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An Introduction to OpenStack Brands

We're excited that you want to help promote the OpenStack® project and brand. No matter how you contribute as a developer, ecosystem member, or enthusiast, your help spreading the word about  the OpenStack project is extremely valuable. This guide is designed to get you the resources you need and provide simple instructions for the permitted and correct use of the OpenStack® brand assets, whether you are a marketer branding your commercial product or a community ambassador.

The OpenStack word mark and the OpenStack logos are trademarks of the OpenStack Foundation d/b/a Open Infrastructure Foundation. Although the OpenStack code is freely available to you under the Apache open source software license, your ability to use the OpenStack name and logo in ways which fall in the domain of trademark law is restricted. It is very important that we protect and enforce our trademark rights to ensure the OpenStack brand remains a reliable indicator of quality and our community. Therefore, we want to defend against those that seek to intentionally misrepresent their products, services or sponsorships as officially-sanctioned or endorsed by OpenStack.

We have created a family of logos for those who wish to show their support for the OpenStack project and those who wish to brand their commercial products with OpenStack®. To get started, review the OpenInfra Trademark Policy and the information below. Then, it's just a matter of selecting the right logo for your needs and downloading it or asking us for permission to use it.

Community Organizers & Non-Commercial Use

We permit the Community use of the primary OpenStack mark for educational and community building activities, as long as they are not commercial in nature. Please see below for the details and usage guidelines.

If you are a user group leader or interested in running a user group, we have a special process for you. Please reference the user group portal. If you are interested in making use of the logo or word mark to run an “OpenInfra Days” event, please review the event guidelines and contact [email protected] for permission.

Logos For Non-commercial Community Use

OpenStack Website “Learn More” Badges

  • Use these logos for promoting the OpenStack project on your own sites and blogs. A variety of website badges are available for immediate download. We just ask that you follow these sensible usage guidelines in the OpenInfra Trademark Policy.

The primary OpenStack Logo 

  • We generally do not allow the use of the OpenStack logo. Use of the primary logo is limited to educational and community building activities, for example educational presentations about OpenStack that are not attached to a commercial product or brand, or a blog post to talk about your involvement in the OpenStack community, not tied to a commercial product or brand. If you have any questions about use of the primary logo or to report misuse, you may contact [email protected].
  • You may use the OpenStack logo available here for community building activities, provided these activities and uses are not commercial in nature. We just ask that you follow the sensible usage guidelines in the OpenInfra Trademark Policy.

OpenStack Ecosystem Marketers & Commercial Use

If you have a product that contains OpenStack software or works with OpenStack software, please review the three commercial licensing programs below to determine which is the best fit.

Logos For Commercial Use (signed license required)

"OpenStack Powered"

  • This program is for products or services that contain OpenStack Software, such as public Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) clouds, Distributions or Appliances. These products must contain specific OpenStack code. Qualifying for this program allows you to use the OpenStack Powered logo and varying wordmark treatment for your product name, as well as potential inclusion in the OpenStack Marketplace.

"OpenStack Compatible"

  • If you offer compute, storage, or networking hardware or software that's designed to work within an OpenStack cloud environment, or cloud applications designed to be compatible with OpenStack clouds, you may be eligible for the "OpenStack Compatible" marketing program, which includes a specific commercial-use logo and wordmark treatment for your product name, as well as potential inclusion in the OpenStack Marketplace.

"OpenStack Expertise"

  • This program is for companies offering products and services related to installation, configuration, and customization of the software; providing technical support and/or training courses focused on OpenStack. There is also a marketplace to help connect stackers with training courses in their area.