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Trystack.cn meetup with IBM in Beijing

June 14th, 2013 — 3:44pm

On the 7th June we organized a Trystack.cn meetup in IBM CDL, Beijing, China.There were about 50 people attended this event. We shared the stories of OpenStack community, and also got a brief understanding of what IBM teams are doing of OpenStack, including production ready cloud platform and related offerings (private and public cloud). This is not the end, but makes more opportunities to push the OpenStack community (specially trystack.cn) cooperate with companies in the future.



At the first we talked about the growth of OpenStack community in China with some interesting concepts and stories, Lazy consensus model for example. Then we introduced the OpenStack roadmaps, highlight features from version A to version G, as well as how community running. There were a lot questions and discussions with contributing code to community, how to get better to involving, contributing and forwarding ideas to community, how to become a good core developer or contributor to lead community and so on. But still, there have many challenges waiting for us, so we started a non-profit project named trystack.cn, it was built by stackers and for stackers. The trystack.cn uses almost latest code from launchpad to provide the newest experiences of OpenStack which also introduced on OpenStack Folsom Design Summit. Well, it runs Grizzly now, you could follow this link www.slideshare.net/openstack/trystack-introfinalpdf and http://www.slideshare.net/ben_duyujie/learn-openstack-from-trystackcn-folsom-in-practice to know more about trystack.cn.

Followed by the IBM CDL team had briefed basically 3 areas: SCO (private), SCE/SCE+ (public) and IT Open Stack adoption. IBM view OpenStack as enhancing the SmartCloud Foundation offerings by expanding support for different hypervisors at the IaaS Cloud layer. IBM envision adding value higher in the cloud management stack with workload optimization and deployment simplification integrated with OpenStack through cloud standards.IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator, which is based on OpenStack, is an integrated cloud automation platform that is designed to help orchestrate the development, deployment, and management of robust enterprise cloud services for increased business agility as well as to accelerate overall time-to-market. The IT team of IBM China Development Lab is adopting OpenStack and SCO in their IT infrastructure.

IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator provides comprehensive automation of cloud services, supporting infrastructure as well as application and platform services. They are delivered through a self-service portal and completely automated by an easy-to-use workload editor tightly integrated with an orchestration engine. Application topologies are graphically composed in the workload editor and then linked to a wide set of automation workflows built with a sophisticated yet very intuitive orchestrator. This combination is intended to maximize speed and flexibility to build and deliver cloud services.

IBM SmartCloud Enterprise is an enterprise-class self-service public cloud IaaS with low costs and no licensing fees. It is particularly suited to economically scale enterprise IT infrastructure and to accelerate the development of new born-on-the-cloud applications. SmartCloud Enterprise scales economically and meets the demands for agile. Suited for professional developers and enterprise IT, this public IaaS enables you to take advantage of IBM’s large ecosystem of cloud partners for the latest cloud innovations. Now it is going through transformation to leverage open technologies such as Openstack to extend its capabilities.

We are glad to know that IBM keeps involve in the OpenStack community, and make more contribution together. You can find more from cloud.trystack.cn, any feedback is welcome. Have fun with OpenStack now.

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OpenStack in action 3! The Open Revolution / Paris, November 29th, 2012

December 11th, 2012 — 7:47am

On Thursday November 29th, eNovance has organized the 3rd edition of the « OpenStack in action ! » event in Paris. The day was intense and we had great speakers coming from all around the world to talk about OpenStack.

The majority of the 200 attendees was of course french but people came from 15 different countries to see speakers such as Mark Collier and Thierry Carrez, from the OpenStack foundation who explained the foundation priorities for 2013 and told us more about the technical committee; Rick Clark, from Cisco who underlined the importance of open source and its strengths, Adolfo Brandes, flying from Brazil to encourage companies to work efficiently on open source softwares thanks to Upstream University

This edition showed how OpenStack is gaining interest and is growing in Europe at a fast pace.

European companies and entities were widely represented, among them: Stackops (Spain), Hastexo (Austria), the CERN (Switzerland), eNovance and Cloudwatt (France)…

Arturo Suarez from Stackops showed us interesting metrics on Cloud adoption in Europe and why OpenStack is a land of opportunities for doing business in the region.

Florian Haas (Hastexo) and James Duncan (Inktank) told us more about Ceph, the new yet very promising technology for storage and its integration on OpenStack.

Jan van Eldik, came to present the “already famous” CERN’s case study and explained why they chose an OpenStack Private Cloud (and a big one!) for their infrastructure…and, they have the ambition to ramp this infrastructure to 1500 hypervisors and between 100 000 and 300 000 VMs by 2015!

Cloudwatt, the new French company also chose OpenStack to build a massive Public Cloud in France. eNovance is helping them design and build their infrastructure.

Cloudwatt has a capital of 225 million euros and its goals are clear and ambitious : build a European Cloud that will be able to compete with american giants such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google…. France has never seen projects of this magnitude and the French government has clearly showed its engagement to promote the execution of this important project of common European interest (the French government invested 75 million euros in Cloudwatt). eNovance and Cloudwatt, both French sponsors of the OpenStack foundation showed how OpenStack allows service providers to be aggressive in terms of pricing on the very competitive IaaS market and are deeply committed in showing the way to OpenStack adoption in Europe.

All the companies that are involved in OpenStack underlined the importance of developing the community, multiplying the contributors and sharing the work in order to keep this fast pace of development and add new great features to OpenStack every 6 months.

Thanks to the HR investments several contributing companies made to work on OpenStack, we can see now that Quantum (network) is already a core project in the Folsom release and Ceilometer (metering) has been accepted in incubation in the future Grizzly release.

We were also please to welcome “newcomers” for this 3rd edition: HP, Suse, NetApp and IBM came to talk about their different contributions to the project and to explain why and how they are integrating their services on OpenStack. Whether we are talking about huge OpenStack based public clouds or different services related to storage or distributions, the presence of these companies gave a brand new scope to the visibility of OpenStack in France and Europe.

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