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About 99Cloud Inc.

99Cloud Information Service Inc. was established in 2012.It is first Chinese professional OpenStack service provider dedicated to OpenStack cloud platform in terms of product development, service delivery, certification & training, and helping enterprises in OpenStack deployment. 99Cloud is the sponsor and organizer of, the largest OpenStack community in China, and is also China's largest professional OpenStack training institution. 99Cloud has now more than 60 staff, with offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Wuxi and Huzhou.

99Cloud Inc. Commitment

99cloud ranks 1st of contribution in China(Liberty). We provided OpenStack based solution, which include front-end optimization, core framework optimization, backend optimization and Hyper-Converged application, specialized on financial Cloud.

Customer Case Studies

Animbus Cloud OS

Animbus Cloud OS is a hyper-converged system with enhancements in HA, storage, security, SDN, workflow and UI. It is an ideal one-stop solution for enterprises looking for an easy to implement, robust, and secure cloud system without vendor lock-in.

OpenStack Powered

This product is OpenStack Powered. It contains OpenStack software and has been validated through testing to provide API compatibility for OpenStack core services. Learn more about the testing criteria and core services here.

OpenStack Powered Platform 2020.11 . See full results [+].

OpenStack Powered Platform 2020.11

Platform Capabilities  
Designated Sections  

This product uses OpenStack's Ironic Bare Metal service. Ironic allows users to manage bare metal infrastructure like they would virtual machines and provides ideal infrastructure to run container orchestration frameworks like Kubernetes to optimize performance.

OpenStack Services Enabled

Service Release API Coverage
Application Catalog API Train (Murano v1.0)
Bare Metal Provisioning Service Train (Ironic ) N/A
Big Data Processing Framework Provisioning API Train (Sahara v1.1)
Block Storage API & Extensions Train (Cinder v3.0)
Chef cookbooks to build, operate and consume OpenStack Train (Openstack-chef ) N/A
Compute Service API & Extensions Train (Nova v2.1)
Container Orchestration Engine Provisioning API & Extensions Train (Magnum v1)
Containers Service Train (Zun ) N/A
Dashboard Train (Horizon ) N/A
Database as a Service API Train (Trove v1)
Deploys OpenStack in containers using Ansible Train (Kolla-ansible ) N/A
DNS service API Train (Designate v2)
Identity service API & Extensions Train (Keystone v3 extensions)
Image service API Train (Glance v2.5)
Indexing and Search Train (Searchlight ) N/A
Key management API Train (Barbican v1.0)
Messaging Service Train (Zaqar ) N/A
Metering & Data Collection Service API Train (Ceilometer v2.0)
Monitoring Train (Monasca ) N/A
Networking API & Extensions Train (Neutron v2.0)
Object store API & Extensions Train (Swift v1)
Orchestration API Train (Heat v1.0)
Python Software Development Kit Train (Python SDK ) N/A
Shared filesystems API Train (Manila v2)
Software Development Lifecycle Automation Train (Solum ) N/A

Other Details

Supported Hypervisors

KVM QEMU LXC ESXi Hyper-V Docker Xen Solaris PowerVM z/VM

Supported Guests

Windows Linux Solaris

Regions where support is offered

Asia Pacific


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