OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (Mar 14 – 21)

Upcoming changes to Design Summit format

Since the very beginning of OpenStack we fulfilled our Open Design promise by organizing a developer gathering open to all OpenStack contributors at the beginning of all our development cycles, called the Design Summit. Those events have proven to be an essential part of OpenStack success and growth. Lots of things are changing for the Atlanta “Juno” Summit: staggering conference and Design Summit, no more unconference but “Other Projects” dedicated track, more coordination with cross project discussions. Read the details, do it now.

OpenStack 2013.1.5 released

The OpenStack Stable Maintenance team is happy to announce the release of the 2013.1.5 stable Grizzly release. A total of 44 bugs have been fixed across all projects. These updates to Grizzly are intended to be low risk with no intentional regressions or API changes. The list of bugs, tarballs and other milestone information for each project can be found on Launchpad.

I need some data from the OpenStack user group leaders

OpenStack Ambassadors are compiling user group data. To better track how we’re doing worldwide. Pay attention to messages from your area’s Ambassador as they may need to get a few details about how your OpenStack user group has been doing in the past half-year. The data provided will be used in the first “Regional Activity Report” at the Juno summit.

CERN Cloud Architecture – Update

CERN Cloud Architecture has grown, included a third cell and enabled Ceilometer compute-agent. Because of that CERN needed to perform some architecture changes to cope with the number of nova-api calls that ceilometer compute-agent generates. Read the details provided by Belmiro Moreira.

The road to Juno Summit – Atlanta 2014

  • Redeem your invite code NOW! Check your inbox and spam folder if you contributed code before March 3rd for your invitation.
  • No more batch invites will be sent.
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Got Answers?

Ask OpenStack is the go-to destination for OpenStack users. Interesting questions waiting for answers:

Welcome New Reviewers and Developers

li jian Ramashri Umale
Russell Haering Joe Fegan
Yuko Fukuda ramesh
Octavian Ciuhandu Srinivasa T N
Boden R Sridhar Gaddam
Adrian Vladu Matthew Edmonds
Ben Bell Jose Idar
mariam john Brandon Logan
Santiago Baldassin Sriram
Om Kumar Kevin Fox
Erno Kuvaja Jeremy Hopkins
Andrew Bramley Andre Aranha
Aleksandr Chirko dingxy
Greg Lucas Sylvain Baubeau
Matt Griffin Piyush Masrani
Jon Grimm Akhil Hingane
Ying Li
Thiago Paiva Brito
Jamie Hannaford
Christian Martinez

Latest Activity In Projects

Do you want to see at a glance the bugs filed and solved this week? Latest patches submitted for review? Check out the individual project pages on OpenStack Activity Board – Insights.

OpenStack Reactions


submitting a patch that passes Python tests, but realizing jenkins failed you because the commit message has a period at the end

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