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OpenStack China Tour #2 Shenzhen

September 29th, 2012 — 1:51pm

The second stop of OpenStack China Tour, Shenzhen, has been successfully hosted by the COSUG and CSDN on Septempber 22, 2012, which is impressive til now, it was held in 3Wcoffee, a famous Internet theme coffee shop in Shenzen. It is the first time that OpenStack comes to Southern China, attracted about 80 attendees came in the scene, most of them are Cloud specialists, IT engineers, as well as OpenStack users from Canton, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Hangzhou etc.

Speakers are coming from Sina Corporation, HK Cyberport, Canonical, CIeNET Technologies, they shared the vision about OpenStack in the Cloud market in the Greater China, and the newly launched OpenStack Foundation, and the technical view of OpenStack core projects. The interaction and communication between speakers and audience is also relatively sufficient, these speakers have done impressive presentations, so that you could hear constant applause in the scene.

Like usual, the first lecture come to Hui Cheng, the lead manager of COSUG and the technical manager of Sina, who initiated the first OpenStack based public cloud in China, Hui also leads his team to become the active corporate contributor which make Sina rank in the top 10 companies by changeset in Folsom release. He was elected by individual members to be an board member of OpenStack Foundation, which makes him to take more responsibility to promote and empower OpenStack in China. This time Hui Cheng introduced the latest progress of OpenStack Foundation and COSUG, as well as delving a little deeper in the deployment of Sina OpenStack production environment and experiences gained from the whole process of building a public cloud based on OpenStack, also explained why Sina choose OpenStack and its underneath of KVM and Ubuntu.

Bruce Lok is responsible for OpenStack IaaS public cloud platform`s development and operations in the Technology Centre of Hong Kong Cyberport, which has been put into the production environment to use. Bruce is also the manager of the newly created HKOSUG, he is excited to promote of open source cloud software OpenStack to the Hong Kong IDC industry and the community.

Rongze Zhu, the storage engineer of Sina, is one of the top 20 contributors to OpenStack projects, he introduced the status and objectives of Cinder. The Cinder support a lot of back-end storage, including open-source sheepdog, and ceph etc. also including the major storage vendors like IBM, Dell, HP, NetApp storage`s products. Rongze said Cinder’s emergence also gave domestic storage vendors an opportunity to participate in Cloud computing, he introduced how to write a driver, to let Cinder support their own storage products.

Zhengpeng Hou, the cloud specialist from Canonical, introduced the latest deployment tool (juju) of OpenStack in Ubuntu, and a live demonstration showed, Zhengpeng emphasized that juju is open source, anyone can use free.

George Wang, the director of CIeNET Technologies, said that because OpenStack is more open than the other Cloud platforms, so he chose to build internal IaaS platform through OpenStack. Cloud platform, engineers of CIeNET around the world can reuse resources, they can also have the right to call and release resources, which greatly accelerates the speed of application deployment which meets user’s requirement, also to enhance the utilization of internal resources.

In the end of this event, audience were giving rounds of warm applause while Hui Cheng was having a closing address, “We are not afraid of disclosing and sharing our detail network topology and design spec of production deployment, as well as our secret to success, because it’s the spirit of Internet and Open-Source, which make us grown up and will lead us stronger and stronger.”

The China OpenStack Tour @ Shenzhen event has proved to be successful, we received many praise and positive feedback in Weibo and email, one attendee send us an email saying “You guys have done a good job in arranging this event, thanks for your selfless sharing and wonderful speech, it’s really helpful for our start-up company”.


Slides are uploaded to Slideshare: http://www.slideshare.net/HuiCheng2/tag/openstackshenzhen

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OpenStack China Tour Launches from Beijing

September 19th, 2012 — 1:51pm

On September 16, OpenStack China Tour began its trip from Beijing, it is a series of OpenStack meetups organized by COSUG and CSDN in some Chinese major cities(Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Wuhan and Xi’an) in turn,  Beijing stop attracted more than 150 engineers to come to the scene , was held in workplace of Shanda Innovations. Core contribution engineers from Intel, Sina, IBM, Gamewave etc. made a presentation. It is worth mentioning that more than half hundred of engineers watched the whole meeting live through WebEx, and this is also thanks to the support provided by  Cisco.

 As the most influential OpenStack senior engineer and early evangelist in China, Hui Cheng gave a deep insight about the open ecosystem of OpenStack, and why does OpenStack become so successful. Hui shared the latest OpenStack events happened both at home and abroad.

“Sina, Intel, IBM, Baidu, Netease, HiSoft, China Standard Software, Gamewave Ltd., Shanghai Jiaotong University have become the first wave of OpenStack players in China” said Hui Cheng, lead manager of COSUG and technical leader of Sina OpenStack team,  “They have already deployed OpenStack to their production or testing environment, and some of them is also the active corporate contributor in OpenStack  projects. For example, Sina has already contributed more than 100 patches in the OpenStack Folsom release, and definitely will have more in Grizzly.”

In addition, Hui Cheng said, “Sina will join hands with some companies, such as Intel, IBM, and other major Chinese corporate contributors, to unite the R & D resources, and jointly develop for some project blueprint, thereby to enlarge the contribution from China.

Dr. Jinsong Liu, senior engineer from Intel, reviewed the history of virtualization, and Intel’s contribution to the OpenStack community. Jinsong Liu showed the Intel TXT security technologies at the chip level.

At present, Yongsheng Gong is full-timely working at IBM and focuses on the OpenStack research and development. He shared the Quantum project’s architecture as well as his own understanding. CSDN noticed that audience raised many questions about Quantum, and they worried whether Quantum can be applied to the production environment. In regards to this concern, Hui Cheng added, “Quantum version needs to be G version (ie the second quarter of 2013) in order to meet the requirements of real production environment.”

Rongze Zhu, an active contributor in Cinder/Nova project from Sina, introduced the status and objectives of Cinder. Cinder supports a lot of back-end storage, including open-source sheepdog, ceph, etc., and also including the storage products of major storage vendors, such as IBM, Dell, HP and NetApp. Rongze Zhu said, “Cinder’s emergence also gave domestic storage vendors an opportunity to participate in Cloud computing.” Zhu Rongze introduced how to write a driver to enable Cinder support their own storage products. “Domestic storage vendors can also be added to the OpenStack ecological chain, Sina is willing to provide support,” said Rongze Zhu.

Junqiang Chen, the SA engineer from Gamewave Group Limited,  illustrated how to use the chef management OpenStack efficiently. Besides, Junjiang Chen recommended to developers two good books: “Getting Real” and “ReWork“, both of which are from 37signals.

As a member of the SWS team, Yejia Xu is mainly responsible for the OpenStack Keystone project and the development of SWS auth and identify system. Meanwhile, he is also the core developer of SWS Dashboard. Yejia Xu shared the architecture, expansion, installation and configuration of Keystone.

Shake Chen is the most active volunteer and mentor in COSUG, who has much experiences in OpenStack deployment,  he  contrast Xen and KVM, and evaluated some major opponents of OpenStack. Additionally, Shake Chen commented on several major IaaS platforms in China. According to him, AWS is still the giant of the entire cloud computing market, the domestic IaaS market is still in the incubation stage.

In the end, Hui Cheng, the lead manager of COSUG and co-organizer of OpenStack China Tour, expressed his sincere thanks to CSDN, the awesome partner of COSUG, and Shanda Innovations, who provides the venue and free drinks, as well as Cisco, who sponsored the WebEx online live video broadcast.

The next stop of this tour will be Shenzhen(event link), and welcome stackers from southern China and Hong Kong to participate.

Yan Bao from CSDN has much contribution to this news report.

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OpenStack Won Unprecedented Popularity in Asia/Pacific

August 21st, 2012 — 11:02am

On August 10 -11, the first two-day OpenStack Asia-Pacific Conference (OSAC) was held in Beijing and Shanghai concurrently. This conference is  jointly organized by CSDN (Chinese Software Develop the Net), the world’s largest Chinese IT technology community and the OpenStack user group (COSUG).

This conference is the highest-level OpenStack meeting held in the Asia-Pacific region so far, attracting more than 1000 people in Beijing venue and nearly 700 people in Shanghai venue, which come from more than 180 companies. OpenStack enthusiasts and community representatives from Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Australia and U.S. have also witnessed the grand conference.

Representatives of some OpenStack big players, such as Billy Cox from Intel, Kyle MacDonald from Canonical, Steven Hallett from eBay X.commerce, Boris Renski from Mirantis, Hui Cheng from Sina etc., delivered a very compelling and attracting speech, making all audience listen carefully. 

Many audience asked lots of good questions at the conference. Speakers were never reluctant to give them thorough answers.

Among the speakers, Hui Cheng, manager of COSUG and technical leader gave an opening address talking about the status of COSUG(link), as well as a keynote speech OpenStack Opportunities and Challenges(link).In the opening address, he mentioned that after deduction of overlap user registration, it’s a conservative estimation that COSUG has 2,500 user members in China, which maybe the biggest user group out of U.S., he also believed that China would be the second largest Openstack market in the world.

The first day was ended by by a panel on The Current Status and Trends of OpenStack. The panelists are the OpenStack community representatives from different countries and regions of APAC, they are, from the second to right, the panel host from CSDN and representatives from Taiwan, mainland China, Japan, South Korea, two guys from Australia, and Boris on behalf of OpenStack Foundation.

Outside of the meeting, OSAC sponsors’ boothes  had attracted lots of attention, companies and potential customers were communicating and connected through specific OpenStack related products.

Sessions on the second day were attracting and appealing as well. When the sessions finished, some administrators from COSUG, industrial leaders and OpenStack specialists got together to share experience and ideas on OpenStack community, network virtualization and business opportunities around OpenStack.

In the evening, Rackspace sponsored a free beer party. COSUG managers and some OpenStack related companies joined this party. Mike Metral, the solution architect from Rackspace, gave a introduction about the newly launched Rackpsace next generation cloud, and we also discussed some technical detail under OpenStack projects.

The event sponsor list is Rackspace, Intel, Canonical, Dell, HiSoft, NEC, VMware, 99Cloud, Cloudena, Midokura and Sina, thanks to them,  who made the event available  to us. I also want to thank CSDN and COSUG volunteers, they have devoted much energy and time during the whole preparation and organization process of such a big event.

All slides has uploaded to Slideshare tagged with 2012osac: http://www.slideshare.net/HuiCheng2/tag/2012osac

More photos can be seen at Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/85376316@N02/sets/72157631160199442/

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First OpenStack User Group Meetup in Delhi NCR, India!

August 16th, 2012 — 5:44am

OpenStack Delhi NCR User Group chapter started this past weekend and Syed Armani has blogged about it at http://syedarmani.blogspot.in/

Thank to Syed for initiating the group and providing the venue and local organisation, and thanks to Kavit, Aptira‘s Head of Indian Operations for co-organising and sponsoring food and beverages.


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Australian OpenStack User Group events this month

August 3rd, 2012 — 3:23am

A couple of upcoming Australian OpenStack User Group (AOSUG) events I want to tell everyone about…

Hobart August 17 – OpenStack Chef and Puppet Code Dojo, the day before PyConAU!

PyCon Australia is the national conference for users of the Python Programming Language and is being held this year on August 18 and 19. This third PyConAU conference is being held in the beautiful city of Hobart in Tasmania. There’s a fantastic weekend lined up, including two days of fun and informative sessions on every aspect of the Python ecosystem. There’s also exciting social events planned, including the CodeWars programming tournament, the Women in Python breakfast and a conference dinner cruise and reception at Peppermint Bay.
PyConAU Registration is here.

On the preceding Friday the 17th we’re holding an OpenStack Code Dojo featuring Chef and Puppet. Special Guests for morning talks (live via satellite, well sorta, I’ve just always wanted to say that), will be Matt Ray from Opscode and Dan Bode from Puppetlabs. This will be followed by an afternoon code dojo specifically geared around creating, managing and versioning virtual machines. Food and drinks will be provided, my thanks to David Flanders, the PyConAU team and NeCTAR for their help organising this. Aptira will be throwing on the beverages for an after party of sorts! To participate in the day please go to the aosug.openstack.org.au site and RSVP.

Adelaide August 28 – Meetup

In conjunction with SAGE-AU and many thanks to Robert Mibus for the invitation, we’re inviting South Australian OzStackers to join the regular Adelaide chapter of SAGE-AU’s monthly meeting in Adelaide on August 28. Numbers for this event are limited so if you’re an SA OzStacker please jump onto http://aosug.openstack.org.au and RSVP to reserve your spot.

September events are planned for Melbourne and Sydney, and Brisbane in October.

Anyway that’s all from me for now, hope you all have a great Friday.

Australian OpenStack User Group

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OpenStack Essex Deploy Day Summary

June 5th, 2012 — 3:54pm

On May 31st, more than 200 people from around the world  gathered to learn about how to automate OpenStack deployments with Dell Crowbar and Opscode Chef. This day-long, world-wide event brought  together developers, operators, users, ecosystem vendors and the open source cloud curious.  The event was coordinated as meet-ups by the Dell OpenStack/Crowbar team (my team) in four physical locations, where more than 70 enthusiasts gathered for the event:

In addition, nearly 125 participants joined online on the live webcast and various online channels.

We have validated our deployment against the Essex release and our objective with this Essex Deploy Day event was to test deployments of Open Stack in a variety of environments.  Accordingly, we reached out to the OpenStack and Crowbar communities for training, testing, deployment, and collaborative development of the OpenStack Essex release.  The response was amazing!

The Deploy day offered two parallel tracks for OpenStack newcomers and experts.

The Introductory Track: In this  track, we focused on basics of OpenStack, Crowbar, and DevOps and discussed their value and benefits. In five three-hour sessions that spanned  three time zones covering the East/West coast and the Asia pacific regions, we demonstrated  LIVE (the recorded sessions are available here: http://bit.ly/crowbarOSED) ) how to automatically deploy OpenStack .

Here are the slides used for this track:


Additionally, this track featured presentations and demos from ecosystem partners including enStratus, InkTank, Suse, MorphLabs, and OpsCode who discussed how they are leveraging Essex and bringing unique value-add to the OpenStack community and customers.

The Experts Track: The expert track was intended for people that already had some familiarity with Crowbar, Chef, and DevOps, and wanted to take a deep dive into new features of OpenStack Essex and Crowbar and how Crowbar works under the hood. The expert track had a separate screencast, and featured live and online collaboration with Crowbar developers and engineers.

The expert track explored  several advanced topics such as upgrading OpenStack  and developing barclamps etc.

Success By the Numbers

The overwhelming response and the large number of attendees makes this the most successful deploy day by far.  The breadth of companies and individuals that participated makes this a truly collaborative and international event  and is an  impressive indication of the excitement that is building around OpenStack. Here is look at broad participation metrics:

  • 200 people participated from 9 different countries
  • 70 people attended in-person in the four locations: NY, Boston, Austin, Sunnyvale
  • 250 downloads of the software from zehicle.crowbar.com and the build server
  • 20+ companies represented world-wide
  • Great participation from ecosystem vendors including enStratus, MorphLabs, Suse, InkTank, OpsCode

Here is a just a small sample of some of the companies that participated

Dell (sponsor), Opscode, Mirantis, Morphlabs, Enstratus, Yahoo, AT&T, HPOpenTV, cloudTP, Fidelity, Lucent-Alcatel, IBM Labs, Critical Media,  AppFirst

We wish to thank everyone who participated in making this event a huge success!


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Upcoming OpenStack Events in Australia

May 31st, 2012 — 3:54pm

We have some Australian OpenStack User Group (AOSUG) events organised around the country in the coming months.

Brisbane June 26 – Meetup

We’re holding a meetup on June 26th, at a venue yet to be determined. I’m looking for assistance in picking a venue in Brisbane, a pub will be fine but preferably one where we can meet and chat without getting blasted by music etc, and where they have food, and most importantly, where we can throw on a bar tab! Please get in contact with us at AOSUG if you want to help select a location, help organize the event or sponsor in any way. Details and RSVP

Sydney June 28 – AOSUG Meetup and Aptira EOFY bash

On June 28, we’re going back to the Harbour View Hotel in the Rocks in Sydney for a combined User Group meet and Aptira End Of Financial Year bash. Those that came to our first AOSUG Sydney meet back in December last year will remember the Harbour View fondly I’m sure. It had great drinks, great food and it kicked off our Aussie meets in spectacular fashion! The meet will be a social gathering, just an informal get together for us to meet and chat and drink and eat. Details and RSVP

Perth July 16 – Meetup

We’re planning to hold a meetup in Perth July 16, at a venue yet to be determined. Once again I’m looking for assistance in picking a venue, like Brisbane, a pub will be fine but preferably one where we can meet and chat without getting drowned out by music/noise. Once again, please get in contact with us at AOSUG if you want to help organize the event or sponsor in any way. Details and RSVP

Melbourne July 17 – Meetup

At the Melbourne meetup earlier this month, consensus was to set a regular date for  meetup ongoing. The third Tuesday of every second month is proposed and after the last event at the awesome Gryphon Gallery at the University of Melbourne (again many thanks to NeCTAR for arranging such a beautiful venue!), we’re hoping to continue to hold events there. If it works out, the next event will be a social beer and pizza night. The proposal is to  alternate the meet agendas between doing a tech/presentation event one month, then a social event at the next meet, and so on, and interleave these with a similar pattern in the alternating months in Sydney.

Adelaide August 28 – Meetup (note date change was 22 now 28!)

This just in today – In conjunction with SAGE-AU and many thanks to Robert Mibus for the invitation, we’re inviting South Australian OzStackers to join the regular Adelaide chapter of SAGE-AU’s monthly meeting in Adelaide on August 28. I’m planning to ask one of the OpenStack project tech leads or the like to participate by way of beaming them in via WebEx or other (as we’ve done in Sydney and Melbourne recently) to present a talk on their involvement with OpenStack. Numbers for this event are limited so if you’re an SA OzStacker please jump onto http://aosug.openstack.org.au and RSVP to reserve your spot.

OpenStack APEC Conference (OSAC) – August 10-11, Beijing and Shanghai

Hosted by the China OpenStack User Group (COUG) and the Chinese Software Developer Network (CSDN), a massive event is being organised to be held simultaneously in Beijing and Shanghai. This event is shaping up to be the biggest OpenStack event ever, with 1000+ guests expected for Beijing, and 600+ guests expected for Shanghai, with live streaming to link the 2 conference sites. I am very excited about this event, I’ll be attending and if anyone else from Australia is thinking of going please get in touch with me! Links to the event web site will be posted once it goes up in the coming days.

Canberra OpenStack User Group

For those who might be in Canberra or know of OpenStack aware people in the ACT, Kristoffer Sheather has started a Canberra user group. You can join up at http://www.meetup.com/Canberra-OpenStack-Users-Group/. With Linux.conf.au being held in Canberra in January and the call for presentations opening June 1, this will be a great opportunity for the Canberra group to represent OpenStack.

Anyway that’s all from me for now, hope you all have a great Friday. At Aptira we have a “no-changes” policy on all infrastructure on Fridays so we can be sure to make Friday arvo drinks and have an easy weekend.

Australian OpenStack User Group

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The First OpenStack Bug Squashing Day Is Coming On Feb 2nd

January 16th, 2012 — 4:37pm

Shine your keyboards, hackers of OpenStack: on February 2nd 2012 you will be called to fight the ever growing number of bugs that keep creeping in our beloved code.  On Bug Squashing Day all the OpenStack developer community will focus mainly on Nova to:

  • Close old fixed bugs. Old bugs are nasty. Even when they are long dead, they clog bug views and render the lists unusable. Just look at old bugs and check if they still apply ! If they don’t, close them as FixReleased (if you can pinpoint when they were fixed) or Invalid (if you can’t).
  • Fix bugs. The best thing you can do on a bug squashing day is to kill a live one. Just look at the list of Confirmed or Triaged and pick your target. Submit a change that fixes it. Ask for review help on the channel.
  • Triage incoming bugs. It’s sometimes hard to distinguish fresh bugs from false alarms. You can help by using your expertise or reproduction skills on New bugs. If you can confirm the issue, set the bug to Confirmed. If you can fix it, read the previous chapter. If you need more info from the reporter, set it to Incomplete. And if it happens to not really be valid, set it to Invalid.

You don’t have to be an experienced Nova developer to participate, and we believe that February 2nd will be a great way to get started with the OpenStack community. You can get started by looking at Devstack to build your complete OpenStack development environment. The other projects are welcome to focus on quality that day but Nova is the one that will get more attention.

The event will happen mostly online, in a dedicated #openstack-bugsquash IRC channel on Freenode (that all participants are encouraged to join for the duration of the event). There will also be live meetings in Austin and San Francisco, hosted by Rackspace with food, drinks and games.

Do you want to host a Bug Squash Day on Feb 2nd? Let us know and we’ll add it to the list.


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Great Turnout at the first Austin OpenStack Meetup

October 30th, 2011 — 11:01pm


Last Thursday, a number of us Austin OpenStack fans decided to get together and talk OpenStack, Diablo, Crowbar, and more.

We had a fantastic turnout of almost SEVENTY people who came out that night – almost at near capacity for our venue, Tech Ranch Austin.  A number of startups where represented, as well as a number of notable OpenStack partners like Rackspace, Canonical, and Dell (the company I work for), who sponsored this first OpenStack meet up in Austin.

This meetup coincided with the Rackspace Cloud Builders OpenStack training, being held at the Dell campus that entire week, so a number of OpenStack students from that class, many who had flown in for class from out of town / state, were able to make it as well.

It was a great pleasure for us here at Dell to sponsor the first Austin meetup for OpenStack, and I look forward to our community growing as other partners help us sponsor future meet ups.

You can get more details on what was discussed at the meetup at Rob’s blog – www.RobHirschfeld.com.

If you’re in the Austin area, and are interested in joining the OpenStack Austin meetup group, join us at www.meetup.com/OpenStack-Austin.

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OpenStack Lightning Talks: Andrew Shafer, Cloudscaling

March 4th, 2011 — 2:15pm

Another video from Santa Clara Meetup:

OpenStack Lightning Talks: Andrew Shafer, Cloudscaling from OpenStack on Vimeo.

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