OpenStack Project Infrastructure Sees Rapid Growth

The OpenStack project infrastructure has grown tremendously over the
past year, and now is a great time to get involved in helping to run
one of the largest and fastest-growing open source projects!

The project infrastructure encompasses all of the systems that are
used in the day to day operation of the OpenStack project as a whole.
This includes development, testing, and collaboration tools.  All of
the software that we run is open source, and its configuration is
public.  In fact, the whole of the project infrastructure is run in
exactly the same manner as the rest of the OpenStack project: anyone
may contribute a configuration change via code review, and then a team
of core reviewers provides feedback and may eventually approve the
change for merging.

As the OpenStack project has grown, so have the services provided by
the infrastructure team.  The code review system, Gerrit, now houses
134 source code repositories.  The scope of the project infrastructure
is so broad that it comprises 24 of those repositories, including
software in languages such as Java, Python, shell, Ruby, and Puppet.
We work on exciting projects that include how to test and facilitate
distributed development at a large, and rapidly growing, scale.

New contributors to the OpenStack project infrastructure are welcome.
We recently began reorganizing our documentation to focus on helping
people make their first contribution.  You can read about our systems
and how we operate at <URL:>.

Contributions to the project infrastructure are highly valued by the
project as a whole.  If you’re interested in helping the OpenStack
project grow, and working with a wide variety of systems that impact
every developer working on OpenStack sounds fun, we’d love your help.
If you are willing to make a significant time commitment to the
project infrastructure, we are scheduling a new-contributor bootcamp
in New York, NY on June 27 and 28.  If you’re interested in attending,
please contact Monty Taylor <[email protected]>.

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