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Edgar Magana

Date Joined
July 26, 2012



Statement of Interest

Neutron to become the default and standard NaaS


I am currently member of the Board of Directors and I want to continue in this position because I am working very hard in making an impact for the benefit of all developers and users (operators, end users, app developers, etc.). In my very short period as Board Member (lest that six months) I have already proposed changes to the Foundation bylaws and I will continue my work even if I am not elected for the next year because I have passion and love for OpenStack. I need your support because we are already making a difference and I want to keep it that way. I am not the type of member just sitting in a chair drinking coffee, I always speak up and make the difference that we need in our Foundation for our own benefit, better engagement and increase of the community membership.

I am part of the Cloud Operations and Infrastructure team for one of the biggest SaaS providers. My current role as OpenStack consumer is giving me a different opinion about what OpenStack should integrate and how it can be consumed easier and more scalable for both Service Providers and Entreprises. I am planning to provide my experience to the OpenStack Board in order to drive its direction based on the interest of the Operators and Users, never influenced by technology-specific vendors. 

Professionally, I have a PhD on Distributed Systems and I have specialized on Cloud Computing, Network Virtualization, Software-defined Networking (SDN), Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), OpenFlow and the most important OpenStack. During my last three positions at Cisco, PLUMgrid and Workday I have completed successful OpenStack deployment in heterogeneous and scalable infrastructures, from vendor specific hardware to commodity one. All improvements have been shared and I have created extended experience on configuration languages such as Puppet and Chef.

  • Workday - From 2014-08-01 (Current)
  • Cisco Systems - From 2014-04-04 To 2014-07-31
  • PLUMgrid - From 2013-01-10 To 2014-04-03


I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: Nova,Horizon,Quantum,Ceilometer,Heat,Ironic,Openstack-ci,Openstack-manuals,Deployment,DevStack

OpenStack Summit Presentations
Berlin Sydney Boston
  • Ops Tags WG Session
  • UC Governance and Support of WGs
  • User Commitee Session
  • Large Contributing OpenStack Operators (LCOO) Working Session
Barcelona, Spain
  • User Commitee Session
  • User Committee/Working Groups 101
  • Efficiency of Working Groups - Working Together to Advance the Community Leadership of the User Committee
  • OpenStack Networking (Neutron and Beyond) - Experiences and Best Practices BoF
Austin Vancouver Atlanta

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