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Roland Chan

Date Joined
December 09, 2013

Aptira From 2013-09-10 (Current)
Statement of Interest

To develop OpenStack into the leading cloud OS choice.


I’m Roland Chan, COO of Aptira. I have a background in software development, technical and commercial operations across digital media, service provider and consulting.

I work with Aptira’s customers to determine how OpenStack can be used to deliver real benefit to their organisations. Through this I gain direct insight into how OpenStack is perceived and used in the wild.

Aptira has been a member of the Board since its inception. We are a startup headquartered in the Asia-Pacific region, and as such bring a different view to the board table on many topics. We feel that this diversity of opinion, stemming from our location and size, is of great importance to the quality of the board's work.

I am committed, as is all of Aptira, to the success of OpenStack across the entire spectrum of the IT industry. We will continue to push for positive change to OpenStack at all levels, from the Board down to grassroots organisation and participation.


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