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How Operators Can Get Involved in Kilo #OpenStackSummit

Maish Saidel-Keesing participated in the Ops Summit: How to get involved in Kilo, and shared his notes from those sessions.

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jiangfei Cserey Szilard
ZongKai LI Ran Ziv
Swati Shukla Accela Zhao
Guillaume Giamarchi yatin
Seb Hughes François Bureau
Vadim Rutkovsky habuka036
Mark McDonagh Zengfa Gao
Craige McWhirter Jorge Munoz
juigil kishore Jobin Raju
Trung Trinh John Belamaric
Scott Lowe Seb Hughes
Roozbeh Shafiee David Caro
Mike Mason Craige McWhirter
Tan Lin Jan-Erik Mångs
David Caro Adolfo Duarte
Konstantinos Papadopoulos Tan Lin
Matteo Panella hossein zabolzadeh
Lena Vinod Pandarinathan
Michael Hagedorn Pieter
Major Hayden Lan Qi song
Magnus Lundin Vidyut
Arun S A G Inessa Vasilevskaya
Pratik Mallya Gil Meir
Brian Saville Dimitri Korsch
Chris Grivas Ian Adams
Marcin Karkocha Pratik Mallya
Yash Bathia
Wei Xiaoli
Mike Mason
Anton Arefiev
Yury Konovalov
Shang Yong

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When a large company join the OpenStack foundation after ignoring it for a while

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