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OpenStack Conference and Design Summit Spring 2011 Overview Video

May 23rd, 2011 — 10:47am

The final overview video from the recent OpenStack event is now available for your viewing pleasure. This is an excellent video with TONS of OpenStack community members from around the world talking about the project and community.

OS Event Recap Spring 2011 from OpenStack on Vimeo.

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OpenStack Conference and Design Summit – Day 4 Recap

April 29th, 2011 — 9:26pm

I am on my way home from San Jose writing this final event recap blog in the clouds…

Thanks again to approximately 480 enthusiastic OpenStack community members for an amazing 4 days of interactive and productive sessions, meetings, and demonstrations. The community continues to accelerate forward at a rapid pace in a highly collaborative environment with so many great ideas on such a variety of topics that it truly is becoming difficult to keep track of all the innovation. I look forward to once again working with the global community on our next event the first week of October 2011 and plan to announce its location in a few weeks. It is going to be tough to outdo this great event but I am confident that our community will rally together again to show the world how open source should be done.

If you took any pictures at the event please be sure to upload to the OpenStack Flickr account at http://www.flickr.com/groups/1574695@N22/. I am sending out a post-event survey to all attendees on Monday so please take a few moments to complete the survey. The questions will be easy to answer and your feedback is valuable as the event team and I are able to tweak future events to better serve the community.

Final highlights from today:

Open Source at the Pool

Even the hotel supports OpenStack

Finally, I am not posting a Community Weekly Blog or Developer Activity Blog post this week as the last 4 blog recaps have already hit the weeks highlights. I did update the weekly statistics available at http://wiki.openstack.org/WeeklyNewsletter?action=AttachFile&do=view&target=2011+Data+Tracking+%28Excel%29.

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OpenStack Conference and Design Summit – Day 3 Recap

April 29th, 2011 — 1:25am

The OpenStack community completed its third day with 15 sessions, 12 five-minute lighting talks, 6 unconference sessions, 1 demonstration session, and many hallway conversations; all in just 9 hours. To top off the evening, we headed over to Dave and Buster’s for fine food, beverages, and many, many video games. Here are your daily highlights:

Crowd at Dave and Busters

Github vs Launchpad Meeting

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OpenStack Community Supports Japan Tsunami Relief Efforts

April 21st, 2011 — 4:41pm

OpenStack is a global community, and contributors from Japan have been in our thoughts since the tragic earthquake and tsunami.  To show our support, at next week’s OpenStack Conference and Design Summit, we will be selling ‘OpenStack for Japan’ t-shirts benefiting the Red Cross.  The suggested minimum donation for a t-shirt is $25, and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the charity organization. The limited-edition shirts were designed by popular cartoonist Hugh MacLeod (@gapingvoid).  Based on demand, we may also print and sell more shirts online after the event.

We look forward to the OpenStack community’s support in this effort next week in Santa Clara!

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Dedicated Doc Day

April 4th, 2011 — 11:13am

Rather than having a doc sprint session at the upcoming Summit, I’ve decided to do a push for docs for Cactus with a single two dedicated doc days this Wednesday, April 6th, and Wednesday, April 13th. I’d like to get us all on the same page with this post. (Ha, page.)

I track my doc tasks with a bunch of Post-it notes on my white board, and I’ve moved a lot from In Progress to Done this release. But I want to have a day dedicated to OpenStack docs to keep adding supporting documentation to the project.

OpenStack doc task board


The priorities for Cactus were clearly on reference documentation for flags and the API for Compute, and for Object Storage, logging information. We’ve had great efforts here which are rolled into the openstack-manuals Launchpad project and automation surrounding flags is available in Nova.

I’ve published a draft for the Compute Admin Guide for Cactus and plan to place a new home page so that readers can peruse either Bexar or Cactus (trunk) documentation. For the dedicated doc day, the scope is narrowed to these topics:

Target Audience

As you well know, OpenStack provides documentation for developers and system administrators both. The RST-sourced documentation is for developers and the DocBook-sourced docs are for system and cloud administrators. This dedicated doc day invites writers for both audiences, with a focus on the topics above.


I’ll be in San Francisco at the headquarters-formerly-known-as-Anso HQ on Wednesday (update: 4/13). We don’t have room for additional writers right now, though, but contact me if you’re up for a group dinner that evening.

After a long day of writing and diagramming, we’ll need libations. I’ll post a place for a meetup in the Mission area of San Francisco once we determine a location.

Closing Haiku

And lastly, a haiku from Daniel Green, who wrote a Doc Sprint haiku for Atlassian and won their doc sprint haiku contest:

No time to eat now.
Should be writing more content.
Too late, never mind.

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OpenStack Lightning Talks – Sebastian Stadil, Scalr

March 4th, 2011 — 2:08pm

More videos from OpenStack Santa Clara Meetup:

OpenStack Lightning Talks: Sebastian Stadil, Scalr from OpenStack on Vimeo.

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OpenStack Conference / Design Summit Update

February 28th, 2011 — 1:28pm

Here is the latest information on the upcoming OpenStack Conference / Design Summit:

Dates: April 26-29, 2011
Location: Hyatt Regency in Santa Clara, CA (http://santaclara.hyatt.com/hyatt/hotels/index.jsp?null)
Cost: $100 for all attendees; late registrations will pay $150
Event Size: 350 attendees is the maximum

The OpenStack Conference will be April 26-27, 2011 for business development, technologists and others interested in the OpenStack open source project. The OpenStack Design Summit for community developers will be April 27-29, 2011 and will consist of three days of blueprint reviews and discussions for future OpenStack releases. The agenda for both events is still in process with a list of currently submitted topics at http://etherpad.openstack.org/SubmittedTopics and working agenda at http://etherpad.openstack.org/DesignSummitApril2011. The Program Committee is currently looking at the submitted topics and fitting them into the agenda as well as recruiting more speakers/topics.

The event registration website is currently being completed and is expected to be published by the middle of the week. The registration site will also contain a link to the Hyatt Regency so attendees can take advantage of the discounted room block. If you are staying at the Hyatt, please leverage the room block as the community is required to cover the costs of all rooms not booked which could be a significant budget item.

Finally, several community participating companies have stepped up to sponsor the event and that list will be released soon. If you are interested in sponsoring, please review the current prospectus at http://www.box.net/shared/ng0r7u6n44.

If you have additional questions, want to speak at the event, or are interested in being a sponsor please contact me at [email protected].

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OpenStack in Korea

February 24th, 2011 — 1:02am

It’s been a very busy week for OpenStack in Koera and I wanted to highlight the events with some more details and pictures.

Monday Feb 21 – OpenStack at KT

Stephen Spector (OpenStack Community Manager) and John Willis from OpsCode presented to the Cloud Service Business Unit at KT on OpenStack, DevOps, and Chef. Unfortunately, the flag was cut off in the picture but OpenStack has made its mark on KT with a sizable banner hanging in their cloud computing offices.

Tuesday Feb 22 – OpenStack at Korea University

Professor Chuck Yoo invited KT and OpenStack for a special cloud computing presentation to the Graduate School Computer Science department. KT supported the OpenStack introduction presentation from Stephen Spector with detailed technical overviews of both OpenStack Compute and Object Storage. The students at Korea University asked excellent questions about the existing architecture and design; I anticipate seeing future research for OpenStack coming from Korea University in the near term.

Wednesday Feb 23 – OpenStack User Group Launch Seminar

The official OpenStack Korea User Group launch was attended by 120+ at the Coex Conference Center in Seoul. Speakers included Stephen Spector, John Willis (OpsCode), Paul Guth (Cloudscaling.com), Jaesuk Ahn (KT), Jinkyung Hwang (KT), Kyungyoon Kim (Clunet), Donghoon Kim (KT), Jaeuk Kang (FeelingK), Bundo Kang (Ubuntu Korean Community), and Byung-gon Kim (Java Community). The event detailed OpenStack, its role in the open source community, and ways for the Korean technical community to become active members with OpenStack. The event also coincided with the launch of the new Korean OpenStack User Group website at http://www.openstack.or.kr/.

KT has done an excellent job of evangelizing OpenStack within Korea and the sizable audience will lead to increased OpenStack efforts in Korea. Korea is on its way to being a leader in the development and promotion of OpenStack within our global community.

Tweet of the event from Jaesuk Ahn:

@songerie: I mean it. It’s packed. :) http://yfrog.com/gy6y6nj #openstack korea community opening seminar.

Thursday Feb 24 – OpenStack at National IT Industry Promotion Agency

KT once again took the lead in promoting OpenStack at a government open source conference http://www.oss.kr/oss_etc1/2501 by presenting an overview of the project and how the government can engage with our open source community. As this talk was done in Korean (and I am more than a little rusty), I passed the baton to Jaesuk Ahn from KT who is an outstanding community leader in OpenStack and is driving our project to both business and government agencies throughout South Korea.

Final thoughts on my week in Korea:

  • OpenStack is a serious competitor for cloud computing in Korea and there is a high degree of interest to learn more about our project across both business and government agencies
  • KT, Jaesuk Ahn and his team are fantastic ambassadors for our open source community in Korea and their dedication to the success of OpenStack is evident in both their actions and passion for OpenStack. I leave Korea confident that our community has a great team in place to spread the OpenStack message in Korea
  • I anticipate one or two more events for OpenStack in Korea this year and hope to see more OpenStack community members add Korea to their 2011 travel plans as OpenStack is happening here
  • I encourage anyone wanting to learn how to promote OpenStack in their country to contact Jaesuk and his KT team; they have much to teach the rest of us in their ability to drive the open source message

Finally, thank you to both Jaesuk Ahn from KT, his team (cloud team at project expert group, KT) – especially Yunbum Huh who did all the “behind the scenes work”, as well as Professor Chuck Yoo for being outstanding hosts this week. With their support, we were able to promote OpenStack to the business, academic, and government communities in four days. Not bad for a weeks work.

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Latest Tips for Using OpenStack

December 20th, 2010 — 4:16pm

We’ve seen a lot of development activity in the last couple of weeks for the OpenStack Compute project. It’s a flurry of activity, though no snow flurries appear on the horizon here in Texas. It’s tough to keep up with such an active development community, so I thought I’d write up a blog post with some highlights. Hopefully you won’t think these are early release notes, but there are enough changes afoot that I wanted to get a head start.

Shiny New Bytes for OpenStack Compute

Ah, OpenStack Compute, the land of the free software cloud and the home of the brave cloud pioneers. We’ve seen many improvements lately. The previous preview release of Compute (also known as Nova) had a config file for each service. The latest and greatest code base has consolidated all configuration information into a single nova.conf file. This consolidation makes configuration much simpler, and you don’t have to wonder which config file “won” in a head-to-head matchup.

The install script for developers that Vish Ishaya composed has been folded into the source code base itself in the contrib directory. I was able to walk through it myself, as narrated in this screencast.

We’ve also had a Racker, Wayne Walls, test and contribute an installation script for OpenStack that is available in the contrib directory as well. With it, you can install a cloud controller on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS with prompts for creating the configuration needed for the database, network, and so on, ready for production environments. I’ve walked through it and it is handy.

New Tricks for OpenStack Object Storage

For OpenStack Object Storage, a freshly-landed new feature removes limits on object size – you can retrieve objects larger than 5 GB now. On upload, you still upload in smaller-than-5 GB chunks, but the system “glues” them together to make larger objects for download. You can still use chunks if it makes more sense for your system, and download them in parallel if you don’t want to stream a ton of data in one chunk. This large object support is available in the trunk only, not as a package yet, so we’ll keep testing and cooking it in order to prepare it for the Bexar release in February. There’s a great story of how this feature came into being at The Story of an OpenStack Feature at Programmer Thoughts, John Dickinson’s blog.

Exciting times for OpenStack!

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OpenStack Weekly Newsletter (November 6 – 12)

November 12th, 2010 — 10:12am

OpenStack Community Newsletter – November 12, 2010

This weekly newsletter is a way for the community to learn about all the various activities occurring on a weekly basis. If you would like to add content to a weekly update or have an idea about this newsletter, please email [email protected].

2010 OpenStack Bexar Summt
Design Summit






  • Twitter Stats for Week:  #openstack 570 tweets; 380 re-tweets; all OpenStack total tweets 1247
  • Bugs Stats for Week:  77 Tracked Bugs; 36 New Bugs; 3 In-process Bugs; 2 Critical Bugs; 10 High Importance Bugs; 15 Bugs (Fix Completed)
  • Blueprints Stats for Week:  133 Blueprints; 1 Essential, 2 High, 15 Medium, 4 Low, 112 Undefined
  • OpenStack Website Stats for Week: 2,436 Visits, 9,662 Pageviews, 46.92% New Visits
    • Top 5 Pages: Home 25.92%; /projects 4.32%; /projects/compute 6.44%; /projects/storage 4.32%; /NovaInstall 3.87%


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