OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (Oct 18 – 25)

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Solum: Open Development From Day One

Solum is a project designed to make cloud services easier to consume and integrate into your application development process. Solum begins as a shared vision, not a complete product. It’s a vision that a coalition of contributors believes in and wants to contribute to. For this to work, everything has to be designed and developed in the open from the very beginning. We’re taking the OpenStack commitment to core values of open development, open design and open community right to heart. Kudos to Rackspace, eBay, RedHat, Ubuntu/Canonical, dotCloud/Docker, Cloudsoft and Cumulogic for spearheading this effort.

An analysis of the Technical Committee election

Thierry Carrez played around with the ballots from the election of the Technical Committee. Since detailed ballot reporting was enabled in the past elections, it is possible to test alternative algorithms and run various analysis over the data set. As an official for this election, Thierry published his analysis of the results, hoping it will help in the current discussion on a potential evolution of the Foundation individual members voting system.

OpenStack Havana – the Quality Perspective

With Havana out in the wild, Sean Dague reviews the improvements made to the gating infrastructure during this release cycle. Beyond just increasing the number of tests we run, we made some changes in the nature of what we do in the gate. These changes are easy to overlook: Sean’s post gives a perspective in everything that’s going on behind the scenes when you try to land code in OpenStack.

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