OpenStack Community Weekly Newsletter (July 4 – 11)

OpenStack Swift 2.0 Released and Storage Policies Have Arrived

OpenStack Swift 2.0.0. This release includes storage policies – the culmination of a year of work from many members of the Swift contributor community. Storage policies are the biggest thing to happen in Swift since it was open-sourced four years ago. Storage policies allow you to tailor your storage infrastructure to exactly match your use case. This release marks a significant milestone in the life of the project that will lead to further adoption and community growth. You can get Swift 2.0 from As always, you can upgrade to this version without any client downtime.

Wrapping up the Travel Support Program – Juno

The OpenStack Foundation brought 21 people to Atlanta for the Summit in May, thanks to the grants offered by the Travel Support Program, sponsored by VMware. The Travel Support Program is based on the promise of Open Design and its aim is to facilitate participation of key contributors to the OpenStack Design Summit. The Travel Support Application for the November Summit in Paris is NOW OPEN! You can apply for the Travel Support Program, including costs for travel and accommodation.

Missing Building Blocks for Enterprise OpenStack: Part 1 – High Availability

In the long term debate of pets vs cattle OpenStack has always been on the side of cattles. Dmitriy Novakovskiy shared his thoughts on why pets are good and how far away OpenStack is from supporting the more ‘legacy’ applications (TL;DR: not too far away).

Third Party CI group formation and minutes

At Juno Summit in Atlanta, Kurt Taylor, Anita Kuno, and Jay Pipes agreed to form a group focused on the Third Party experience, including but not limited to continuous integration. Part of the mission of the group is to focus on the quality of Third Party testing for OpenStack through improving documentation, gathering requirements, and easing the deployment of third party testing systems. The group has been working to improve the consumability of the components and documentation. They’re inviting all people involved in CI testing to join and help make the Third Party experience easier for developers and administrators to understand and deploy. The group holds regular weekly meetings. This week they discussed timelines for Cinder and Neutron testing, requirements for documentation patches, a proposal for system terminology and helped openATTIC solve its issues starting up the CI system.

Kudos Corner

It’s a great pleasure to highlight good examples of first time contributors to OpenStack getting through their first changeset proposal. Jeegn Chen‘s first changeset is one of such cases. Kudos to him and the community helping him fixing bug #1327497.

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