OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (Mar 6 – 13)

Five years in: Charting the OpenStack galaxy

The Starship Enterprise had a five year mission, to “explore strange new worlds,” among other things, and as we approach the five year mark in our own mission, it’s fun to think about the worlds we’ve seen and contemplate where to go next. Did anyone think we’d have a non-profit foundation in year three, with VMware joining right after we started it? Strange new worlds, indeed.

Check out what’s under the hood at TryStack

Billed as the easiest way to try out OpenStack, this free service lets you test what the cloud can do for you, offering networking, storage, and compute instances, without having to go all in with your own hardware. Dan Radez, whose day job is at Red Hat, unveiled TryStack’s new gear in a lightning show-and-tell talk at the recent Mid-Cycle Ops Meetup.

The Road to Vancouver

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OpenStack @ PyCon 2015: Booth info, looking for volunteers, posting of jobs, OpenStack presentations

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