Developer Mailing List Digest February 17-23rd

Helpful PTG links

PTG is around the corner. Here are some helpful links:

Success Bot Says

  • mhayden got centos OSA gate under 2h today
  • thingee: we have an on-boarding page and documentation for new contributors! [0]
  • Tell us yours in OpenStack IRC channels using the command “#success <comment>”
  • More:

Thanks Bot Says

  • Thanks pkovar for keep the Documentation team going!
  • Thanks pabelanger and infra for getting ubuntu mirrors repaired and backup quickly!
  • Thanks lbragstad for helping troubleshoot an intermittent fernet token validation failure in puppet gates
  • Thanks TheJulia for helping me with a problem last week, it was really a networking problem issue, like you said so 🙂
  • Thanks tosky for backporting devstack ansible changes to pike!
  • Thanks thingee for Thanks Bot
  • Thanks openstackstatus for logging our things
  • Thanks strigazi for the v1.9.3 image
  • Thanks smcginnis for not stopping this.
  • Tell us yours in OpenStack IRC channels using the command “#thanks <comment>”
  • More:

Community Summaries

  • TC report [0]
  • POST /api-sig/news [1]
  • Release countdown [2]

Vancouver Community Contributor Awards

The Community contributor awards gives recognition to those that are undervalued, don’t know they’re appreciated, bind the community together, keep things fun, or challenge some norm. There are a lot of people out there that could use a pat on the back and affirmation that they do good work in the community.
Nomination period is open now [0] until May 14th. Winners will be announced in feedback session at Vancouver.

Release Naming For S – time to suggest a name!

It’s time to pick a name for our “S” release! Since the associated Summit will be in Berlin, the Geographic location has been chosen as “Berlin” (state). Nominations are now open [0]. Rules and processes can be seen on the Governance site [1].

Final Queens RC Deadline

Thursday 22nd of April is the deadline for any final Queens release candidates. We’ll enter a quiet period for a week in preparation of tagging the final Queens release during the PTG week. Make sure if  you have patches merged to stable/queens that you propose a new RC before the deadline. PTLs should watch for a patch from the release management team tagging the final release. While not required, an acknowledgement on the patch would be appreciated.

Do Not Import oslo_db.tests.*

Deprecations were made on oslo_db.sqlalchemy.test_base package of DbFixture and DbTestCase. In a patch [0], and assumption was made to that these should be imported from oslo_db.tests.sqlalchemy. Cinder, Ironic and Glance have been found with this issue [1].
Unfortunately these were not prefixed with underscores to comply with naming conventions for people to recognize private code. The tests module was included for consumers to run those tests on their own packages easily.

Some New Zuul Features

Default timeout is 30 minutes for “post-run” phase of the job. A new attribute “timeout” [0] can set this to something else, which could be useful for a job that performs a long artifact upload.
Two new job attributes added “host-vars” and “group-vars” [1] which behave like “vars” but applies to a specific host or group.

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