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99Cloud and China UnionPay build SDN based next generation OpenStack Cloud Platform for FSI in China

As the core and hub of China’s bankcard industry, China UnionPay is committed to providing commercial banking facilities, non-financial institutions and cardholders with various bankcard-based services with support of the OpenStack-enabled cloud computing platform for financial services. As China’s payment industry is becoming increasingly open, the demand for payment using mobile phone and the Internet has been intensified. Responding to higher requirements on business agility, flexibility and individualization, China UnionPay National Engineering Laboratory for E-Commerce and E-Payment has constructed an SDN-based cloud computing platform for financial services grounded in servers of the X86 architecture, which has realized expected business goals of heterogeneous data compatibility, high availability, automated O&M and provided financial and non-financial institutions (e.g. banks and third-party payment agencies, etc.) with a quick and reliable computing platform and application resource as needed.

“China UnionPay National Engineering Laboratory for E-Commerce and E-Payment, through partnership with partners in applications, software platform and hardware, has addressed challenges in construction of the SDN-based next-generation cloud-computing platform, achieved the business goals of scalability, transparency and modularization of financial cloud, and verified service abilities of the platform through deployment of related business applications. This is a move to help the payment industry gain paces in business agility and flexibility, and an innovative practice to reduce network expansion costs.”

By adopting cloud computing platform for financial services based on X86 architecture, SDN and open source OpenStack, China UnionPay has enhanced business agility and flexibility, reduced costs and provided clients with an open, secure and efficient payment access service.