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2016 Board Election: Gold Member Candidate List

Gold Director Selector Candidates

The candidates on this list are the intended Gold Directors from the Gold Member companies who are running for election as Gold Director Selectors.



Randy Bias

About Randy Bias

His prescient views on the profound disruption caused by cloud computing have made Randy Bias one of the industry’s most influential voices. He is an evangelist who was among the first to articulate the generational transition of IT from mainframe to enterprise computing and then to cloud in addition to popularizing the cloud server "pets vs. cattle" meme. 

Randy was an early and vocal supporter of the OpenStack project and Cloudscaling was part the initial OpenStack launch in summer of 2010.  He led the teams that deployed the first public OpenStack storage cloud (Swift) outside of Rackspace, and the first public OpenStack compute cloud (Nova). He is a founding Board Member of the OpenStack Foundation. He continues to be a vocal advocate of OpenStack, through his company, his writing and his speaking engagements. 

His voice is frequently heard in media outlets such as GigaOm, InformationWeek, The Economist, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, ReadWriteWeb, O’Reilly Radar, Light Reading, and others, in addition to the Cloudscaling blog. He is a regular keynote speaker and panelist at events from the OpenStack Summit to VMworld, Structure, eComm, CloudConnect, Interop, CloudBeat, CloudExpo, The Web Summit, and Gluecon.

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Alex Freedland

About Alex Freedland

Alex Freedland is the co-founder and CEO of Mirantis, the largest independent company focusing on delivering pure-play OpenStack to the customers worldwide.

Under Alex's leadership, Mirantis has become the contributor to OpenStack and is the only private company amongst Top-10 contributors.

Mirantis is also laser-focused on making customers (large and small) adopt OpenStack at scale. With that in mind, we have also pioneered such projects as Fuel (the point and click installer), Rally (a popular framework for scalability testing of OpenStack), Sahara (the orchstrator for Hadoop distributions running on top of OpenStack),  Murano (an intuitive way to automate workload orchestration on top of OpenStack and the project behind the Foundation Application Catalog) and Stackalytics.  

Prior to starting Mirantis, Alex have co-founded several other businesses, some of which are operating today and some have successfully exited. 

Alex was born in Moscow, Russia, and currently resides in the SF Bay Area.
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Jonathan LaCour

About Jonathan LaCour

Jonathan has been programming from a young age, finessing his way through many programming languages. After cutting his teeth with several smaller jobs and personal projects, Jonathan joined VertiSoft Corp. in 1997, catapulting him into the culture of "software as a service" well before it became an industry buzzword. Jonathan harnessed his passion for user experience in the computer science program at Georgia Tech by taking courses in psychology, cognitive science, and education. Armed with this interdisciplinary experience, Jonathan is keenly aware of how people learn and solve problems. When combined with his knowledge of technology, Jonathan is uniquely able to anticipate the needs of users and build a truly useful - and useable - interface.

In 2007, Jonathan helped found ShootQ, a web-based studio management solution for professional photographers, where he served as CTO. In 2010, ShootQ was acquired by Pictage, where Jonathan served as the Vice President of Software Products. Jonathan joined DreamHost in 2011 as Vice President of Software Development, bringing with him his experience and knowledge running engineering and product teams. In 2012, Jonathan became DreamHost's Vice President of Product and Development. In 2014, Jonathan took over the Cloud business unit at DreamHost as the Vice President of Cloud, and in late 2016 was promoted to the position of Senior Vice President of Product and Technology.

When not hunkered down behind his laptop, Jonathan loves spending time with his beautiful and brilliantly creative wife, Lacey, his daughter Colette, his son William, and their two dogs, Winston and Nelson. Beyond his culinary interests, Jonathan spends Saturday afternoons in the fall rooting for his alma mater and the University of Miami and enjoying his favorite southern creation - bourbon.

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Anni Lai

About Anni Lai

am an IT technology professional with a passion for community and partnership building.

I'm very fortunate to live in the Silicon Valley area where I obtained a graduate degree in Computer Science, and extensive training in both engineering and business from successful companies such as Sun Microsystems, Oracle,, Savvis/Centurylink, and now Huawei. For the last 10+ years, I've chosen technology evangelism, partner enablement, and developer empowerment to be the focus of my career.  Over the last 5+ years, I've traveled to 30+ countries visiting telco and enterprise partners and customers in EMEA, APAC, and Latin America to discuss ICT and Cloud initiatives, evangelized OpenStack to both enterprise and telco communities, and presented the latest Cloud/OpenStack technologies and business trends at various industry conferences and forums

I formally joined the OpenStack community in July 2015 and I've been a regular speaker for the last 3 summits (Tokyo, Austin, and Barcelona). I have conducted one sponsored keynote, several session presentations, and hosted various panels in the area of telco trends, containers, and community. In 2016, I served as an OpenStack Board Director, participated in various OpenStack work groups, helped organize the 1st OpenStack Days: China event with 3500+ registrants, 2400+ attendees and multiple hackathons/bug smash events in China.  With my engineering and business background and training in Enterprise IT and Telco, I would like to continue contributing to the OpenStack community in the following areas:

1. Generate mindshare and increase telco and service provider adoption in OpenStack

2. Bring enterprise and telco customer requirements/perspectives to OpenStack community

3. Enable the global developer and ISV communities to build interesting apps for OpenStack

4. Help woman developers and engineers grow using OpenStack as a platform

5. Help OpenStack embrace diversity and make OpenStack a true global movement 

6. Foster more collaboration and partnerships among OpenStack members and various regional communities

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Roland Chan

About Roland Chan

I’m Roland Chan, COO of Aptira. I have a background in software development, technical and commercial operations across digital media, service provider and consulting.

I work with Aptira’s customers to determine how OpenStack can be used to deliver real benefit to their organisations. Through this I gain direct insight into how OpenStack is perceived and used in the wild.

Aptira has been a member of the Board since its inception. We are a startup headquartered in the Asia-Pacific region, and as such bring a different view to the board table on many topics. We feel that this diversity of opinion, stemming from our location and size, is of great importance to the quality of the board's work.

I am committed, as is all of Aptira, to the success of OpenStack across the entire spectrum of the IT industry. We will continue to push for positive change to OpenStack at all levels, from the Board down to grassroots organisation and participation.

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Tsugikazu SHIBATA

About Tsugikazu SHIBATA



Tsugikazu SHIBATA is working for OSS promotion Center of NEC. He is actively working for Linux over 10 years and for OpenStack since 2011. He is having a senior role of partner relationship for Open Source industry as a business side and also advocate join and work for the Open Source community especially for Japanese and Asian developers as community side.

He is also member of the board of the Linux Foundation since 2006. He is working with the Linux Foundation to expand ecosystem of Linux for Asian countries.

He is also a technical committee member of the Open Invention Network (OIN) from NEC. His activity of solving IP issue of the Open Source is being very important even for OpenStack and surrounding ecosystem.

By these background, he has an advisory role of OpenStack development team in NEC. The team is actively contributing to OpenStack community and keeping top 10 contributors in the past couple of years.

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Arkady Kanevsky

About Arkady Kanevsky

Arkady has been a member of OpenStack since Grizzly. He is director of engineering leading a team of developers responsible for development of DellEMC OpenStack solutions.  Arkady has PhD. in CS from UIUC.  He straddled academic, research, architect, developer, and product owner roles.  Arkady roles included  but not limited to, research publications and Program committee member for various conferences like FAST (, Chair or board member  of several standard activities, like DAT (,  OpenFabric ( and MPI-RT ( to product delivery, like EMC Atmos, Dell OpenStack solutions among others.

Arkady represents Dell Technologies at OpenStack, including Dell EMC, VMware, Pivotal, VirtuStream.

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Manju Ramanathpura

About Manju Ramanathpura

I am a member of Hitachi Data Systems’ Office of Technology & Planning team, working as a Sr. Director & CTO for Intelligent Platforms. In my role, I work closely with strategic clients, research communities, open source communities and various Hitachi’s internal organizations to drive continuous innovation. 

I am also a member of OpenStack board of directors, representing Hitachi.



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Robert Esker

About Robert Esker

Rob's been involved in the OpenStack community dating to its origin in 2010. He founded NetApp’s OpenStack effort and is presently serving in his fourth term as a member of the foundation's Board of Directors. He's contributed to the community and overall adoption of OpenStack in capacities ranging from having co-founded the Manila project, to architecting some of the earliest OpenStack on NetApp deployments, to co-chairing the Board's membership committee, as a summit track curator, to frequently speaking at design summits, conferences and user groups globally.   His tenure at NetApp has spanned from co-founder of NetApp’s cloud architecture team, to currently leading product & strategy for Open Ecoystem projects and technologies.

In addition to his role in the OpenStack community he's also served in a similar capacity on the Cloud Native Computing Foundation's (CNCF) Governing Board. 
Prior to NetApp, Rob was at Apple from 1998-2006.  He served in a variety of roles including as Technical Attaché to the CEO and the Board of Directors reporting directly to Steve Jobs. He’s a former U.S. Marine, and resides in Austin, Texas with his wife & two daughters.
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Steven Hallett

About Steven Hallett

Steve leads Symantec’s Cloud Platform Engineering (CPE) organization, chartered with building and running essential platform and infrastructure services for next generation Symantec products and services.

Steve has extensive and broad-based technology development, operations, and business management experience. He has been featured for leadership in OpenStack operational computing, and as an advocate of the advantages of cloud computing as integral to accelerating internal innovation. Steve has been part of the OpenStack community since Diablo and was part of the team that took Essex into production, and he has been Gold level Director since Jan 2015.

Steve is a strong proponent of opensource as pivotal in transforming an engineering culture; that the benefits of merit-based, transparent, and peer-reviewed designs and code is where true innovation occurs.

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Kenji Kaneshige

About Kenji Kaneshige

He has been working on open source development to offer Linux based enterprise systems to customers as a leader of Linux development team at Fujitsu. He and his team have made a lots of contribution especially to enterprise features such as RAS, Resource Management, scalability enhancements and virtualization. He is now leading Fujitsu's open source development and working as the Fujitsu's representative to OSS communities. His team contributes to the variety of OSS communities such as OpenStack, Linux Kernel, Qemu, libvirt, docker, LTP, etc.

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