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4th Openstack User Group Meetup Italy: streaming session from Milano

June 20th, 2013 — 3:09am

Openstack is booming, in Italy too!

The Italian Openstack User Group, recently founded, is going to arrange, on June 20th, the 4th Meetup of the year.

Sessions will be in English, in order to allow anyone from the Openstack Community to pop in and attend it, in live streaming, at 18:30 +1GMT.

Here’s the agenda:

  • 18.30: Industrialize IT: Automation in the DevOps Era – Reid Vandewiele – Puppet Labs engineer
  •  19.00: Ceph: The Storage Stack for OpenStack – Florian Haas - Cofounder and CEO Hastexo
  •  19.30: Openstack and HyperV – Alessandro Pilotti – CEO Cloudbase Solutions
  •  20.00: Giuseppe Paternò – EMEA Sales Engineer Canonical – Openstack in production

The streaming url is http://www.enterthecloud.it/eventi/quarto-openstack-usergroup-streaming/

For those of you who might be in Milano, you’re encouraged to just pop in @ Enter/Coworking Login, via Stefanardo da Vimercate 28.

See you!

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OpenStack in action 2! – Production ready / Paris, 31 May 2012

June 5th, 2012 — 10:30pm

Last Thursday, we held the «OpenStack in action 2 ! – Production ready» event in Paris. For this second edition, we were very happy to welcome more than 150 people who came from France, Spain, the UK, the Netherlands, Austria, and even…Japan ! This shows how OpenStack is getting bigger and more concrete every day.

Following an «almost traditional» opening by Thierry Carrez, Release Manager for OpenStack, Loic Dachary, eNovance Chief Research officer, presented a very intuitive OpenStack live demo. The idea was to make an online game go worldwide through a deployment demo. The game is very cool to play by the way, you can give it a try here: MIOP game.

Nick Barcet, representing Ubuntu/Canonical, who is also a regular guest, talked about MAAS and Juju to deploy an Ubuntu Cloud infrastructure. Nick also announced our recent partnership : eNovance is now the official Canonical partner to deliver OpenStack based solutions in France!

Here at eNovance, this 2nd edition of «OpenStack in action!» will remain a very important date for us since we launched the same day eNocloud – the 1st European OpenStack cloud, which was in beta for the last 9 months. Raphaël Ferreira, eNovance’s CEO explained how eNocloud was built, step by step, and related the use cases of our most famous beta-testers: Soasta, Fasterize and the CNES.

After a short coffee break, Taco Scargo, from Dell talked about Crowbar and announced the release of Copper – an experimental yet very promising ARM server.

He was followed by Rick Clark who highlighted the most challenging problems OpenStack currently faces. His perspective as a co-founder of the project and his successful deployment of OpenStack for the US Department of Defense for CISCO gave the audience an exclusive peak at one of the largest use case in the world. His unbiased and provocative style made for a chaotic and humorous talk.

Florian Haas, CEO of Hastexo, closed the conference and really captured his audience whis his talk on High Availability in OpenStack. He explained how the Folsom release that will be published in october 2012 will benefit from the various HA strategies demonstrated.

We wanted to address our special thanks to Canonical and Dell for helping us make the event possible: we look forward to the 3rd edition of «OpenStack in action!» that will be held this autumn.

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OpenStack Weekly Newsletter (January 29 – February 4)

February 4th, 2011 — 10:19am

OpenStack Community Newsletter – February 4, 2011

This weekly newsletter is a way for the community to learn about all the various activities occurring on a weekly basis. If you would like to add content to a weekly update or have an idea about this newsletter, please email [email protected].






  • Data Tracking Graphs – http://wiki.openstack.org/WeeklyNewsletter
  • OpenStack Compute (NOVA) Data
    • 6 Active Reviews
    • 132 Active Branches – owned by 40 people & 9 teams
    • 1,001 commits by 60 people in last month
  • OpenStack Object Storage (SWIFT) Data
    • 5 Active Reviews
    • 44 Active Branches – owned by 19 people & 3 teams
    • 285 commits by 14 people in last month
  • Twitter Stats for Week:  #openstack 91 tweets; 87 re-tweets; all OpenStack total tweets 1008
  • Bugs Stats for Week:  365 Tracked Bugs; 57 New Bugs; 16 In-process Bugs; 17 Critical Bugs; 48 High Importance Bugs; 247 Bugs (Fix Committed)
  • Blueprints Stats for Week:  158 Blueprints; 10 Essential, 6 High, 12 Medium, 16 Low, 114 Undefined
  • OpenStack Website Stats for Week:  7,881 Visits, 18,389 Pageviews, 62.33% New Visits
    • Top 5 Pages: Home 40.46%; /projects 11.69%; /projects/compute 19.37%; /projects/storage 13.54%; /Community 6.35%


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