Reviewing how Blueprints are handled

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OpenStack Compute Tech Lead Russell Bryant has triggered an important discussion on the OpenStack Development mailing list about the process to review blueprints. The Blueprints wiki page currently assigns to Project Tech Leads the task of assigning priority to the blueprints and Russell is suggesting that a wider group of people in the community shares… Read more »

OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (Apr 12 – 25)

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Special post-Summit issue OpenStack Design Summit Havana, from a Ceilometer point of view by Julien Danjou Havana Design Summit: Swift API Discussions by SwiftStack Team OpenStack Summit Portland Aftermath by Kyle Mestery OpenStack Developer Summit: Heat Followup by Duncan McGreggor Havana! By OpenStack Security Blog Portland OpenStack Summit by John Bresnahan Dan’s Partial Summary of… Read more »

Introducing the OpenStack Activity Board

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I am pleased to announce that a beta release of the OpenStack Activity Board (beta) is now live. The development Activity Board announced few months ago provides a visual overview of all the OpenStack public activity of community members across multiple dimensions: contributors and organizations, projects and tools. From a single interface, you can easily… Read more »