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Editorial Guidelines

The OpenStack Foundation news page is a platform for sharing news of interest to the OpenStack community and to journalists who regularly cover the project. It is managed and curated under direction of the Foundation staff. The news page is a companion to Superuser (which focuses on case studies and feature stories), the OpenStack blog, (which delivers information of particular interest to the community), and the OpenStack Foundation social media channels (Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn).

The news page is organized into three main sections:

  • Banner
  • Featured Articles
  • Recent News 

The Banner and Featured Articles sections are reserved for news and case studies prepared by the OpenStack Foundation. The Recent News section focuses on news submitted by projects and corporate Foundation supporters. Submitted news must be:

  • factual, timely and relevant to the OpenStack community
  • supportive of the OpenStack Foundation's mission and goals
  • in accordance with the OpenStack Foundation Community Code of Conduct
  • spell-checked, proof-read and submitted in proper news release format (please refer to Associate Press Stylebook)
  • original to the page (i.e., each news item will be published only once on the news page)
  • correctly aligned with the OpenStack Brand Guide. To make sure your product is properly named and you are using the correct logo, contact [email protected]

The OpenStack Foundation will reject submissions that, in the opinion of its editors, do not meet these standards. Where practical, we’ll offer tips on how to edit the submission that would make it acceptable. Examples of unacceptable submissions include, but are not limited to:

  • Advertisements and sales solicitations
  • Editorials and opinion pieces
  • Promotion of content that is behind a signup wall
  • Fundraising appeals
  • Job openings (you can submit job openings for free on the OpenStack Jobs Board)
  • Topics of a political, religious or general social nature
  • Campaign solicitations for OpenStack Foundation elections 

Examples of submissions that fit the editorial mission of the news page include:

  • Updates on status of individual OpenStack projects and programs
  • OpenStack community events
  • News about customers and partnerships in the OpenStack ecosystem
  • Corporate and individual awards
  • Product developments and version updates, service enhancements, and other OpenStack technology innovations
  • Business expansion, growth, hiring, executive-level staffing changes
  • Financing, funding, mergers and acquisitions
  • Event participation and speaking engagements when specifically representing the OpenStack community

Some general things to keep in mind:

  • Don't be greedy. The Foundation reserves the right to limit postings to two per month for any given project or corporate supporter. During heavy news periods (such as Summit months, for example), this might be relaxed a bit. 
  • Plan ahead. Editors need 48-72 hours to review submissions for appropriateness and content. The system allows you to post embargo times, so posting in advance of your actual news date is fine. You can always contact the editorial staff if you have questions. (See below)
  • Use the upload page. Submit all news items via our CMS. We will not accept submissions via email. Simply click [+POST A NEWS ARTICLE] (found in the upper right above the banner on the news page), or go to and follow the instructions. Note that you'll be asked for information about your news item as well as image upload, specifications for which are located on that page. 


If you have questions, contact the editorial team: