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2015 Board Election: Candidate List

Candidates On The Ballot

The candidates on this list have the 10 nominations required to be on the election ballot and have completed the application.



Mark McClain

Nominated by: Simon Anderson Kyle Mestery Chet Burgess Joe Gordon Salvatore Orlando Russell Bryant Aaron Rosen Edgar Magana Trinath Somanchi Thierry Carrez

About Mark McClain

Mark McClain is the Chief Technical Officer of Akanda Inc, a member of the OpenStack Technical Committee and a core reviewer for several teams (Neutron, Requirements and Stable).  Mark was the Program Technical Lead for the OpenStack Networking during the Havana and Icehouse cycles. In addition to his technical work, Mark is co-organizer of the Atlanta OpenStack Meetup group and frequent speaker on OpenStack. Formerly of DreamHost and Yahoo!, he has 14 years of software development experience.

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Tim Bell

Nominated by: Jonathan Bryce Todd Morey Mark McLoughlin Tom Fifield Vishvananda Ishaya Syed Armani Tristan Goode David Lyle Kavit Munshi Kyle Mestery

About Tim Bell
Tim was responsible for the group at CERN, the European Laboratory for Particle Physics, which manages the compute infrastructure for 13,000 physicists around the world to support fundamental research. He previously worked as a Unix kernel developer at IBM along with managing large scale Unix production deployments and services for Deutsche Bank in Europe. His team is running the CERN OpenStack cloud which has been in production since July 2013 and is currently around 300,000 cores. This cloud provides processing power to analyse the data from the Large Hadron Collider and other experiments which produce around 100PB a year. The practical experiences are shared on the blog at . Tim was an elected individual director of the OpenStack and OpenInfra management board from 2012 until 2021 and was a founding member of the OpenStack user committee from 2013-2015.
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Jesse Proudman

Nominated by: Jesse Keating Myles Steinhauser Bob DeSantis John Dewey Peter Erickson Amy Van Groningen Will Sulzer Laura Ashley Mark van Oppen Swarna Podila

About Jesse Proudman

I have had a passion for Internet infrastructure since the age of 13, specifically for the infrastructure “plumbing” that powers the Internet. Over the past 17 years, I’ve had the privilege of participating in almost every facet of infrastructure operations. Moving from systems administration and operations to software development, and then from CEO to CTO, I’ve been in the fortunate position of being able to manifest my passion into day-to-day execution.

In 2006, Blue Box launched a public cloud powered by containers. Building the company based on that technology offering, I was able to watch the meteoric rise of OpenStack and to become engrossed with the power of the ecosystem. I began to closely watch OpenStack in 2011 and became an avid fan shortly thereafter. As the CTO of Blue Box, an OpenStack based Private Cloud as a Service company; I’m presently focused on bringing the power of OpenStack into the hands of the masses and on eliminating as much of the operational burden commonly associated with the offering as possible.

I am a voice of the OpenStack Operator as an active blogger, through my interactions with the press and analyst community, and in my speaking engagements at a wide range of events.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be sharing additional thoughts on what I would like to accomplish as a board member here:

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Adrian Otto

Nominated by: Jesse Butler Morgan Fainberg Julien Vey Ravi Sankar Penta Eric Windisch Mark McClain Paul Czarkowski Todd Morey Robert Collins Jay Pipes

About Adrian Otto

Adrian is a Distinguished Architect at Rackspace, after a successful career as a serial entrepreneur. He has over 20 years of experience in technology leadership. He served as the founding PTL for both the OpenStack Solum and OpenStack Magnum projects, and founded the OpenStack Containers Team. He believes that a rich ecosystem of open source projects is a key to cloud technology adoption. Adrian  believes deeply in keeping a strategic long-term view paired with achievable tactical goals. He has spent his recent years working extensively in collaborative pursuits that organize numerous companies to agree and work together. He is rational, reasoned, principled, and knows how to drive consensus. Adrian holds integrity as his highest virtue.

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Monty Taylor

Nominated by: Alexis Munyandekwe Jay Cuthrell Szilvia Racz Mark McLoughlin Adam Lawson Tristan Goode Thierry Carrez Russell Bryant Sean Dague Anita Kuno

About Monty Taylor

Monty is the founder, core member and past PTL of the OpenStack Infra team which runs CI and developer tooling for OpenStack. He's a founding admin of OpenDev and Zuul. He's a past member of the OpenStack Foundation Board of Directors, a Python Fellow and past member the OpenStack Technical Committee. Monty is past PTL of the openstacksdk project and is the past maintainer of the Ansible modules for consuming OpenStack. Before his OpenStack days he was a core developer on Drizzle and was a Senior Consultant for MySQL, Inc.

Monty has a degree in Theatre Directing and went to grad school at CalArts in lighting design. The intersection of fields has led him to start more than one business around developing technology for and related to live performance. Recently Monty served as an Adjunct Professor at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts teaching a class on programming related to lighting design. If you let him, he'll talk to you WAY too much about Scuba Diving.

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Randy Bias

Nominated by: Jay Cuthrell Tamara Johnston Sebastian Stadil Rafael Rivero John Dewey Shamail Tahir Andrey Pavlov Imran Hayder Feodor Tersin Tushar Kalra

About Randy Bias

His prescient views on the profound disruption caused by cloud computing have made Randy Bias one of the industry’s most influential voices. He is an evangelist who was among the first to articulate the generational transition of IT from mainframe to enterprise computing and then to cloud in addition to popularizing the cloud server "pets vs. cattle" meme. 

Randy was an early and vocal supporter of the OpenStack project and Cloudscaling was part the initial OpenStack launch in summer of 2010.  He led the teams that deployed the first public OpenStack storage cloud (Swift) outside of Rackspace, and the first public OpenStack compute cloud (Nova). He is a founding Board Member of the OpenStack Foundation. He continues to be a vocal advocate of OpenStack, through his company, his writing and his speaking engagements. 

His voice is frequently heard in media outlets such as GigaOm, InformationWeek, The Economist, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, ReadWriteWeb, O’Reilly Radar, Light Reading, and others, in addition to the Cloudscaling blog. He is a regular keynote speaker and panelist at events from the OpenStack Summit to VMworld, Structure, eComm, CloudConnect, Interop, CloudBeat, CloudExpo, The Web Summit, and Gluecon.

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Kyle Mestery

Nominated by: Edward Henry Myles Steinhauser Steve Noble Britt Houser Sudeep Lohith Jay Cuthrell Ryan Hughes Jesse Proudman Marcel de Bont Sumeet Prasad

About Kyle Mestery

Kyle is a Distinguished Engineer and Director of Open Source Networking at IBM. He leads a team focused on Open Source networking at scale. Kyle is also a member of the OpenStack Technical Committee, and the former PTL of OpenStack Neutron for the Juno, Kilo, and Liberty cycles. Kyle lives with his wife and kids in Minnesota.

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Vishvananda Ishaya

Nominated by: Chet Burgess David Lapsley Rafi Khardalian Zane Bitter Tina Nolte Tobias Ford Joel Friedly Kord Campbell Joe Gordon Mark McClain

About Vishvananda Ishaya

Vish Ishaya is the Chief Technology Officer at Nebula, Inc. Prior to joining Nebula, he was a Principal Engineer with Rackspace Cloud Builders. He was also a Senior Systems Engineer with Anso Labs and NASA Nebula Technical Lead during the creation of Nova, one of the founding OpenStack projects.

He is a highly prolific developer who has been one of the top contributors to OpenStack. He has been a member of the OpenStack Technical Committee since its inception, and was recently elected to the OpenStack Board, which along with other prominent community members helps guide the vision of the OpenStack project.

Vish was elected to four consecutive terms as the OpenStack Compute Project Technical Lead. In addition to his excellent programming and systems skills, Vish has spent over a decade teaching, most recently classes in object oriented analysis and design.

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Kenneth Hui

Nominated by: Jay Cuthrell Stephen Gordon Tyler Britten Andrew Braverman Swapnil Tamse Vibhu Bontala Christopher Ogorzalek David Iovino Keith Townsend Jesse Proudman

About Kenneth Hui

Ken is a Technology Marketing Engineer and Cloud Solutions Architect who is passionate about helping customers with building great solutions leveraging technologies such as VMware, OpenStack, AWS, Azure and containers. He lives in New York City where he can indulge in his love of great food from all around the world. You can follow Ken on Twitter @kenhuiny.

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Russell Bryant

Nominated by: Flavio Percoco Mark McLoughlin Zane Bitter Victoria Martinez de la Cruz Randy Bias Felipe Reyes Stephen Gordon Kyle Mestery Emilien Macchi Adam Lawson

About Russell Bryant

Russell is a Senior Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, Inc.  He was on the OpenStack Technical Committee from Fall 2012 until Fall 2016 and was elected to serve on the OpenStack Foundation Board of Directors in 2015, 2016, and 2017.  Russell has been contributing to the development of OpenStack since the Fall of 2011.  His most significant contributions around OpenStack have been to Nova and most recently Neutron and OVN.  Russell is also a project committer for Open vSwitch (OVS) and OVN.

Prior to working for Red Hat, Russell spent 7 years (2004 - 2011) working for Digium on the Asterisk project. In the later years, Russell was the leader of the Asterisk project as well as the Engineering Manager for Asterisk development at Digium.

Russell is also a published author.  Russell co-authored "Asterisk: The Definitive Guide" and "Asterisk Cookbook", published by O'Reilly Media.  He also contributed a chapter on Asterisk to the book "Architecture of Open Source Applications".

Russell graduated from Clemson University with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Engineering in the Fall of 2006.  He currently resides in Charleston, South Carolina.

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Rob Hirschfeld

Nominated by: Simon Anderson Carl Perry Shamail Tahir Mike Veitch Tobias Ford Tristan Goode Carsten Duch Doug Hellmann Wences Michel Troy Toman

About Rob Hirschfeld

I've been involved in OpenStack since the earliest days with a focus on ops and building the infrastructure that powers cloud and storage. 

On the board, I've lead the DefCore initative and founded the Product Working Group.  I also work to help screen and coach new Gold Members.  I am a strong advocate for operators and interoperability.

I believe that the OpenStack community is service by having a clearly defined core.  I feel that we need to do a better job defining and building an ecosystem around the project.

I maintain an open balanced perspective and respect other people's points of view.

You can read more about my thoughts and positions regarding OpenStack and Cloud on my blog:

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Haiying Wang

Nominated by: Simon Anderson Rochelle Grober Rob Hirschfeld John Zannos Tristan Goode Boris Renski Mark Collier Tianhua Huang liu sheng Zhiqiang Fan

About Haiying Wang

Haiying Wang melds deep technical experience with strong business sense.  He joined Huawei in 2010 and is the VP and CTO of Cloud Computing, responsible for Cloud strategy and technology. He initiated and is spearheading Huawei’s OpenStack cloud effort, leading Huawei to transform into an Open Source enthusiast and champion. Haiying's mission is to make OpenStack adoption easier in the Telco and emergent market. Prior to Huawei, Haiying co-founded and served as CEO of Digital Support Technology, a company focused on delivering an innovative online support service. Haiying was involved in infrastructure virtualization and abstraction from the early days, leading an R&D  team at VMware when its engineering grew from 100+ to 1000+. Prior to VMware, he joined the initial Vitria Technology engineering team as a Sr. Architect. Vitria Technology was a leading business enterprise application integration company. At SGI, Haiying contributed to the world first interactive TV system. Haiying holds a Ph.D in Computer Science from University of Alberta and an MBA from Wharton School.

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Alex Freedland

Nominated by: Serg Melikyan Tristan Goode John Griffith Jay Pipes Joe Gordon Simon Anderson Mark McClain Randy Bias Lew Tucker Mark Collier

About Alex Freedland

Alex Freedland is the co-founder and CEO of Mirantis, the largest independent company focusing on delivering pure-play OpenStack to the customers worldwide.

Under Alex's leadership, Mirantis has become the contributor to OpenStack and is the only private company amongst Top-10 contributors.

Mirantis is also laser-focused on making customers (large and small) adopt OpenStack at scale. With that in mind, we have also pioneered such projects as Fuel (the point and click installer), Rally (a popular framework for scalability testing of OpenStack), Sahara (the orchstrator for Hadoop distributions running on top of OpenStack),  Murano (an intuitive way to automate workload orchestration on top of OpenStack and the project behind the Foundation Application Catalog) and Stackalytics.  

Prior to starting Mirantis, Alex have co-founded several other businesses, some of which are operating today and some have successfully exited. 

Alex was born in Moscow, Russia, and currently resides in the SF Bay Area.
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Sean Winn

Nominated by: David Scott Abhishek Chanda Alexandre Levine Stephen Gordon Mariano Iumiento Aaron Dumbrow Tamara Johnston Randy Bias Rafael Rivero Sean Williford

About Sean Winn

I've been working with cloud technology since the dawn of cloud computing. I have helped implement technology solutions for some of the largest companies in the United States including Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions build on OpenStack and Kubernetes.

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David Lyle

Nominated by: Michał Dulko paul luse Lin Hua Cheng Tihomir Trifonov Gary Hessler Don Dugger Ruchi Bhargava Lianhao Lu yalei wang Gang Wei

About David Lyle

David is an OpenStack Architect at Intel where he is focused on contributing to and improving OpenStack. He is currently serving his fourth term as Horizon Project Technical Lead. David previously helped drive use and adoption of Horizon as the user interface for use in OpenStack public clouds. He has directly contributed to the development, packaging, deployment and support of a large public cloud running OpenStack.

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Kavit Munshi

Nominated by: Kiran Murari Randy Bias Syed Armani Sajid Akhtar Stefano Maffulli Paramjot Singh Tejas Barot Michael Chapman Tom Fifield

About Kavit Munshi
Kavit is the CTO of Aptira, heads Aptira's Indian operations and has 15 years of experience in designing and deploying Enterprise and Telco solutions.   He is also the founder of the Indian OpenStack User Group and the OpenStack Ambassador for the region. Kavit is also an Individual Director member of the OpenStack Board of Directors.   Kavit has been a driving force behind the Indian OpenStack community and has interwoven  this into Aptira's deep involvement with OpenStack. He has helped organise numerous OpenStack events in India and loves to work with students driving their involvement with OpenStack. As an active OpenStack Ambassador his priorities are to help the OpenStack Community grow in South Asia by increasing the engagement of the burgeoning OpenSource community in academia with the OpenStack project. Kavit also realises the importance of startups to innovation and always looks to promote OpenStack in that space. Kavit has a vision for India as a Centre of Innovation to develop and commercialise intellectual property rather than an offshoring destination. Kavit has been mentoring students and young entrepreneurs to that end.
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Edgar Magana

Nominated by: Marc Solanas Jay Pipes Tomoe Sugihara Salvatore Orlando Stefano Maffulli Aaron Rosen Nachi Ueno Trinath Somanchi Tom Fifield Kyle Mestery

About Edgar Magana

I am currently member of the Board of Directors and I want to continue in this position because I am working very hard in making an impact for the benefit of all developers and users (operators, end users, app developers, etc.). In my very short period as Board Member (lest that six months) I have already proposed changes to the Foundation bylaws and I will continue my work even if I am not elected for the next year because I have passion and love for OpenStack. I need your support because we are already making a difference and I want to keep it that way. I am not the type of member just sitting in a chair drinking coffee, I always speak up and make the difference that we need in our Foundation for our own benefit, better engagement and increase of the community membership.

I am part of the Cloud Operations and Infrastructure team for one of the biggest SaaS providers. My current role as OpenStack consumer is giving me a different opinion about what OpenStack should integrate and how it can be consumed easier and more scalable for both Service Providers and Entreprises. I am planning to provide my experience to the OpenStack Board in order to drive its direction based on the interest of the Operators and Users, never influenced by technology-specific vendors. 

Professionally, I have a PhD on Distributed Systems and I have specialized on Cloud Computing, Network Virtualization, Software-defined Networking (SDN), Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), OpenFlow and the most important OpenStack. During my last three positions at Cisco, PLUMgrid and Workday I have completed successful OpenStack deployment in heterogeneous and scalable infrastructures, from vendor specific hardware to commodity one. All improvements have been shared and I have created extended experience on configuration languages such as Puppet and Chef.

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Arkady Kanevsky

Nominated by: Rick Grashel Brent Doncaster Praveen Madire Steven Reichard JOHN TERPSTRA Kurt Hey Timothy Walker Michael Tondee Randy Perryman David Paterson

About Arkady Kanevsky

Arkady has been a member of OpenStack since Grizzly. He is director of engineering leading a team of developers responsible for development of DellEMC OpenStack solutions.  Arkady has PhD. in CS from UIUC.  He straddled academic, research, architect, developer, and product owner roles.  Arkady roles included  but not limited to, research publications and Program committee member for various conferences like FAST (, Chair or board member  of several standard activities, like DAT (,  OpenFabric ( and MPI-RT ( to product delivery, like EMC Atmos, Dell OpenStack solutions among others.

Arkady represents Dell Technologies at OpenStack, including Dell EMC, VMware, Pivotal, VirtuStream.

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Andrew Mitry

Nominated by: Shilla Saebi Scott Adkins Chuck Burkett Richard Heil Megan Rossetti Tim Millican Basil Baby Aju Francis Anton Thaker Sean T

About Andrew Mitry

I am the lead architect for Walmart's OpenStack effort to provide private cloud for the products and services Walmart offers to customers. I coordinate among the OpenStack community, our development, engineering and operations teams and our internal customers to offer best in class cloud services. I have encouraged Walmart's increased participation as an operator in the OpenStack community.

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Adam Lawson

Nominated by: Milind Dange Stefano Maffulli Selena Peacock Todd Lawson Jeff Metes sankar samudrala Kirk Lewis Naveen Rao Ted Ramos Jase Machado

About Adam Lawson

Adam is chief executive officer and principal architect at AQORN, an OpenStack consulting start-up. He is a member of the Cloud Advisory Council and has recently discovered and is engaging further with India's thriving OpenStack communities. During his day job, Adam is a dynamic cloud community activist with a wide range of deployment experience with hyper-scale cloud and Hadoop using CM tooling. Adam specializes in Openstack but is passionate about providing thought leadership in the overall cloud space, speaking often at industry events, OpenStack Summits, cloud conferences, local meet-ups and is a regular contributing author at Information Week and Networking World. He's married to his wife of 4 years with two amazing children.

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Egle Sigler

Nominated by: Cody Bunch Alice King Sean Dague Christopher Laco Anthony Chow ANNE GENTLE Victoria Martinez de la Cruz Mark Collier Mohammad Banikazemi

About Egle Sigler

Egle Sigler is a principal architect on Rackspace's OpenStack Private Cloud team and an OpenStack Foundation board member. As part of the board, Egle is co-chair of the Interop Working Group (formerly known as DefCore committee). Egle has co-authored two books, DevOps for VMware Administrators and OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook.

Egle wants OpenStack to be regarded as one of the most successful open source projects, with a great community to back it. During the past year, Egle has been co-chair of Interop WG (DefCore committee), where she has seen that the impact interop has on OpenStack is crucial. Interoperability is one of the top OpenStack priorities, and she  continues leading the efforts to increase it.

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Richard Fontana

Nominated by: Mark McLoughlin Richard Morrell Haïkel Guémar Doug Hellmann Russell Bryant Loic Dachary Peter Robinson Pádraig Brady Rhys Oxenham Sean Dague

About Richard Fontana

Richard Fontana is Senior Commercial Counsel at Red Hat. Previously he was Senior Director and Associate General Counsel on the Cloud & Open Source legal team at HP. Richard represented Red Hat on the committee that drafted the original bylaws of the OpenStack Foundation and serves on the OpenStack Foundation Legal Affairs Committee.

For several years Richard has been an influential speaker and thought leader on issues lying at the intersection of open source, law and policy. He is a Board Director of the Open Source Initiative.

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Kyle MacDonald

Nominated by: Bob Sokol Eli Iwaszewicz Chris Kemp Gary Butler Joshua McKenty Dave Wright Jonathan LaCour Jim Curry Ryan Floyd Dan Wendlandt

About Kyle MacDonald

I have worked and supported OpenStack for almost 4 years (being at the original design summit in Austin) across a number of different companies and organizations including / Nibula and Canonical. In my last role as Vice President of Cloud at Ubuntu / Canonical I focused exclusively on helping Carriers & Telco's grow implemetations on OpenStack from POC to Production Implementations. I now spend my time helping companies join, engage and grow in the OpenStack ecosystem.


Prior to my roles in Canonical I spent time as a VP & Chief Evangelist for, Director of the Cloud/Web2.0 & Next Generation Service Provider group at Sun Microsystems and in the Office of the CTO at AMD.


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Peter Pouliot

Nominated by: Alessandro Pilotti Dorin Paslaru Zsolt Dudás Chris Valean Adrian Vladu Nashwan Azhari Cosmin Poieana Gabriel Adrian Samfira Rob Hirschfeld Lucian Petrut

About Peter Pouliot
I currently work at Ampere Computing enabling cloud nativeAarch64 Server based computing within OSS, and Develper Ecosystems. I prevously helped to maintain OpenStack integration with Microsoft's Virtualization platform Hyper-V. My tenure at Microsoft began in March 2012 with a task of organizing community members to restore and maintain Hyper-V intgration within OpenStack.  Our team was successful in restoring the Hyper-V functionality to OpenStack in time for the Folsom release and the Continouous Integration Infrastructure running for the Juno release. I currently act as the OpenStack subject matter expert within Microsoft as well as the evangelist for OpenStack awareness and adoption of OpenStack Windows platforms. Prior to Microsoft I worked for Novell in the Joint Interoperabilty Lab with Microsoft.  There our team focused on testing and validating Linux workloads on Hyper-V and Windows workloads on Xen and KVM.  In April 2011 I successfully deployed the first OpenStack Cloud using Hyper-V and began my evangelism for Hyper-V within the OpenStack community. Additional experiance includes linux high avialability, network and datacenter infrastructure and security.    
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John Griffith

Nominated by: Kenneth Hui Tom Fifield Rushi Agrawal Mike Perez Dustin Schoenbrun Xing Yang Madhura Maskasky Sean McGinnis Fergal Mc Carthy Duncan Thomas

About John Griffith

John Griffith, Principal Software Engineer at SolidFire now a part of NetApp, helped to create the Cinder project in OpenStack.  His primary responsibilities over the last several years have been as a technical contributor to OpenStack.  He served as Technical Lead for the Block Storage Project since it's beginning through the Juno release, and has also held elected seats on the OpenStack Technical Committee over the years.

John has over fifteen years of engineering experience in both hardware and software engineering.  He’s been an active user and contributor to open source for close to a decade, and has been involved in OpenStack since January of 2011, currently an active contributor to OpenStack as well as Container projects.

In addition to his technical contributions, John also spends a lot of his time talking to people who are interested in learning about OpenStack and Containers as well as gathering feedback from current users.

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shake chen

Nominated by: shake chen Jiwei Liu Jerry Luo Hyphon Zhang Rong Li Frazy Lee David Wang Zhenguo Niu bingfu yang Zhengguang Ou

About shake chen

Shake Chen (陈沙克)is a long-time open source and community activist, OpenStack evangelist in China. He is co-founder of COSUG(China OpenStack User Group). He continuously evangelizes the OpenStack community through his weibo, Blog, QQ group and speaking at conferences, and business development activities to attract new member companies and contributors. Now Shake  is the Cloud Service Director  at Pactera Technology Intermational Ltd. ,  responsible for execution of Openstack Cloud business, partnerships, alliances and strategy.  

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Shane Wang

Nominated by: Shane Wang Qiaowei Ren Feng Shaohe Malini Bhandaru Lin Tan Will Auld Don Dugger yunhong jiang Gang Wei Dave Chen

About Shane Wang

Shane Wang is an Engineering Director of Cloud Software at Intel's System Software Products. He has participated in or led his team on research and development of open source software projects such as Xen, tboot, Yocto and OpenStack. He has been serving as an Individual Director of OpenStack Foundation Board since 2015, with years of commitment to community development and building. Currently he is focusing on software-defined networking (SDN) and software-defined storage (SDS) technologies, edge computing, and NFV-related domains, including OpenStack, Ceph, SODA (also known as OpenSDS), ONAP, Akraino, StarlingX, OpenDaylight, OPNFV, DPDK, and so forth. He is interested in edge computing much so he is engaged in other open source solutions such as EdgeX, CORD, OpenEdge, KubeEdge, and ioFog. Right now he is also chairing the APAC session of OSF Edge Computing Working Group.

He got his PhD degree on Computer Science from Fudan University at Shanghai in 2004, and joined Intel after graduating from the school.

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