OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (Mar 28 – Apr 4)

Participate in the OpenStack User Survey by April 11!

We’re kicking off the third round of the OpenStack User Survey this month! If you are an OpenStack user or have customers with OpenStack deployments, please take a few minutes to respond to our User Survey and pass it along to your network. The goals of the survey are to better define the OpenStack user community and requirements, facilitate engagement and communication among the user community, and uncover new use cases or OpenStack users who might be willing to tell their stories publicly.

OpenStack Summit – now with more Ops

A new addition to the busy times in Atlanta: people who run clouds have a place to congregate at the Summit and swap best practices, architectures, ideas and give feedback. The Ops Meetup will be the place for sessions designed to be full-room discussions: there will be no presenters and salient notes will be collaboratively recorded on Etherpads, just like in the Design Summit. Register for the OpenStack Summit, then turn up Monday and Friday to room B308 in Atlanta.

Call for Proposals Open Source @ OpenStack Summit

At this year’s OpenStack Summit we’re going to be offering space to Open Source projects that are important to the OpenStack community. We’re calling it Open Source @ OpenStack, and it’s an opportunity for these projects to hold small design summits with their community members. We’re impressed by the number of projects that have grown in the OpenStack ecosystem, and want to continue the practice we started with StackForge of fostering these projects. We have space and time available for half day sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday, both morning and afternoon. If you have a project that you think qualifies for this space, we invite you to submit a proposal for Open Source @ OpenStack.

The road to Juno Summit – Atlanta 2014

  • Redeem your invite code NOW or pay extra to join the Summit! Check your inbox and spam folder if you contributed code before March 3rd for your invitation.
  • No more batch invites will be sent.
  • Applying for Visa? Looking for accommodation in Atlanta? Visit
  • Check the official agenda

Understanding the obstacles to join OpenStack Documentation Team

We are very interested in increasing the doc contributions and making our doc processes work well for OpenStack as it scales. I believe we can take actions based on the questions here, please send the link to OpenStack contributors as far as you can! Please take this survey to understand the obstacles to doc contributions.

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Other News

Got Answers?

Ask OpenStack is the go-to destination for OpenStack users. Interesting questions waiting for answers:

Welcome New Reviewers and Developers

Cameron Seader fumihiko kakuma
Sridhar Gaddam Marc Abramowitz
Pablo Fernando Cargnelutti AllenGuo
zhangjialong AlexConrad
Manish Godara Adrian Turjak
Sasikanth Eda Abhishek Kekane
Radu Mateescu kwonho lee
Nicholas Randon john brooker
Edmund Haselwanter iain MacDonnell
Thang Pham Steve McLellan
Federico Gimenez Nieto Paul Czarkowski
Bo Tang Ligong Duan
vaibhav_kale Jens-Christian Fischer
Romain Chantereau Erno Kuvaja
Dana Bauer Salvo
Vitaliy Lotorev Gil Vernik
Erlon R. Cruz Deepak C Shetty
Sphoorti pushpesh
Samuel Stavinoha Juan Antonio Osorio Robles
Joseph Robinson
Chetan Risbud
Ian McLeod
Ana Malagon
Hunter Haugen
Ashish Chandra
Vladimir Kozhukalov
Sean Chandler
Nicholas Randon
Guillaume Espanel
Chad Roberts

Latest Activity In Projects

Do you want to see at a glance the bugs filed and solved this week? Latest patches submitted for review? Check out the individual project pages on OpenStack Activity Board – Insights.

OpenStack Reactions

Life Goes ON

Getting told that this feature will not be accepted before next release

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