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Peter Pouliot

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July 20, 2012



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Openstack on Aarch64 and Hyper-V/OpenStack Integration

I currently work at Ampere Computing enabling cloud nativeAarch64 Server based computing within OSS, and Develper Ecosystems. I prevously helped to maintain OpenStack integration with Microsoft's Virtualization platform Hyper-V. My tenure at Microsoft began in March 2012 with a task of organizing community members to restore and maintain Hyper-V intgration within OpenStack.  Our team was successful in restoring the Hyper-V functionality to OpenStack in time for the Folsom release and the Continouous Integration Infrastructure running for the Juno release. I currently act as the OpenStack subject matter expert within Microsoft as well as the evangelist for OpenStack awareness and adoption of OpenStack Windows platforms. Prior to Microsoft I worked for Novell in the Joint Interoperabilty Lab with Microsoft.  There our team focused on testing and validating Linux workloads on Hyper-V and Windows workloads on Xen and KVM.  In April 2011 I successfully deployed the first OpenStack Cloud using Hyper-V and began my evangelism for Hyper-V within the OpenStack community. Additional experiance includes linux high avialability, network and datacenter infrastructure and security.    
  • Ampere Computing - From 2023-08-09 (Current)
  • Microsoft - From 2013-03-04 (Current)

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