OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (Nov 1 – Nov 15)

Our first OpenStack Ambassadors

Following on from our earlier discussions about the OpenStack Ambassador Program, it is with great excitement that the Foundation introduced the first OpenStack Ambassadors. In this initial stage, we were only looking for a small number but were very honoured to have applications from many more excellent candidates and will aim to introduce more ambassadors in the next 6 months. The ambassadors are currently working to scope out the program and are keen to start making an impact in our community. Follow the discussion on the community mailing list.

Welcome new Gold Members Aptira, Hitachi, and Huawei!

The OpenStack Board of Directors approved Aptira, Hitachi and Huawei as Gold Members of the OpenStack Foundation. The companies are based in Australia/India, Japan and China respectively, and range from a startup to established, multinational corporations.

OpenStack User Survey Statistics November 2013

The OpenStack User Committee and Foundation staff conducted a survey of OpenStack cloud operators and end users, and are sharing the results with the community this week during the OpenStack Summit Hong Kong. The goal of the survey is to give users a strong voice in the community to share their technical requirements, feedback and best practices with the developers building OpenStack, as well as other cloud operators.

The survey generated 822 responses and catalogued 387 OpenStack cloud deployments across 56 countries.  A few key highlights on the detailed blog post and infographic.

Expect the Minus One

We want your patches for OpenStack, Keystone. Just don’t be surprised when it gets a minus one rating. A patch that gets a minus one from a core developer is probably on the right track, it just needs adjustment to fit in with the rest of Keystone. In other words, don’t be afraid, says Adam Young.

DNSaaS with Designate, PowerDNS and NSD4

Designate is a DNS as-a-service project, it is intended to provide a DNS service for creating, updating, maintaining and deleting DNS data using its API, as well as providing DNS resolution for users

Reports from OpenStack Hong Kong Summit

Podcast Series From Hong Kong

Tips ‘n Tricks

Upcoming Events

Security Advisories

Other News

Welcome New Reviewers and Developers

Is your affiliation correct? Check your profile in the OpenStack Foundation Members Database!

ling-yun Jon Bernard
Yolanda Robla Gauvain Pocentek
Ondra Machacek Francois Deppierraz
Evgeniy L Dmitry Pyzhov
Mike BRIGHT David Lapsley
Charles Crouch Ondergetekende
ramesh Liusheng
li,chen Jordan OMara
Vladimir Kozhukalov Hoisaleshwara Madan V S
Vladan Popovic Drew Thorstensen
Alexander Chudnovets Tiago Everton Ferraz Martins
Sajid Akhtar Ryan Brady
Miranda Zhang Erik-Martijn Kasimier
Liusheng Arx Cruz
Lana Romain Hardouin
Juan J. Martínez Shaun McCance
George Peristerakis Nikita Konovalov
Samuel de Medeiros Queiroz Mike BRIGHT
Ilya Pekelny Julia Varlamova
Kapil Thangavelu andersonvom
Jon Bernard Marcos Lobo
ChrisBuccella Ruslan Kamaldinov
Paul Czarkowski Rick Hull
Mark Dunnett Marek Denis

Security Advisories

Latest Activity In Projects

Do you want to see at a glance the bugs filed and solved this week? Latest patches submitted for review? Check out the individual project pages on OpenStack Activity Board – Insights.

OpenStack Reactions

Agreeing on a feature to implement at the OpenStack summit

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