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Want to Make Some News with OpenStack?

We love to support our members' customer, partner and product news announcements that are beneficial for the OpenStack community. If you are issuing a press release or talking to media and would like support from the Foundation, please review the process and requirements below.

We will work as quickly as possible to support your marketing efforts, but we always appreciate an early heads up on your announcements. Given more runway, we may be able to provide additional resources, connect you with press or plug you into OpenStack communication channels to amplify your news.

A few things to keep in mind before we get started:

Turn up the Volume

The OpenStack community has established communications channels, and we can help promote your news. With notification, you can participate in a variety of channels, including:

Press Releases & Quotes

  • Please submit your OpenStack announcement at least 5 business days before the release date. Yes, we can work miracles in a shorter amount of time, but it weakens our ability to support your launch! Ideally, you can give us a heads up a few weeks before it’s coming, so we can be prepared.
  • If you would like to include a quote from an OpenStack Foundation executive, we appreciate guidance on desired messaging, but will often edit or draft our own quotes.
  • Please note that we need the full text of the press release to review and approve. We cannot simply provide a quote or approve a paragraph mentioning OpenStack without seeing the full text of the press release.
  • The first reference to OpenStack in your press release should have the ® symbol, with the following text in the footer: “All trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.”
  • Please do not include the OpenStack boilerplate, as we do not do participate in joint releases with any one company or organization.
  • Please notify us when your press release crosses the wire or blog post goes live.

Press/Analyst Relations

  • Should you want to use a member of the OpenStack Foundation as a spokesperson for your announcement or participate in press or analyst outreach, we are happy to help given availability and nature of the announcement.
  • Any member company interested in working with us on press outreach efforts should contact us no later than 2 weeks before the scheduled announcement date to ensure adequate prep time.
  • If you are contacted by press organically for comment and want to double check messaging or pull in a Foundation spokesperson, please contact us at [email protected]

Additional Requests

We want to support your efforts to promote OpenStack in other ways as well. This may include:

  • Joint conference submissions
  • Speaking requests
  • Video interviews
  • Events
  • Other cool stuff!

To collaborate with us on additional media and promotion opportunities, please contact [email protected].