OpenStack gets lots of students this summer

The selection’s results are in and OpenStack is adding 10 new people working on our awesome project. Please join me and welcome students from Google Summer of Code and Outreach Program for Women:

  • Artem Shepelev
  • Kumar Rishabh
  • Manishanker Talusani
  • Masaru Nomura
  • Prashanth Raghu
  • Tzanetos Balitsaris
  • Victoria Martínez de la Cruz
  • Virginia Gresham
  • Ana Malagon
  • Nataliia Uvarova

and their awesome mentors Debojyoti Dutta, Yathiraj Udupi, Boris Pavlovic, Hugh Saunders, Sriram, Joshua Hesketh, Arnaud Legendre, Fei Long Wang, Alejandro Cabrera, Mikhail Dubov, Flavio Percoco, Liz Blanchard, Ju Lim, Eoghan Glynn. Mentors do an important job for the community: if you recognize any of their names in Atlanta, show them your appreciation for helping young students get accustomed to the “OpenStack way”.


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