What’s next for application developer guides?

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Summary This month, the developer.openstack.org site gets a new look and changes its source tooling. Read on for details about how these changes affect your project team. Why are we changing the developer.openstack.org site? You might know that the developer.openstack.org site documents over 900GET/PUT/POST/DELETE/PATCH calls for a dozen OpenStack services already on the developer.openstack.org site. As a couple of… Read more »

Open, Cloud Computing, And Startups: A Great Mix

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Contributed by Pete Chadwick, senior cloud solutions manager, SUSE If you think about cloud computing, then it’s inevitable that you’re going to think of the big enterprises that seem perfect for this sort of IT infrastructure. After all, they’re big, have loads of staff and resources, and are performing the big work that is ideal… Read more »