OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (June 29 – July 6)

Highlights of the week

Folsom-2 milestone available for Keystone, Glance, Nova, Horizon and Quantum

The second milestone of the Folsom cycle is now available for Keystone, Glance, Nova, Horizon and Quantum ! Note that the corresponding Python client libraries are no longer shipped as part of the server counterpart delivery, but follow their own release plan. A Folsom-2 milestone is available for Cinder, too.

New nova-rootwrap landing in folsom-2

Thierry Carrez contributed a new, more configurable and extensible nova-rootwrap implementation. Here is what you should know about it, depending on whether you’re a Nova user, packager or developer!

OpenStack “G” naming poll

It’s already time to decide the name of the future OpenStack release. Participate to the poll.

Best practices for merging common into specific projects

Andrew Bogott started a conversation about defining some best practices when crossing the boundary between common and other openstack projects. It developed into a request for leadership for openstack-common so that it can become a proper library.

RPC Guarantees in OpenStack

Eric Windisch describes the required guarantees of OpenStack RPC implementations.

A brief introduction to quantum plugin-Ryu

Yaguang Tang reminds us of Ryu, a Quantum plugin developed by NTT. Ryu aims to provide a logically centralized control and well defined API that make it easy for operators to create new network management and control applications. Details on

Tips and tricks

Upcoming Events

Other news

Welcome new contributors

Celebrating the first patches submitted this week by:

  • chnm-kulkarni
  • Syed Armani
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