Folsom Design Summit Day 3

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The Folsom Design Summit has ended. Tonight’s party marks the beginning of the OpenStack Spring 2012 Conference Highlights of the day @tcarrez: @OpenStack community maturing: last year at design summit we had “bzr vs. Git”, today we have “making configuration of OpenStack easier” Reminder- joint hackathon with core devs from @cloudfoundry and @OpenStack – 6pm… Read more »

Folsom Design Summit Day 2

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Highlights of the day: Slides PDF for @swifterdarrell Monitoring #OpenStack Swift With #StatsD talk: (pdf) slideshare version of today’s CS+SWIFT integration Openstack Quantum Security Groups Session For anyone looking for the slides the Melange Overview at the #openstack summit, you can find them on and an announcement: tomorrow’s Cloud Foundry BOSH… Read more »

Folsom Design Summit Day 1

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Over 400 participant, more than 50 sessions today (over 150 in total). Not just developers in the rooms I’ve seen lots of users¬† involved in the sessions, asking questions and giving suggestions. Many discussisions revolve around real life problems and provide extremely¬† concrete solutions. There is the feeling that the OpenStack community is maturing.