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OpenStack and OpenInfra Days

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OpenStack and OpenInfra Days bring together hundreds of IT executives, cloud operators and technology providers to discuss open infrastructure use cases including cloud computing, edge, AI / machine learning and more. Attendees can learn about and open infrastructure projects supported by the Open Infrastructure Foundation including Airship, Kata Containers, OpenStack, StarlingX and Zuul as well as other projects in the open infrastructure ecosystem. The regional events are organized and hosted annually by local User Groups and companies in the ecosystem, and are often one or two-day events with keynotes, breakout sessions and even workshops. It’s a great opportunity to hear directly from prominent open infrastructure leaders, learn from user stories, network, and get plugged into your local community.

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Host an OpenStack or OpenInfra Day

Are you interested in hosting an OpenStack or OpenInfra Day in your area?

First, check the upcoming events page.

If you don't find any events near you, reach out to [email protected] to see if there's a User Group in your area, and we'll help you get plugged in. OpenInfra Days and OpenStack Days can require quite a bit of work to organize, so it’s ideal for User Group leaders to help organize them to collaborate across organizations and leverage existing local infrastructure, such as attendee lists and regular sponsors.

Next, review the event guidelines below.

OpenInfra Days and OpenStack Days are non-commercial events and we expect them to run in accordance with the spirit of the community. This means making reasonable efforts to open the events to anyone in the community who wants to help organize, attend, or sponsor, regardless of affiliation. It also means avoiding sales pitches and focusing on visionary, educational and user-driven content.

The OpenInfra Foundation helps support OpenInfra Days and OpenStack Days with funding, content and promotion. Once you’ve reviewed the guidelines, please contact [email protected] to get started.

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Who can host an OpenStack or OpenInfra Day event?

OpenStack Day events are typically hosted by local User Groups, but anyone can get involved. In order to use the “OpenStack Day” or “OpenInfra Day” brand, you must get approval from the OpenInfra Foundation and meet the event guidelines. 

Who attends OpenStack and OpenInfra Day events?

OpenStack and OpenInfra Days events vary based on the organizers and local communities. Some events are more focused on business issues and cloud strategy, while some are more focused on technical operators and developers. Most events attract a few hundred attendees, but the largest event had more than 1,500 participants. Most annual events grow and attract new participants each year.

How can the OpenInfra Foundation help?

Once an event is approved, the Foundation typically provides sponsorship funding (up to 5,000 USD depending on the size of the event), logos and digital branding assets, support attracting key speakers in the community and promotion. Please contact [email protected] for more information and to get started

OpenStack and OpenInfra Day Toolkit

We have provided you with this OpenStack and OpenInfra Day organizer toolkit to help you get started in planning for your event. We would also suggest that you join the Community mailing list list to stay up to date on community matters.

Official Guidelines

Policy and Guidelines Agreement

Planning Tools

Registration Demographics Questionnaire
Call for Sponsors Sample
Sample Invoice
Sample Sponsorship Agreement Forms
Sponsorship Form Sample: Silicon Valley
Sponsorship Prospectus Sample: UK
Sponsorship Prospectus Sample: Korea
Registration Demographic Question
Sample Registration Template
Sample Surveys
Finance Best Practices
Your Guide to Creating a Successful OpenStack Days event

Artwork for Print

Marketing / Branding / Video /Presentations / Collateral

OpenStack Day Logo and Digital Assets

The Open Infrastructure Foundation has created an official OpenStack Day logo and digital assets to be used for all OpenStack Days events. For both trademark and legal reasons, all official OpenStack Day events are required to use these assets in all event communications, printed materials, signage, and website presence. To request your official OpenStack Day logo and branding kit, please send an email to [email protected]

OpenStack Marketing Collateral

Openstack Brand Policy

OpenStack Privacy Policy

OpenStack Trademark Policy


PR / Media

Press Kit Bios DOWNLOAD
Press Kit Factsheet DOWNLOAD
Press Kit Press Release DOWNLOAD

If you are interested in sponsoring, speaking or attending any of the events below, please contact [email protected].

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OpenStack and OpenInfra Days by Region

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