligibility to vote thus four separate elections will be held at the same time. Details on the election process are still in review and planning; however, information on the process will be posted before the election system is activated.

Results – On April 4, 2011 the final voting results will be published to the community on the OpenStack blog at http://openstack.org/blog.


Please review the descriptions of the available positions at http://wiki.openstack.org/Governance/Model to better understand the commitments involved. These are significant leadership positions within the OpenStack community and your contributions via these positions will have a large impact on the overall project. Here are some additional points to be aware of for these positions:

  • Approve and prioritize blueprints for releases, communicate roadmap
  • Coordinate the technical sessions at the design summit that occurs after their elections
  • Resolve any deadlocked conflicts in the community
  • Work with the release manager to ensure releases stay on track and status is communicated broadly
  • Implement project-specific policies such as choosing subject matter experts, code review policies
  • Participate in the #openstack IRC channel and developer mailing lists

The following positions are available for the election process:

Project Technical Leads - PTL Nova, PTL Swift, and PTL Glance

OpenStack is currently designating the following three projects – Nova, Swift, and Glance as requiring a separate project technical lead. Other projects within OpenStack will work with the Project Policy Board to determine needs for a technical lead.

Requirements – From the OpenStack Governance Model:

Anyone who has submitted code which has been accepted into the respective project’s trunk is eligible to run for a PTL seat, and to vote for the PTL. Sitting Project Technical Leads are eligible to run for re-election each cycle, provided they continue to meet the criteria.

Project Policy Board - General Board Seat A, General Board Seat B
Requirements – From the OpenStack Governance Model:

Any registered member of an OpenStack Launchpad group is eligible to run and vote in these elections. The TWO individuals receiving the most votes will assume these seats. If an individual should happen to be elected as both a PTL and General Member of the PPB, then they will take their PTL seat only and the elected General Member seat will go to the next highest vote getter.

If you have any questions on this process, please contact [email protected] who is managing nominations and elections for these positions.

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