10 Years of OpenStack – Hieu Le-Quang at Viettel Group/Vietnam OpenInfra User Group

Happy 10 years of OpenStack! Millions of cores, 100,000 community members, 10 years of you.

Storytelling is one of the most powerful means to influence, teach, and inspire the people around us. To celebrate OpenStack’s 10th anniversary, we are spotlighting stories from the individuals in various roles from the community who have helped to make OpenStack and the global Open Infrastructure community successful. 

Here, we’re talking to Hieu Le-Quang from Viettel Group/Vietnam OpenInfra User Group. He tells the community about how he got started with OpenStack and his favorite memory from the last 10 years of OpenStack

How did you get started working with OpenStack and what are you doing now?

I had started playing with OpenStack in 2010 while struggling with deploying OpenStack Austin for my graduation thesis.

Then in 2013, I found Vietnam OpenStack User Group, and now Vietnam OpenInfra User Group.

I am currently a Cloud Architect of Viettel Group, the biggest telco operator in Vietnam.

What is your favorite memory from the last 10 years of OpenStack?

The first OpenStack Day in Vietnam in August 2018.

No one believed that we can organize this kind of event in Vietnam, and we did it successfully with 500 attendees.

How did you contribute to the OpenStack community?

I am an Active User Contributor (AUC), and I used to be Active Technical Contributor (ATC) – mostly working with Nova, Magnum, and Oslo.

What advice do you have for the Stacker community and other growing open source communities based on your experience with OpenStack?

We started from a small technical working group, trying to deploy and share experiences with OpenStack in 2013. At that time, no one believed that we can deploy and use OpenStack in Vietnam.

But right now, we have at least 20 companies using OpenStack, sell OpenStack (as public cloud services), and around 10 companies contributing to OpenStack. Kudos to OpenStack Foundation for helping us.

So, my advice for the community is: “Just do it, with the Foundation”

If I were to ask you in 2030, what do you think the OpenStack update will be?

Maybe the update is something about OpenInfra – the unified platform for everything. 

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