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2017 Board Election: Gold Member Candidate List

Gold Director Selector Candidates

The candidates on this list are the intended Gold Directors from the Gold Member companies who are running for election as Gold Director Selectors.



Lew Tucker

About Lew Tucker

As VP/CTO of Cloud Computing at Cisco Systems I am responsible for shaping Cisco's strategy and products in cloud computing.  I also serve as Cisco's representative and vice-chairman of the OpenStack Foundation board of directors and am a passionate advocate of open source software development. Cisco is a major contributor to OpenStack across multiple projects including: Neutron, Nova, Horizon, Kolla, Magnum and others. I am a frequent invited speaker at major conferences on cloud computing and open source.

Formerly, I was VP/CTO Cloud Computing at Sun Microsystems, where I led development of SunCloud, was responsible for all of Sun's Internet-facing web sites and services, and was an early member of the JavaSoft executive team.  At other points in my career, at I led the development of the AppExchange, and was CTO at Radar Networks, a semantic web startup.  In the 1980's I was a director of R&D at Thinking Machines, where I developed parallel algorithms for AI and machine vision for the massively parallel Connection Machine.   I have a B.S. from Cornell University and Ph.D. in computer science from New York University.

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Boris Renski

About Boris Renski

Boris is the co-founder and CMO at Mirantis. Operationally responsible for Mirantis’ marketing strategy, Boris acts as a spokesperson for the company and is Mirantis’ public face in the OpenStack community. Boris' influence was instrumental in Mirantis' current focus on OpenStack. 

In his role, Boris works to ensure that Mirantis’ marketing efforts don’t just promote the Mirantis brand, but also help further global awareness of the OpenStack community. To that effect, Mirantis is a regular sponsor of OpenStack summits, promotes OpenStack at unaffiliated trade shows such as Cloud Connect and OSCON, and helps run regional communities in the Bay Area, Russia, and Ukraine.

Boris continuously helps evangelize the OpenStack community by regularly blogging about it (, talking on behalf of the community at various conferences, and engaging in business development activities to attract new member companies and contributors.

During 15 years of his professional career, Boris held several executive positions with technology companies he helped establish. He was a founder and CEO of Selectosa Systems, an IT consulting company which was subsequently acquired in 2006; and is a co-founder and angel investor at, now a venture-backed enterprise software company headquartered in Europe.

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Kenji Kaneshige

About Kenji Kaneshige

He has been working on open source development to offer Linux based enterprise systems to customers as a leader of Linux development team at Fujitsu. He and his team have made a lots of contribution especially to enterprise features such as RAS, Resource Management, scalability enhancements and virtualization. He is now leading Fujitsu's open source development and working as the Fujitsu's representative to OSS communities. His team contributes to the variety of OSS communities such as OpenStack, Linux Kernel, Qemu, libvirt, docker, LTP, etc.

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Arkady Kanevsky

About Arkady Kanevsky

Arkady has been a member of OpenStack since Grizzly. He is director of engineering leading a team of developers responsible for development of DellEMC OpenStack solutions.  Arkady has PhD. in CS from UIUC.  He straddled academic, research, architect, developer, and product owner roles.  Arkady roles included  but not limited to, research publications and Program committee member for various conferences like FAST (, Chair or board member  of several standard activities, like DAT (,  OpenFabric ( and MPI-RT ( to product delivery, like EMC Atmos, Dell OpenStack solutions among others.

Arkady represents Dell Technologies at OpenStack, including Dell EMC, VMware, Pivotal, VirtuStream.

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Roland Chan

About Roland Chan

I’m Roland Chan, COO of Aptira. I have a background in software development, technical and commercial operations across digital media, service provider and consulting.

I work with Aptira’s customers to determine how OpenStack can be used to deliver real benefit to their organisations. Through this I gain direct insight into how OpenStack is perceived and used in the wild.

Aptira has been a member of the Board since its inception. We are a startup headquartered in the Asia-Pacific region, and as such bring a different view to the board table on many topics. We feel that this diversity of opinion, stemming from our location and size, is of great importance to the quality of the board's work.

I am committed, as is all of Aptira, to the success of OpenStack across the entire spectrum of the IT industry. We will continue to push for positive change to OpenStack at all levels, from the Board down to grassroots organisation and participation.

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Takashi Torii

About Takashi Torii

Takashi Torii is senior expert of OpenStack and OSS technology, now based on cloud platform division in NEC, and managed OpenStack community team about over 20 engineers in Japan and India, and also doing promotion and pre-sales about OpenStack. I have been working in NEC about 20 years, firstly starting from development of networking equipment, and move to Central Research Laboratories of NEC and doing research activities about network/storage/cloud computing. About 6 years ago, I started working about OpenStack, and after that doing many activities around OpenStack. From early stages, I have been core member of OpenStack user group in Japan, and initial member of OpenStack Days Tokyo planning committee, that is now becoming big event about 3000 attendee gathering. I have also worked about open innovation community activities, such as Okinawa Open Laboratory. That is NPO based in Okinawa Prefecture established 4 years ago, to create R&D hub of SDN and Cloud OSS. From these activities, I am now the key member of OpenStack community in Japan.

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Anni Lai

About Anni Lai

am an IT technology professional with a passion for community and partnership building.

I'm very fortunate to live in the Silicon Valley area where I obtained a graduate degree in Computer Science, and extensive training in both engineering and business from successful companies such as Sun Microsystems, Oracle,, Savvis/Centurylink, and now Huawei. For the last 10+ years, I've chosen technology evangelism, partner enablement, and developer empowerment to be the focus of my career.  Over the last 5+ years, I've traveled to 30+ countries visiting telco and enterprise partners and customers in EMEA, APAC, and Latin America to discuss ICT and Cloud initiatives, evangelized OpenStack to both enterprise and telco communities, and presented the latest Cloud/OpenStack technologies and business trends at various industry conferences and forums

I formally joined the OpenStack community in July 2015 and I've been a regular speaker for the last 3 summits (Tokyo, Austin, and Barcelona). I have conducted one sponsored keynote, several session presentations, and hosted various panels in the area of telco trends, containers, and community. In 2016, I served as an OpenStack Board Director, participated in various OpenStack work groups, helped organize the 1st OpenStack Days: China event with 3500+ registrants, 2400+ attendees and multiple hackathons/bug smash events in China.  With my engineering and business background and training in Enterprise IT and Telco, I would like to continue contributing to the OpenStack community in the following areas:

1. Generate mindshare and increase telco and service provider adoption in OpenStack

2. Bring enterprise and telco customer requirements/perspectives to OpenStack community

3. Enable the global developer and ISV communities to build interesting apps for OpenStack

4. Help woman developers and engineers grow using OpenStack as a platform

5. Help OpenStack embrace diversity and make OpenStack a true global movement 

6. Foster more collaboration and partnerships among OpenStack members and various regional communities

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Joseph Wang

About Joseph Wang

Joseph is the Vice General Manager at inwinSTACK. He is responsible for marketing and community development. During the last 10 years, he has been involved with technology innovation as an experienced IT industry evangelist.

Predicting the potential of OpenStack, he has led a cloud R&D team since 2012 inside the InWin Group. This team was spun off and became inwinSTACK in 2014. inwinSTACK is an Asia-Pacific Cloud services company focused on OpenStack, Ceph and Kubernetes/Docker. inwinSTACK is also a regular contributor and sponsor for Open Source solutions like OpenStack, Ceph, Kubernetes,Python, etc.

Joseph is engaged in promoting and establishing the OpenStack ecosystem in Asian countries like Taiwan and Japan as well as the countries of South East Asia.  He has served as board director for OpenStack foundation and Linux foundation Edge project Akraino during last years. He is committed to the success of OpenStack and the future of inwinSTACK.

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Xilun Chen

About Xilun Chen

Xilun Chen is the founder and CEO of EasyStack (, an Open Cloud Computing company.  Founded in 2014, EasyStack has grown to be the leading player with more than 300 large enterprise customers including State Grid of China, China Post Saving Bank,Lenovo, TCL,Tsinghua University and etc. Today EasyStack has branches in Silicon Valley, Singapore, as well as many cities in China.

Xilun started the OpenStack journey since 2011 with the mission to create a large OpenStack development team in IBM China R&D center as the manager, that was the earliest and largest OpenStack team working on community contribution in China, and had count up to nearly 50% of IBM contribution in 2013. Toady under his leadership EasyStack is one of the key contributors to openstack community in China.

Xilun is one of the earliest open source evangelist who founded and which are the most popular platform for Chinese language developers and users today. He is also the initiator of many tech meetups and go-to-market customer workshops that help promoting OpenStack.

Xilun has the faith that open-source as a key momentum in IT can change the world, and he succeed in developing a business model that deliver Open Source value to customer. He is also a leader who has deep insight in cloud technology as well as strong engagement with the market especially in China



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Christopher Price

About Christopher Price

I am focused on, and passionate about, open source technologies for next generation networks.  Primarily a developer my career has been focused on building and deploying networking technologies for global and carrier networks, more recently my attention has turned to open source community and technology advancement. 

A strong believer in collaborative development and open technology ecosystem enablement I am fully invested in exposing technology through open source for global adoption and advancement.

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Yufeng Zhang

About Yufeng Zhang

Yufeng is VP of China Telecom System Integration Co., Ltd. and has 20+ years technology, management and marketing experience in telecom industry. He participated in China Telecom cloud computing architecture design and is responsible for managing several R&D departments which focusing on IaaS/PaaS/SaaS. He has experience in virtualization, ICT, wireless technology and IPTV.

He promotes China Telecom to adopt OpenStack and build dedicated team working on communication contribution. He believes cloud+network will innovate next generation telecom architecture.

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Robert Esker

About Robert Esker

Rob's been involved in the OpenStack community dating to its origin in 2010. He founded NetApp’s OpenStack effort and is presently serving in his fourth term as a member of the foundation's Board of Directors. He's contributed to the community and overall adoption of OpenStack in capacities ranging from having co-founded the Manila project, to architecting some of the earliest OpenStack on NetApp deployments, to co-chairing the Board's membership committee, as a summit track curator, to frequently speaking at design summits, conferences and user groups globally.   His tenure at NetApp has spanned from co-founder of NetApp’s cloud architecture team, to currently leading product & strategy for Open Ecoystem projects and technologies.

In addition to his role in the OpenStack community he's also served in a similar capacity on the Cloud Native Computing Foundation's (CNCF) Governing Board. 
Prior to NetApp, Rob was at Apple from 1998-2006.  He served in a variety of roles including as Technical Attaché to the CEO and the Board of Directors reporting directly to Steve Jobs. He’s a former U.S. Marine, and resides in Austin, Texas with his wife & two daughters.
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Manju Ramanathpura

About Manju Ramanathpura

I am a member of Hitachi Data Systems’ Office of Technology & Planning team, working as a Sr. Director & CTO for Intelligent Platforms. In my role, I work closely with strategic clients, research communities, open source communities and various Hitachi’s internal organizations to drive continuous innovation. 

I am also a member of OpenStack board of directors, representing Hitachi.



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Hui Cheng

About Hui Cheng

Hui is the CEO & Founder of UnitedStack, founded from 2012, UnitedStack has become a major open cloud player in China market. 

Hui’s dream is to build a cloud service company to help the traditional enterprise to drive the ditial transformation, as well as a respectable open source company that could be attractive for talent engineers.

Prior to starting his own business, Hui was the technical leader of the OpenStack team in Sina, where he initiated the first OpenStack based on public Iaas cloud in China, while leading his team to become the No.1 corporate contributor in China.

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Yuh-Jye aka EJ Chang

About Yuh-Jye aka EJ Chang

Yuh-Jye aka EJ got his Computer Science Ph.D from Syracuse University. From 1998 to 2011 he joined Bell Laboratories and became a member of technical staff researcher. Since 2011, he returned to Taiwan, joined ITRI as the technical deputy director and lead the distributed storage system development team.

EJ is now the deputy director of the Division of DCSS (Data Center System Software), which has the exclusive mission in promoting cloud computing by developing technologies, contributing to OpenStack and enabling relating industries on behalf of ICL (Information and Communications Research Lab.) of ITRI (Industrial Technology Research Institute) in Taiwan.

EJ has been leading the effort of developing ITRI-CloudOS for several years, this government funded project started even before OpenStack foundation was established.  ITRI-CloudOS carries the same vision as that of OpenStack to make cloud computing pervasive and to be an “utility”.  The technology developed has been transferred and deployed to industry heavyweights like Inventec, Wistron (WiWynn), and Delta Electronics in Taiwan.  The efforts also led to two spin-offs in the VSaaS and IaaS sectors. 

Under the leadership of EJ, DCSS continue to focus on promoting OpenStack as the foundation for business creation (IaaS, PaaS and SaaS), developing added layers (TaaS-Testing as a Service), contributing to OpenStack code base, serving as an advisor and executor for MOEA (Ministry of Economic Affairs), creating applications (Productivity 4.0) as well as working closely with CCAT (Cloud Computing Association in Taiwan) and OSTWUG (OpenStack Taiwan User Group) for education, activities (Hackathon) and increasing awareness.

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Kurt Garloff

About Kurt Garloff

I'm currently working on a building a European Cloud initiative - this will be my professional focus starting 2020 after leaving SUSE following their change in direction.

Dec 2018 - Dec 2019, I was responsible for the Cloud and Storage Departments in SUSE R&D.
SUSE builds and maintains the SUSE and Helion OpenStack Cloud Products, is a platinum member of the Foundation and a strong upstream contributor.

Before SUSE, I was leading the architecture, community and consulting teams in Deutsche Telekom's Open Telekom Cloud Team.

DT has been a vocal supporter of OpenStack since I joined in early 2012 -- we have been able to run several OpenStack projects. We have participated in most OpenStack Summits and are active in a few working groups. I personally support the InterOp Workig Group, a key area for OpenStack's success given the centrifugal forces in such a large project. DT has become gold member of the OpenStack Foundation in 2016 and has been headline sponsor for a few summits (Barcelona, Boston, Berlin). I was serving in the board in most of 2018 until I handed over to Clemens Hardewig.

Before joining DT end of 2011 I was a long-time contributor to the Linux kernel, which also gave me the privilege of building up and leading SUSE Labs and work with a number of great engineers in- and outside my company, contributing to the success of the Open Source technology.

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junwei liu

About junwei liu

JunWei Liu serves as Director Of OIF in 2017. He works at China Mobile for ten years and he is the General Manager of Cloud Product Deparment,China Mobile SuZhou R&D Center. Over the last 10+ years,he has worked on developing and building China Mobile's cloud products-"Big Cloud",which is an fully cloud software stack including computing,storage,network,security and cloud management platform. As the cheif architect of Big Cloud, Junwei leads a team more than 400 people to construct China Mobile's public cloud (It‘s one of the biggest public cloud based openstack including 40,000 physical nodes) and private cloud (It's one of the biggest private cloud based openstack including 100,000 physical nodes,20000 baremetal nodes base ironic). China Mobile Public Cloud has achieved more than 8 billion revenue and it is the fastest growing public cloud in china. So junwei has rich experience in cloud R&D and operation, especially for openstack. His team won OpenStack SuperUser in 2016 and they give back their experience to OpenStack Community all the time, for example telecom demand about availability and scalability, real demand for end-user, deep customization for workload. 

Junwei Liu is also very active for OpenStack's promotion and landing in China. For example, he is an organizer of  China OpenStack Hackathon and Meet-up in SuZhou. He always comes up some unique idea for OpenStack based the demand of China Mobile's customers. He often leads his team to share their experience for China OpenStack users and make OpenStack more mature cooperating China Mobile's partners.

Junwei Liu lead his team to optimize the nova scheduler and ironic project for 100,000 nodes scenario in one region. The optimized scheduler can achieve 2000 concurrent virtual machine delivery in several minutes.

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