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Welcome Guide

Welcome to OpenStack! For a great place to get started, Download the OpenStack Welcome Guide (PDF File)

Events & Jobs

Come see us at an OpenStack event or even find a job working on OpenStack

OpenStack Code

OpenStack source code is available. You can contribute code, documentation, translations, report bugs and vulnerabilities.


Developers In Action:

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User Groups

The OpenStack Wiki has a full list of user groups available at The OpenStack User Groups Page. If you know of one we missed, please edit the wiki and add it. Thanks!

Your Representatives

OpenStack has an Open and Transparent Governance model, and welcomes your feedback. If are using OpenStack, we'd suggest to fill out this survey, which is one of the best ways to communicate with the User Committee.

OpenStack also has an Ambassador Program, with representatives around the world: Marcelo Dieder, Erwan Gallen, Tristan Goode, Akihiro Hasegawa, Kenneth Hui, Márton Kiss, Ye Lu, Colin McNamara, Kavit Munshi, Kavit Munshi, Sean Roberts, Michael Still and Akira Yoshiyama.

OpenStack Worldwide Meetup Groups

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